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    • I would think carefully about the internal design, do you actually need a drop down bed? We started out with a 7.5 metre Bailey 740 SE and had no problems in touring Europe with that. However we did tend to use campsite rather than Aires. Probably a sensible general purpose length would be around 7 metres. We have since changed to to a smaller Bailey of 6.6 metres which suits us fine but we have not been abroad in it yet. The trouble is that in current times you are very restricted in what you can go and view. I appreciate that you want to buy second hand but having a good look round the various dealers or even the NEC shows would help you firm up on layouts.    David
    • The screws in the picture on both faces are in slots, try unscrewing them a little and slide in the appropriate direction..On my Autotrail I have found that I always manage to stand blocking the light to see what is in the cupboard so I have fitted lights inside them and the wardrobe .
    • Our MH is LHD and to be honest that has never been a major issue when driven in the UK, apart from the obvious, and that is that the access door is on the UK offside (right side). Thus when alighting in a layby you have to be extra aware of passing traffic, and some sites insist that I park "nose in" on a pitch to put the door on the UK side of the pitch. Conversely having the access door on the right is a bonus when abroad. If you do opt for LHD, take a careful look as some A-Class models have a "cab" door on the left, so allowing safe access from the LHS. Should you opt for a chassis/cab (B-Class) then naturally the cab will have doors either side, so diminishing the problem when stopping temporarily en route, however you may still be instructed to park the "wrong way round" once on a UK site. Brian's advice to purchase from a dealer makes perfect sense, and if at least placing a deposit by credit card, you will have additional protection shou there be problems with the vehicle. Personally I have a problem with the Ducato/Boxer cab, in that the vertical bar between the quarter light and the wind down window next to the driver, obscures the rear view mirror when I have the seat set for my long legs. Unfortunately a large number of MH models use this chassis cab so my personal choice is somewhat limited. See this thread. Time to look at the manufacturers' websites and brochures methinks, as you should have plenty of time to browse the options at the moment. All the very best, and welcome to Motorhome Talk. Gordon.
    • Hi Pav, welcome to the site. With such a huge choice of makes and spec's available it is important to understand what exactly you will use the MH for and what you really need inside it for your own comforts. If used mainly in the UK with the occasional trip abroad then a RH Drive makes more sense but general condition inside and out with a Service History is a bonus. I personally would suggest buying from a dealer rather than private, you should get new MOT and limited Warranty for peace of mind. Either way check everything works, Water, Gas, Electrical and if coachbuilt look for signs of water ingress. Good luck with your search
    • Hi all   Me and the wife have had a caravan for a few years now but we would like to get a motor home and tour around Europe. I don’t want anything too long that’s a struggle to drive and had looked at maybe a second hand 4/5 berth Hymer 544 with the drop down bed and kitchen at the back. At the same time As I’m buying second hand I don’t want to narrow my choice too much so does anyone have any recommendations. Budget £15 - £30 k.   There’s pros and cons with respect to left or right hand drive I don’t mind either way. Any advice much appreciated.
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