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    • Oh dear - I didn't know. I'm sure there will be something, so I'll wish you well. One thing you may find useful is to know the time it takes to walk between tube stations, as at busy times it can be quicker than using the tube. London Tube - Walking Times.pdf Gordon
    • Hoe Farm was my original preference but it's closed for drainage works at the moment. Thanks for the other info though.
    • There's another CMC site at Crystal Palace but as with Abbey Wood, that too is  slightly east of the city centre. There is a C&CC site at Walton on Thames that is to the west of the city but still inside the M25 that I believe accept non members. Apps Court is also at Walton on Thames but I have no information on prices or availability. If you're happy with a five van site, there is Hoe Farm CL just south of Woking, and is a few minutes walk from Worplesdon station (about 40 mins to central London by train).  
    • Hello Stuart, Welcome to the forum. Not knowing the age of your Autoquest 185 I am not sure what heater you have, however if it is relatively new I am assuming it is a Whale space heater SH4312 as I believe the SH2212 unit was only fitted to the Autoquest 115. I know that the heater is fitted with an electronic diagnostic system where the control panel light will flash a number of time, pause, and then repeat. 1 flash = No flame 2 flashes = Overheated 3 flashes = DC supply voltage out of range 4 flashes = Combustion air - possible flue blockage 5 flashes = Undefined 'other fault'. Contact a Whale approved service centre. You do not define 'noisy' so I cannot tell if this may be a dry bearing noise, or a poor combustion sound. I think a little more information is needed to diagnose all possibilities for the cause. Gordon
    • Welcome to the site. Someone may be able to advise on a specific location for you but you can Google Campsite Locations in a given location which may be of help but I would suggest you check any available reviews.
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