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    • Hi  thank you so much for your reply. so sorry, I didn't realise I had an answer. I was assuming it'd email me to tell me but it didn't.  I don't have a Facebook account but I might see what I can find on there.  Husband has just got up to the point of feeding the camera cable through the back of the van. Can see from the inside where its meant to come through but not 100 per cent sure where to drill through from the outside. Somewhere near the brake light but worried we're going to come through somewhere wrong    Thanks again for your help
    • That's a novel (if expensive) approach Christine. I've seen the sticker below on some MHs, and a similar one with 60mph for both dual carriageways and motorways those towing caravans.
    • When we first bought our motor home,  we were very conscious of the fact that we were holding up the traffic behind us. So we designed a big poster to put on the back of ours. It reads as follows:-   “We are trying to improve our Service Thank you for your patience and sorry for any delay”   It cost £106 to produce but we sold the motorhome before we had a chance to apply the sign, So if there’s anyone out there who has the same sense of humour as us, please get in touch. cwemail@sky.com  
    • Welcome to Motorhome Talk. I'm sorry that I cannot answer your question myself but have you asked Elddis (Explorer group, now owned by Hymer) or the Elddis owners' club? 
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