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    • That's bizarre  Anyway, I'm pleased you've been able to work it out for yourself and hopefully you'll have it working again for when we're permitted to travel again. Good luck. Gordon.
    • Hi Gordon  Thanks for your info much appreciated, I called Elddis in Durham can you believe that they would not tell me how to remove the fly screen because if they did and I caused more damage they would be liable anyway in the meantime I have managed to remove it with ought any damage if any member has the same problem I may be able to advise assuming that it is the same fitting  
    • First of all I welcome you to Motorhome Talk. Secondly as an owner of an American MH, the hinged fly screen arrangement on our entrance door is not the same as for European fly screens. The screens however on our numerous caravans usually slid horizontally from one side in plastic runners with the mesh being supported by a taught cord, and the mesh stowed to one side as a concertina when not needed. I confess that we never used the flyscreens fitted to the caravan doors, preferring to simply sgut the door and rely upon the screen on the windws to provide fly-free ventilation. The rigid side-hinged screens on our RVs have been employed as they are so much simpler to deploy. I am not sure what design you have on your Elddis Supreme MH but I presume it will be similr to those fitted to UK touring caravans so I would hope that your local Elddis dealership should be able to assist you. Clearly under the current lockdown this may pose problems but providing they are open, then an initial phone call, followed up by an email with a photo of the damage may allow them to provide the necessary parts for you to effect a repair yourself. Gordon
    • Thanks for that, I'm sure he'll get to the bottom of it  
    • Hi Riggy   The two Truma panels on the bottom right obviously control the water on the left and the heater on the right. It wouldn't surprise me that it only runs on gas as this is quite common in European caravans and motorhomes. The left hand switch controls the water temperature and the right hand one controls the heating level The best thing for your friend to do is to have a look at the actual boiler because it would be clear whether there was a 230v supply attached as well as 12v which only controls the actions of the boiler rather than obviously providing power.   David
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