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Getting the Best Price When Selling an RV / Motorhome

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US company SellMyRVToday.com have issued a checklist for aiding our transatlantic compatriots-in-leisure to sell their RVs (Recreational Vehicles for those of us on this side of the pond).
We thought this might be of use for Motorhome Talk members wishing to sell their motorhomes (they’re effectively the same thing - just remember that we keep our gas in cylinders rather than in our petrol (or diesel) tanks).

Examine the Engine: 
   The engine should be clean and dry, and there should be no evidence of leakage or breakage in any lines.
   The engine should run smoothly and quietly.
   It should be powerful, with no delays when accelerating.
   No smoke should be visible coming from the engine compartment.
   All fluids, including the engine oil, the coolant, the brake fluid, power steering fluid, etc., should all be at normal levels.
Examine the Exterior and Address any Superficial Items:
   All of the exterior finish should be cleaned and polished.
   Inspect the unit for any surface scratches and correct them.
   Check the unit for any corrosion, fixing small areas with a wire brush and spray paint where applicable.
   Check the condition of the tires, and make sure they are filled to the proper level.
Go Over the Interior:
   Vacuum the carpeting and upholstery. If they are very soiled, you may consider having a professional clean them.
   Make sure the refrigerator and the oven are both cleaned and sanitized. It may be necessary to place a box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb any residual odors.
   Thoroughly clean and sanitize the bathroom, making sure that there are no issues with the plumbing.
   Clean and deodorize the water and sewage holding tanks.
   It is a good idea to make up the beds in with nice linens and coverings, and indicate whether or not they will be included in the sales price.
   Make sure that the curtains are vacuumed and free of any dust.
   Make sure that all of the batteries remain fully charged.
   Make sure to keep some water in the freshwater holding tank.
   Fill propane tanks if needed.


Hope it helps!  :)

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