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    • WE have just use them to purchase our Adria, will say they were very helpful & kept us up to date with the buying process, when they did a habitation check they found the leisure battery & changer was not working as it should, they got in touch with the owner  & both were replaced @ owners expense, we had it delivered to our storage site 70mls away from their depot . cheaper & easer  than getting there to pick it up,  only thing buying from motordepot you are buying from them through the owner so no warranty unless you pay extra cost,  
    • Never had any dealings with them but they do have a 5* Trustpilot review status. You could always enquire what they offer without obligation
    • Hi Folks,   I am hopeful to soon trade up to a bigger, better MH.   I was wondering if anybody has any thoughts on using the MotorHome Depot 'brokerage' method ??   It seems to simplify the change-over process, in that that they perform most of the technical bits of the transfer.   But has anybody seen any drawbacks ?   Steve
    • Thanks Guys for your responses
    • Mick   You will need to make sure the solar panel controller has the ability to charge both batteries, it should do but worth a check. The controller can be set to the percentage of charge to each battery. Usual set up seems to be 90% to the leisure battery and 10% to cab battery but this can be adjusted if the 10% is not sufficient to keep the cab battery up to the required level.   David
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