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    • Hi Tegs, welcome to the forum. I wouldn't worry too much about the strike, you wont even notice. Dealer obviously knows what to expect which is why they are not chasing.
    • We are in exactly the same position. The MH, Bailey Adamo 75-4i arrived at the dealer in Feb 21. We went to see and drive it in mid March. Since then it’s been in their yard and no info whatsoever from the DVLA. Doesn’t help that they whet on strike last week! Dealer doesn’t seem to be chasing it either.
    • Thanks for the observation. I have a couple of air-framed tents, and it is true that they are noticeably heavier to transport because you cannot split the load and so  everything is in one bag. The big advantage I find with the tents, is the shape of the package when folded is not defined by the length of the longest pole - because there aren't any.    
    • A bit off topic , be careful when you buy an awning if its a pump up as they usually come in one bag and are very heavy ( ie. instead of like pole type awnings which are in 2 bags ), we found ours too heavy to handle also , I have seen too many with the Pump up tubes Punctured so you can't put them up, just an observation .
    • Hi Simon, welcome to the forum. Can you possibly upload a picture of the cluster in situ and one when removed. Helps when giving advice. Brian
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