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  2. I think if you start having problems with a gas regulator it's time to change. Also perhaps think about fitting one of these as they can also give you notice of a gas leak issue. If the system is gas tight the green (indicating gas in the cylinder) will remain showing for an hour or so. If there is a leak it will quickly change to red. David
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  4. Hi Les, Welcome to Motorhome Talk. Take a look at the back of the watermaster inlet (inside the caravan) and if there is a small adjustable knob, then there it has an integral pressure switch. If not then it will be a direct inlet and the water flow will be managed either by an inline pnboard pressure switch, or by microswitches fitted below each of the taps. If the latter, then the two wires connected to each microswitch should be easiy visible. The back of your watermaster may look like this Pin 1 - 0V Pin 2 - Pos 12V Pin 3 - To pump runni
  5. I need to replace my whale water aster inlet, how do I know if it is the micro switch one or not
  6. I am no expert but I believe the yellow plug is a relief valve and once activated the regulator needs replacing. It has probably operated because the regulator diaphragm has failed. Other members have reported this as a 'known fault' and have recommended a change of regulator make to a (£30) Clesse version. I hope this is some help. Gordon.
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  8. Hi Folks I have an Autotrail Navajo 2010 I’ve noticed a gas leak in the gas locker. It appears to be coming from from the regulator from a yellow nipple with a small hole. Does this mean it needs replacement or could it be a fault somewhere else.
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  10. I appreciate it doesn't help you in Suffolk but I always use the dealer I purchased my two motorhomes from, White Arches at Rushden. You could investigate a commercial van dealer in your area. Both my motorhomes have been based on a Peugeot cab and what I have found that many Peugeot dealers are also car dealers and just don't have the facilities to either service or undertake MOT's large vehicles. If it's based on a Fiat cab it might be easier. There is bound to be a motorhome dealer reasonably near to you so it might be worth giving them a ring. The habitation service can be carried out by
  11. The Caravan Technician is based in nearby Ipswich and offers a mobile service so presumably could service the habitation systems of your motorhome and depending upon the base vehicle, either an independent garage of franchised dealer should be able to deal with the mechanics and MOT testing. Also in Ipswich is Birchwood Caravan Services Ltd., who unfortunately have temporarily closed until it is safe to trade again. There is Tomcat Farm Caravan Services who also offer motorhome servicing. Finally for the base vehicle Hammond Autoserv Ltd., may be worth a call. I hope that's
  12. Can anyone recommend a one stop motorhome servicing, MOT, habitation provider in Woodbridge Suffolk
  13. Hi Cazza Is it not possible to attach the Dorema awning to the leading edge of the Fiamma as there is usually section along the length of the Fiamma that would take an awning bead. Failing that I have heard of people getting an awning strip attach the the body of the motorhome just below the Fiamma. David
  14. HI everyone, hope someone can help please. We have just recently bought a Delaware SE 2008 after a long time with a tourer we decided to go back to MH. Over the years we have accumulated lots of gear for the caravan and one of our prized possession is a Dorema Air Awning. It is essentially a porch awning that you can attach ends to increase living space and when the two ends are on its over 8m. The porch awaning is 2.6m and is the only piece that attached to the caravan. The MH has a Fiamma wind out, which is a factory fit. What we would like to achieve is not to use the Fiamma but to som
  15. Technically A Frames are not legal anywhere but the UK Government has made a conscious decision to overlook that so you are free to use one in the UK without fear or favour. However the problem arises if you want to use them in Europe where the majority of countries don't allow them. This can lead to at best an instruction to uncouple the vehicle and a passenger having to drive the car or worst case a fine (more likely in Spain). Gordon's solution does get you over all these hurdles as trailers are perfectly legal everywhere. Having said all that an A-Frame is quite convenient because the towi
  16. The big advantage of an A-Frame is its lightness and compact nature however for me the disadvantages are what decided me many years ago to stick to using trailers. I wish you well with your research . . . Gordon.
