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    • thanks again bri ,,i take my box off,,
    • No marker board needed Rob, it won't protrude far enough to be considered a hazard.
    • hi i have fiamma box fitted on the back of my bike rack i am going to Spain if i remove box and fold the bike rack up do i still need some sort of marker for the empty rack ?
    • The one I have on a Ducato chassis can be folded out of the way by removing a pin. the driver's seat can the be swiveled if needed
    • If there was a reasonable way of extending the parking brake release handle I would have done it by now. Unfortunately the brake is applied with a foot pedal; that's fine but the release toggle is both out of sight, and out of reach without the driver leaning forward and feeling for the thing. Earlier models had a yellow release toggle on the dashboard in full view and reach of the driver. Progress isn't always in the right direction methinks . . . If I had a Ducato or similar I would certainly pay for an extension handle if I found the standard brake leaver hard to reach. Gordon.
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