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    • I think if you start having problems with a gas regulator it's time to change. Also perhaps think about fitting one of these  as they can also give you notice of a gas leak issue. If the system is gas tight the green (indicating gas in the cylinder) will remain showing for an hour or so. If there is a leak it will quickly change to red.   David
    • Hi Les, Welcome to Motorhome Talk.   Take a look at the back of the watermaster inlet (inside the caravan) and if there is a small adjustable knob, then there it has an integral pressure switch. If not then it will be a direct inlet and the water flow will be managed either by an inline pnboard pressure switch, or by microswitches fitted below each of the taps. If the latter, then the two wires connected to each microswitch should be easiy visible.   The back of your watermaster may look like this Pin 1 - 0V    Pin 2 - Pos 12V  Pin 3 - To pump running light    Inline pressure switch Microswitch replacement kit (Two switches, two retaining clips and four spade crimps)  
    • I need to replace my whale water aster inlet, how do I know if it is the micro switch one or not
    • I am no expert but I believe the yellow plug is a relief valve and once activated the regulator needs replacing. It has probably operated because the regulator diaphragm has failed. Other members have reported this as a 'known fault' and have recommended a change of regulator make to a (£30) Clesse version. I hope this is some help. Gordon.
    • Hi Folks    I have an Autotrail Navajo 2010 I’ve noticed a gas leak in the gas locker. It appears to be coming from from the regulator from a yellow nipple with a small hole. Does this mean it needs replacement or could it be a fault somewhere else. 
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