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Just when we all thought things could not get worse a new variant of Covid locks us down probably well into 2021.

I'm getting E Mails from campsites in France & Spain previously visited saying they are looking forward to our return soon, me too but I'm not a betting man. I can't even get into Wales never mind Europe. On the bright side my millage since the last MOT suggests little to be concerned about in March.

It will be interesting to see how many camping sites here and in Europe survive this pandemic, but there could be some great discounts initially from the survivors when the travel restrictions are lifted.




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IMO Brian we're all in this for the long haul whether we like it or not, and even if we get a handle on the situation in the UK I suspect that foreign travel will remain a problem for some time yet. Our MH has remained square-wheeled since last February, with the exception that I took it for a small repair and MOT test back in the summer. I strongly suspect that the next trip will be for another MOT test, having been unable to use it once in between. 

Would I want to travel abroad as soon as it's permitted? Quite frankly, at the moment the answer is no, I would not. I'm even considering selling the beast as we're not getting any benefit from owning it, but who would buy it at the moment? It's a case of catch 22! There have been many casualties of this pandemic, and there will be more, among them campsites that have had their income removed through no fault of their own. Sad times indeed but even if we're skint, if we can come out of it with our health intact, that has to be the most important thing. 

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The only positive thing is Gordon we can at least ''self isolate'' more easily in our MH and pitch if need be.

The hidden agenda is what this virus is going to cost us all, all the billions spent will be replaced over time from our pockets one way or another.

If the virus doesn't get you the Inland Revenue will.

It is of course important not to let the MH stay rooted to the spot for too long, flat spots on tyres, sticky brakes and rusty discs plus engines drained of oil into the sump, not good on start up.

I run our engine on a regular basis and even a short trip around the locality all helps.

The UK may see more of me than Europe this year but lesser of the two evils unfortunately.

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No plans for going to Europe this year anyway. Need the Brexit exit to settle down first. Realistically can't see us getting away in the UK much before May/June and then only if we feel it worthwhile. If we can't return to a more normal life I just don't see the point. We had a couple of trips away in 2020 but we felt constrained as to what we could do, strange as it seems I feel more comfortable at home. If we have a second year on hardly using the van I wonder if we will be thinking whether its worth having £50,000 of motorhome sitting in the back garden?



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I totally agree chaps. I do run the engine and onboard genny, and also fire up the water heater etc., every couple of months. The MH is moved a couple of feet every so often, although I also have the option to use the hadraulic jacks to lift all six wheels clear of the ground, allowing them to be rotated without moving the MH from its parked position (keeps the gear oil moving too).

Sadly even taking it around the block is effectively banned under the present government rules and I don't think it wuld be welcome in the tesco's car park (about the only "excuse" I could use for legitimately driving anywhere :( at the moment.

Short of driving on the road I can't think of a practical way of keeping the discs clean, although the vehicle is left in "park" wth the brakes off.

Tough times indeed.

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