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  2. Sadly I have a rather lower opinion of the DVLA and I am still waiting for a decision on a problem they caused back in February. Covid or no Covid, it is simply common courtesy to respond, if only by telephone or email, yet despite several tracked letters, emails and phone calls to them, I am still waiting! Grrr!
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  4. thanks David ..i give it a try later ,,,,rob,, update just got through ,,they said it takes four weeks normally ,,but covid ,,not sure ,,
  5. I have always found the DVLA to be pretty good with things but I imagine the current COVID situation is not helping. When ever I have difficulty getting through to organisations on the phone I leave until about 15 minutes before they are due to go home as by then they are probably not making any outgoing calls so you could strike lucky. David
  6. Bob I cheated and got my dealer to install our Vision Plus camera! Do you have a Facebook account? If so there is a very useful Bailey Motorhome Owners Group which might be able to help. David
  7. hi could anyone tell me how long this takes once you send all the info to dvla ..i send mine 3 weeks back and have not and any reply i have tried to email them and call them but even when i get through they say, there to busy to take my call ,,
  8. Hi, we have instructions direct from Bailey. We've located the camera cable but cannot find the 12v power and trigger connector which is shown in the same picture. We've found 3 single wires but the colouring doesn't match the picture. We're looking for black, red and green wires. Bailey seem to be covid-shut at the moment. If anyone has any knowledge of doing this, any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks
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  10. Thanks very much for letting us know of your safe return Rob. That is good to read. Gordon.
  11. hi Gordon just to let you know we arrived home safe and sound tonight ,,we stayed in a aire come car park in a little village 1 hour from the tunnel nouvion i think it was called we had no problem supermarket and fuel 2 mins ,,thanks for your help ,,2 weeks now doing nothing ,,
  12. I wish you a safe journey then Rob All the best, Gordon
  13. hi thanks Gordon i understand what your saying and if it looks unsafe i wont stay,,found this one that a couple on you tube stayed at nouvion,,they said it was very quite and its in a little village ?
  14. This is proof if ever it were needed, that the designers have not fully thought it through - or dare I say - used their own products? Many caravanners and motorhomers find this kind of niggle and when pointed out to the dealers, it may be acted upon for future designs, unfortunately from experience, once one problem is resolved then the designers inevitably introduce another problem for the following year.
  15. If you only want to stop briefly there are a number of pull ins along the D940 between Calais and Boulogne. For example "Pointe aux Oies at Wimereux" that's used as a car park during the daytime, but often MHs stop overnight - but there are no facilities and you have to be wary of the low stone walls. It used also to be possible to stay at the end of "Rue de la Mer" at Escalles" but I have a vague recollection that stopping overnight is no longer permitted. Just north of Sangatte there is a small pull in by the road to Sangatte beach that's safe now that the asylum seekers camp has closed - th
  16. Hi, I'm new to motorhomes and have just bought a new Elddis Majestic 115. First time we used it to sleep in I discovered it's impossible to switch off the over locker led strip lights without switching off all lights at the main panel. This is madness, if you want to switch on the toilet light in the middle of the night you put the main led lights on. I can't believe lots of folks haven't complained to Elddis, so have l missed something, or failing that does anyone know the best way to fit a switch for the LEDs. Thanks
  17. hi again ,,i was looking at an aire ,,i will be arriving late and away early so dont really want to pay 30 euros or similar for a site ,,but thanks for the info ,,,
  18. hi thanks Gordon i will check it out ,,,
  19. Hi, I cannot recommend a stopover near Lens but we have stayed a number of times at Camping La Bien-Assise at Guînes (just south of the tunnel) both as a stopover when en route to / from further afield, and also to stay for longer. I hope that helps. Gordon
  20. hi will be looking for an overnight stop about 1 hour from the tunnel was thinking about lens ? but would like to hear any ones views on anywhere else around the one hour mark ,,,thanks
  21. We have had small waste bins attached to the access door of a number of caravans however we found this not to be the most convenient location, particularly on warm days, when the door is held open. As a consequence on our MH we now use a free standing waste bin as there is a convenient location near to the kitchen area. On my in law's camper a waste bin was kept between the two seats of the cab area. Gordon.
  22. We have one attached to the habitation door of our Bailey Alliance. The bins are quite small so won't be very heavy. Have you thought of contacting Elddis customer services for advice? David
  23. I have a Elddis majestic 155 Can I attach a thin bin on exit door without affecting the doors integrity
  24. I have a Elddis majestic 155 and want to know if I can attach a slim bin to the door without affecting its integrity
  25. Welcome to Motorhome Talk Ella. I've already completed your survey via our sister site Caravan Talk so I shouldn't do it again. Gordon
  26. Hey everyone, Please could you take a moment to fill out my survey from my D&T A-Level coursework, my topic is “space saving in interior architecture“ so I’m hoping to collect feedback and information about the space and facilities available in caravans and motorhomes that may help me create a product that fits my design brief. The survey is 8 questions long, multiple choice and only takes 2 minutes to fill out. I would really appreciate it if as many people as possible filled out the survey so that I have more data to analyse so feel free to share it. tha
  27. Whether you are experienced in owning a Motorhome and renewing your insurance or buying for the first time, your road insurance is an important aspect. A Motorhome is no small investment, so when the unthinkable happens, its a bit like wearing a 'Crash helmet', you didnt want one, but when you fell off you needed the very best one you could find! So we at Engineer Aftercare Motorhome Warranty as an official partner to MotorhomeTalk have some top tips to Buying Insurance and Renewing Insurance: Decide what cover you need before you even start looking to buy! A: Do you BOTH n
  28. Are you new to Motorhoming? Maybe with Covid-19 you dont want the worry of cruising or taking a holiday then coming home and self isolating for 14 days, we we at Engineer Aftercare Motorhome Warranty have it covered. As an official working partner to motorhomeTalk, we have a range or advice and information topics on our News page at www.engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com. You can also add your email address to receive our regular e-news pages or buy your own warranty for just £279 for complete peace of mind. So if your new to Motorhome touring, start by going to the link below to our websit
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