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    • I like your thinking Brian. For those who only use their MHs for main holidays and occasional use I can see the advantage. Sadly it wouldn't work for those (usually with smaller units) that use them as regular transport (even if only for low mileages), or like me with a larger outfit that uses it throughout the year yet also do not clock up many miles. I bought our RV because unusually it offered more space than a caravan, yet I still use it as a caravan - that is to say that I park in one place and explore the area from there, rather than stopping in a different place each night. This latest tax change will probably mean I shall not replace our outfit with anything new but will be looking at pre-2019 models, whose price will doubtless now be higher to reflect the demand. That said on principle I would rather give my hard earned to an owner than the government.
    • I think it would be fair to say that most, if not all, MH owners have a pretty good idea how often & when their MH is likely to be on the road rather than the drive so with a little thought and motivation it can be possible to severely restrict the impact of the new tax by simply declaring a SORN when confident useage is unlikely. A change of habits on MH use is of course necessary and you can declare a SORN & Restore usage as often as you like easily online. The low average annual miles of the majority of MH's should and could be turned to advantage whereas in the past it was not really an issue. Weekend & Day trips are of course the biggest victim if usually taken on a whim but the alternative is paying extortionate tax to park up on the drive. Just a thought for really very little effort........................................................................................
    • Unless I am mistaken I believe this is part of EU legislation that the UK government has agreed to adopt without truly investigating the impact it will have on the UK's leisure industry as a whole, from motorhome manufacturers to owners, and hence to campsite owners and others who depend on visiting tourists with motorhomes. Under conditions defined by EU law, the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) laboratory tests used to measure fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for passenger cars are being applied to all motorhomes, including those derived from commercial vehicles.   Over the first six years of life owners of 2019 and later Motorhomes can expect to pay the following tax:- WLTP Engine (Euro 6D/2 newer, cleaner engine) £2,135 + £465 + £465 + £465 + £465 + £465 = £4,460   Existing pre-2019 motorhomes with older engines will continue at the present tax rate:- Heavy Duty Emissions Engine £165 + £165 + £165 + £165 + £165 + £165 = £990   While not denying that Brexit has split the country and had an impact on many areas of society, I do not believe that it has anything to do with this particular imposition by our government and sadly I believe, we are stuck with increased tax for new motorhomes regardless of whether we remain in the EU or not. The adoption of driving licence changes has already had an impact on the caravan industry, now after first targeting 4x4 owners by increasing tax the government appear to be targeting motorhome owners as well. I do wonder if there is a (not very well) hidden agenda by successive governments to kill off vehicle manufacturing and ownership in the UK altogether. In transport terms the UK has certainly peaked and is now on the decline following the discontinuation of the cross channel hovercraft service, and the end of Concorde services, and very limited UK designed car production. Motorhomes - EU legislation WLTP.pdf
    • I noticed that the Petition had been closed due to the General Election. Shame really as I thought the nearly 15000 signatures was pretty good going and no doubt would have grown had there been more time. I suspect there are many motorhomers who might have signed the petition who are not followers of forums or social media so I think we did quite well to get to that figure. I was disappointed in the response from some on Caravan Talk who are caravanners who thought that it was a perfectly fair way of moving forward. It is a shame that they don't have empathy with their fellow campers! What ever you think of Brexit the whole process has knocked the stuffing out of the UK so hardly surprising manufacturers are taking measures to cut back on production. It is also far from certain how it will pan out in the next five years even if there is a decision made one way or the other.    David
    • There's a bit more information linked to from here on the home page. Motorhome owners can now expect to pay significantly more in road tax if they buy a new motorhome in the UK and one wonders how much of a negative effect this will have on the leisure industry as a whole. Fewer new motorhome purchases mean a smaller workforce needed to produce them, over time a reduction in motorhome ownership will equate to less money being spent for campsites, on local attractions, and in the shorter term little or no reduction in pollution as owners keep their older motorhomes running for more years than planned, so it appears the government have scored an own goal with this decision. These are the facts but unfortunately the petition against this tax increase with 14,907 has been closed prior to the forthcoming election.
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