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Hello All  :)


I've been a member of caravan talk for years now and decided I must come over to Motorhome now we are moving to "the dark side".


We've had caravans on and off since our nipper (who is 20 now) was 3 but hubby was never quite content with staying in one place, we had some epic journeys across France with the 'Van but it did seem like a bit too much of a faff with the setting up and packing away.


We found the perfect little Motorhome for us at Lowdhams - one of their specials, a Bessacarr 410 as it's just the 2 of us and the dog now.. 


Looking forward to many adventures and 2 night stays rather than a week at a time so we can tour a lot more  :D


Hopefully I'll get some great tips and tricks from here as I did on Caravan talk too as we all seem to be lovely in this past time of ours  :P


Thanks and best wishes to all


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Like many here you have ventured into new territory. Enjoy the new experience. I'm sure you will never regret the swap.  Things are different but it takes little to adapt and the benefits for us far outweigh the few inconveniences.  Look forward to hearing how you get on. 

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I welcome you to Motorhome Talk Mandy, and I hope you find that your new acquisition serves you well. We're all here to help just like on Caravan Talk so please fire away with any questions, and of course pass on any advice you may have as quite a number here are relatively new motorhome owners.


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