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Alde drain and replace anti freeze

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Hi. First time on this site! Hope I’m in the right area!

i am changing the anti freeze in my Alde 3010 system. I’ve drained from under van, removed header tank, connected to pipes with hoses, attached submersible pump to flow, and return into bucket...etc.
All seems ok but if i turn submersible pump on it will not pump around the system. Pump working well, ( i did try it on the return just in case!) but simply will not flow round. 
Any ideas anyone please??

thanks 🤞

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Like Gordon I don't have experience of a wet system but from what you describe it sounds like an airblock. Is there a convenient place to pull apart one of the John Guest fittings, assuming they use such fittings on the Alde system. You would need a towel to soak up any water but it might just release any air in the system? 



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