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  2. I would think carefully about the internal design, do you actually need a drop down bed? We started out with a 7.5 metre Bailey 740 SE and had no problems in touring Europe with that. However we did tend to use campsite rather than Aires. Probably a sensible general purpose length would be around 7 metres. We have since changed to to a smaller Bailey of 6.6 metres which suits us fine but we have not been abroad in it yet. The trouble is that in current times you are very restricted in what you can go and view. I appreciate that you want to buy second hand but having a good look round the various dealers or even the NEC shows would help you firm up on layouts. David
  3. The screws in the picture on both faces are in slots, try unscrewing them a little and slide in the appropriate direction..On my Autotrail I have found that I always manage to stand blocking the light to see what is in the cupboard so I have fitted lights inside them and the wardrobe .
  4. Our MH is LHD and to be honest that has never been a major issue when driven in the UK, apart from the obvious, and that is that the access door is on the UK offside (right side). Thus when alighting in a layby you have to be extra aware of passing traffic, and some sites insist that I park "nose in" on a pitch to put the door on the UK side of the pitch. Conversely having the access door on the right is a bonus when abroad. If you do opt for LHD, take a careful look as some A-Class models have a "cab" door on the left, so allowing safe access from the LHS. Should you opt for a chassis/cab (B-Class) then naturally the cab will have doors either side, so diminishing the problem when stopping temporarily en route, however you may still be instructed to park the "wrong way round" once on a UK site. Brian's advice to purchase from a dealer makes perfect sense, and if at least placing a deposit by credit card, you will have additional protection shou there be problems with the vehicle. Personally I have a problem with the Ducato/Boxer cab, in that the vertical bar between the quarter light and the wind down window next to the driver, obscures the rear view mirror when I have the seat set for my long legs. Unfortunately a large number of MH models use this chassis cab so my personal choice is somewhat limited. See this thread. Time to look at the manufacturers' websites and brochures methinks, as you should have plenty of time to browse the options at the moment. All the very best, and welcome to Motorhome Talk. Gordon.
  5. Hi Pav, welcome to the site. With such a huge choice of makes and spec's available it is important to understand what exactly you will use the MH for and what you really need inside it for your own comforts. If used mainly in the UK with the occasional trip abroad then a RH Drive makes more sense but general condition inside and out with a Service History is a bonus. I personally would suggest buying from a dealer rather than private, you should get new MOT and limited Warranty for peace of mind. Either way check everything works, Water, Gas, Electrical and if coachbuilt look for signs of water ingress. Good luck with your search
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  7. Hi all Me and the wife have had a caravan for a few years now but we would like to get a motor home and tour around Europe. I don’t want anything too long that’s a struggle to drive and had looked at maybe a second hand 4/5 berth Hymer 544 with the drop down bed and kitchen at the back. At the same time As I’m buying second hand I don’t want to narrow my choice too much so does anyone have any recommendations. Budget £15 - £30 k. There’s pros and cons with respect to left or right hand drive I don’t mind either way. Any advice much appreciated.
  8. hi thanks gordon..i will try the match trick here is the hinges
  9. On a previous caravan I had a similar issue and was able to slacken the hinge from the side frame of the cupboard and slip a small section of matchstick under the hinge before tightening again. This allowed the side hinged cupboard door to be aligned with the adjacent one. A bit of trial and error was needed but for the price of a bit of time and a couple of used matches, the outcome was acceptable. Some Autotrails have top hinged lockers that utilise a similar hinge mechanism to domestic kitchen units but I've never looked close enough to see if there are similar alignment screws to the domestic versions.
  10. thanks bri cant see any adjusters on them its not a big problem, just some of them not got the same gap top and bottom ,,i certainly wont be spending any cash to fix it if it cant be adjusted
  11. Hi Rob, if you can't see any obvious adjusters it's probably not an option. It could be down to the fixing position being slightly out. There may be somebody on here who knows differently if your lucky.
  12. hi does anyone know if the head lockers doors can be adjusted couple of them not straight just a thought as looking for things to do as really bored ,,its a autotrail
  13. The same question has been asked on our sister forum "Caravan Talk" and the thoughts there are much the same, that is to say, no refunds from CMC although all club sites closed until 20th June 2020. No doubt that will be reviewed nearer the time and the closures possibly extended. All government announcements are being sent in daily emails with links to each topic being placed here on CT for anybody to read. Gordon.
