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HYMER B584 2.8 ltr. Fiat. 1999 MOTORHOME. £18,500.00

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Truly needs to be seen, inspected and driven to be appreciated, has many of the quality refinements as expected from the HYMER high quality reputation.

12 months MOT.





This models layout is very popular as its clever design affords living space some alternatives do not.

Recently professionally fitted carpeting throughout, also has removable protective carpet runners end to end.

This home has 3 berths, a drop down very spacious double bed, and the side facing settee extends to make the single.

Three adjustable travelling seats with safety belts, both driver and passenger seats turn to face rearwards, meeting at a strong generous extending dining table. Lots storage space overhead on both sides, plus a wardrobe worthy of its name. There is a built in shuttered ‘cocktail bar’ alongside the third seat for drinks storage. Further ample storage under the settee which lifts up on hydraulic arms.

All windows and roof lights fitted with sliding fly screens and blinds, also each side window has curtains and nets.

The condition of all seating and upholstery is in very good condition, having been well cared for.



Spacious washing and separate screened shower, large dual mirrors, a cassette toilet, lots of cupboard space, overhead easy to open and close vents.





The entry door on the offside rear leads directly into the kitchen.

Comprises a 3 hob burner and oven with grill. Below the oven is a large saucepan drawer. Next to the oven is a double sink unit, one sink larger than the other when not in use have fitted covers making a flat work area.

Below the sinks are further storage cupboards for cleaning materials etc.

A fridge freezer, which is 3 way powered, 12v from the domestic batteries when travelling, and either 230v or gas when stationary. Above and below the fridge unit are more storage areas.



Lighting and Power.

All lighting been upgraded to power saving LED.

Domestic batteries upgraded with one additional giving generous amp/hours, which along with the engine battery are charged by the power management system when he engine running. Additional charging to both domestic and engine batteries, by made a 100w fixed solar panel, and split distribution controller. Making living when on 12v no problem.

There is also fitted a 3000w inverter to provide 230v when mains power not available. Ideal to keep laptops, phones etc well charged.

Water boiler provides all the hot water needed for domestic/showering, which also provides blown air heating throughout the home.

Full length awning.

Alarm system, can be set when inside.

New Stereo Radio/CD player with hands free phone use.

Large on board water storage tank.

Bike rack.




The Hymer B584 is a delight to drive, power steering and high visibility adds to the pleasure, loved by the ladies who enjoy driving, very comfortable multi-positional driving seat to suit height and build.



front view.jpg

front offside angle.jpg


driver and passenger sets from side.jpg

kitchen side view.jpg

Rear and offside view.jpg

rearview inside straight.jpg

washbasin cupboards wc.jpg

bar seat.jpg

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Hi Mike, looks really nice, should not have too much trouble selling it:)

Are you replacing it or moving on to other modes of touring?


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Hello Brian, Thank you for your comments, she is as described and sorry to be parting with her.

I am 85 this year, had two knee replacements which are great but decided to spend more time with my Mazda MX5, like you I was a biker until 60, love the exhilaration of driving, still miss the bike so may buy another, my last was a much loved 650 BSA Road Rocket for which I was made an offer I couldn't refuse once the family got wind of it as they had long nagged me to stop riding, even though I had never ever been in any accidents or claims in 40 years, other than going through a hedge on black ice when just a boy of 38, never a scratch.

Best wishes


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Enjoyed reading your reply Mike, I would definately have offered the sort you can't refuse for the Rocket, had one myself way back in 1969 plus 500 Shooting Star and Gold Flash:rolleyes:

I'm a mere 67 this year but 25 at heart. Probably being old school with bikes explains why I prefer older MH's.

I can't as yet forsee being without our MH and it's looked after just as well as my bikes always were. 1st June this year I can celebrate 50 years as a biker.

All the best


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Long time since I rode but the skill never leaves you, modern bikes much quicker than even the Rocket certainly acceleration wise. I saw a Rocket in the Birmingham museum sat looking at it a long time reliving the years I had one, and the ladies who loved to pillion....

Age is certainly a number, its how you feel and think that decides what it is, growing old is unavoidable, growing up is optional.


Best wishes Brian.

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