  17. Thank you Gordon for your reply I will investigate, of course it’s just on the wish list for now. Eric
  18. On the assumption that you have researched the legality of A-Frames where you intend to use one, I will not labour the subject here. The A-Frames are coupled to a towball on the MH, and connects to the car via a pair of what look like towing eyes. A second one will need to be fitted to the front of the car being towed, and the car will need to be modified to ensure the road lights work in parallel with those of the towing vehicle, and the brake need to operate with full efficiency on all four wheels of the car being towed. I own a small car that has been previously converted for A-
  19. I want to have an A frame fitted to the motorhome to tow our car anybody know of a company based in Scotland as the nearest I have been able to trace is in Lincolnshire.
  20. Good to have you onboard Mike. Like others, I confess that I've not come across a 'laid up policy' either, although it would make sense not to need third party cover should a MH be SORN, so making it the same as any other household property. I'm not so sure that it's such a good idea if in theory the MH could be driven at any time, and not having third party cover would make it illegal.
  21. HI Mike I suspect in the scheme of things Insurance Companies expect a fair proportion of motorhomes to be laid up over winter or at least very little used so I imagine they have factored that into their prices already. I accept that the COVID lockdowns are something unique but unless they go on for years, heaven forbid, such events take time to work into the mainstream of pricing. I suppose at the end of the day you have to decide on what is the best policy for you. Comfort always seem to get really good reviews so it might depend on how much the reduction was to persuade you to c
  22. Hi Mike, welcome to the Forum. Interesting scenario being offered a Laid Up Policy and would probably be of interest to many owners. Not heard of it myself but in fairness never asked as prior to Covid I used my MH all year round. Thanks to Covid it is now on a SORN until travel restriction allow. Good luck with your search Brian
  23. Hi All Just joined ,first post . Have been with Comfort Insurance for many many years ,found price and service good .Having read a copy of MMM ,a reader had sent in a letter that got me thinking .He was with LV but got a reduction for a “ laid up policy “ which because during the winter when not in use he only needed fire and theft . I contacted Comfort but as they use Aviva ,they don’t offer this benefit ! I would be grateful if any one could point me in the direction of other companies who offer this facility . Thanks Mike .
  24. First of all I welcome you to Motorhome Talk. The Ducato is used for various makes of MH so a number of our members will doubtless have them - unfortunately I do not, and so I will leave it for someone else to advise you. I presume that it is just the housing that is damaged, and not the dashboard itself. Gordon Link to image source
  25. Hi all, I fitted a new radio into my motorhome and when I did I noticed the housing in the dashboard has been broken on a previous fitting. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement? My motorhome is a fiat ducato rapido 772F with a 52 plate
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    I tend to agree with you Brian but if our preferred campsites are not available when we are finally permitted to travel, we do have a number of friends scattered around the UK who have offered to accomodate the RV on their land should we visit them. Similarly I hope that some rally destinations may be open but for now I fear we're staying put. Gordon.
  27. Ironically David when the restrictions are lifted there will likely be a flood of people heading for their favourite locations here and abroad so the opposite problem will arise whereby campsites, hotels and resorts will be unavailable due to demand. The phrase 'return to normal' is used a lot at the moment but that could well be 2022 before the dust settles fully. Brian
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    I have often wondered whether I should SORN the motorhome but like to sneak it out now and again for a short run, although not been out since early December. I think those that think they will be getting away to Europe with their motorhomes and caravans this year are being a bit optimistic. I have sensed a change of attitude from the Government in that the lockdown will go on much longer than we think. If we can't get away this year, even in the UK, I think I will be seriously thinking whether its worthwhile keeping a motorhome? We could end up with virtually two years without much use. Like B
  29. We have decided when restrictions are eventually lifted fully we will restrict ourselves to the UK only this year in the MH and fly to Spain & Canaries avoiding France where according to news reports the vaccine is not a priority to the majority of French. Jayne's daughter has full residency in Malaga so that's on the list together with Lanzarote where we visit every year regardless. Have to swat up on my spanish. Brian
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