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Hi Guys And Girls.

Well I'm really looking forward to receiving my new Motorhome, only ever had caravans before and been very happy with them.

Ordered my swift Bessaccarr 496 in October 2016, was due March, then 10th April, and still not received. Is this the usual stand of customer service you get from Swift?


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Hi Billy, welcome to the Motorhome world. The extra freedom and versatility you get makes the investment well worth it, what excuses are you getting either from your dealer or Swift? I would give them a definate date and say after that you will cancel the order, sometimes works wonders.

Never purchased a new Motorhome or owned a Swift so no experience to call upon but seems pointless to give an unrealistic delivery date to a customer just to secure a sale.


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I'm assuming you haven't booked in anywhere on the basis of the expected delivery dates? B)


Having just bought a stock Burstner, I know that my dealer were expecting another example of the version I bought which was scheduled to be with them for February, wasn't there by mid-March and based on trade information possibly wouldn't be there until sometime in May, so it can happen and even the dealers might be in the dark.

From a UK manufacturer I would expect better communication however.

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It would seem that UK manufacturers are having a purple patch at the moment. Going by what people are saying on the Bailey Motorhome Owners Facebook page this sort of delay is currently not unusual. They tend to build models in batches so I would have thought they could be able to give you a reasonable idea of delivery even if it is late. Swift do have their own forum called Swift Talk which might be worth joining and posting your question. Usually the guys who work for Swift are quite helpful. We changed from a caravan to a motorhome about four years ago and we enjoy the change.



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