  14. Hi Harry, keep us posted on that. Very valid point and worth asking them for a response. Although I'm not a member myself but I imagine it's like asking for a Road Tax and Vehicle Insurance rebate for the same reason and probably with the same outcome. Good Luck
  15. Hi, I’m in the Caravan and Motorhome club and since you mentioned refunds, I wonder that since we can not use sites or the famous rally sites, will all the members who have paid the years subscription be illegible for a rebate? Harry F
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  17. That's good news Brian, and as you say, also good for future custom. Gordon.
  18. DFDS have today offered me a no penalty refund for our ferry booking to France and pre-booked campsites are also starting the process. I must admit was expecting a flood of Loopholes because all concerned are looking at financial problems thanks to the virus, nice to know Customer Service/Relations for once outweighed profit. As and when thing return to something like normal these companies will once again get my business. I still have a UK booking outstanding for May10th in Cornwall, be interesting to see if the worst comes if they match up to our european cousins
  19. . . . and all of the time these expensive purchases of ours are depreciating possibly without ever being used in anger . . . Gordon
  20. I can echo those thoughts David. I was going to build my own house once too but that never happened either
  21. Interesting video. Once thought I might have liked to do that but too old now!!! David
  22. I think there are probably sensible reasons to book the odd site abroad if you want to be there at a particular time but if you are touring there shouldn't really be a need. With no certainty how this virus will pan out, some think it will still be around next year if looks as if our hobby is in for a hard time over the next couple of years. That doesn't just mean campsite either as I can't see many people investing in a caravan or motorhome in the next six months? We got the Motorhome back from its first service last Friday (new pump, pressure switch and heating PCB, fortunately under warranty!!!) Today we cleaned the inside and put everything back in, just hope we get the chance to use it before we have to empty if for the next service!!! David
  23. Too true Gordon, if nothing else I am a realist so expectations are tempered accordingly. Unsure how true it is I have heard that if you wait for your vendor to cancel you stand a better chance of a refund as opposed to being the first to ''jump ship'' This did actually work for me with Jet2 eventually but not all companies operate under the same logic. On previous trips abroad I never pre-booked campsites and just turned up hoping for a pitch, beginning to wonder if I should have stuck with it, and ferry just 7 days prior. Moral of the story is Stick with what you know
  24. I believe in many some cases you may be waiting a long time, as I fear that many campsites will not be in business this time next year. Some companies have acted responsibly, while others have displayed an uncaring greedy side, however people have memories long enough to remember the way they were treated for when things start to get back to normal. The bottom line is that we are all going to have to pay in one way or another for this crisis, whether financially or with our health. Currently it is just about impossible to get even the basics locally, and I've not seen a bus or taxi for the past couple of weeks. My fear is that there are going to be further deaths of people without any viral infection, but who simply live alone with no nearby family to look after them.
  25. Interesting to note the hostility by many communities towards ''outsiders'' invading their local area. Outsiders such as Caravan and Motorhome owners escaping to the more remote area's according to the news. Scotland seem's to have started the ball rolling closely followed by North Wales and Cornwall. The Welsh Assembly is considering closing all holiday and touring parks plus campsites which in turn encouraged Cornwall to suggest similar restrictions. Holiday Home owners are particular targets it seems from communities afraid that an influx of ''townies'' merely to escape crowds will bring Covid 19 with them. Not alone in their self interest it seems that Ferry operators are keen to quote T&C's at any hint of a refund rather than a voucher. I booked a ferry to France in early Feb for 31st May but as France & Spain are now fully ''locked down'' and therefore unable to travel the response is basically their contract is to deliver you to your chosen ferry port even though the authorities will never allow you to leave. So pointless, so greedy. I am awaiting replies from the campsites in France & Spain regarding refunding deposits, watch this space.
  26. For anybody looking for information relating to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation we have added a section to our sister forum Caravan Talk that is accessible to everybody, whether a member of CT or not. This includes a page with links to both official government sites, and other informative sites where we trust the information will be correct. we will endeavour to update the links page if other useful information is found. There is no need to register with Caravan Talk so please feel free to browse these public pages for information. Gordon.
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