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    • Hi Fiona   I suppose the first port of call would be to check the cable sockets at each end to make sure they are wired correctly, or perhaps a loose connection. Is it a new cable or one that came with a secondhand van? Just possible if someone has been using it abroad that they have switched the wiring to cope with a reverse polarity problem abroad?   David
    • Hi everyone, we have been using our EHU cable for our van plugged into the mains at home for about 4 weeks (with an adaptor) with no problem. But this week we went away to a campsite , plugged into the electric source, the polarity warning light came on and the cable would only transmit power with the PMS switch in the van in the Off position. The campsite owner lent us a cable for the duration of our stay which worked fine so van is OK, just seems our cable is faulty. Any ideas what caused it? Is is fixable? Thanks.
    • Obviously not compulsory but a fairly standard requirement. A £5 charge for water is pretty outrageous. Just as a guide Aires and Stellplatz in Europe usually charge about one euro to refill water tanks.    David
    • Hi David, Thanks for input, as we said we are working on improving the services provided and obviously the water is not compulsory ; )    
    • Price of ferry has gone up a bit. Just booked to go to Jersey Just under £600
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