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Bailey Autograph quality

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I came across this site and conversations between members regarding their deliberations on purchasing an autograph.

I would like to share my story with you.

I have been a happy Bailey caravan owner for years and the quality was good I mistakenly thought their motorhome would be the same.


I purchased a new Bailey autograph 79-4 in March this year I liked The style and the island bed

When we got it home we noticed the solar panel was not working we later realised it was not even wired to the solar charger , we noticed a small crack in the work top , the seats were designed to grip with Velcro but the Velcro was placed in the wrong place and it was wearing the cushions.  The poppers which kept the back of the cushion in place, were placed wrongly which pulled the cushion down and into a deformed state. When you sat down the seats slipped off and you find yourself sliding and feeling uncomfortable.

Bathroom cabinet door completely delaminated and the shower hadn't been used . This was in the first month. The cab blinds are very thin and close with a magnetic strip which is stuck on with thin double sided tape which has come off .

The spring on the trap door to the battery compartment and table storage were so strong they pulled the hinges off.

The dab radio is totally useless due to the lack of a decent aerial. 

The cooker has a recall on it.

I am now 5 month down the line and still waiting for my dealer to rectify 

I complained to Bailey no answer until I went on social media 

I have lost Faith with Bailey they have ruined out year we have not been able to use it as we wanted.

Needless to say we have purchased another van this weekend and when the above have been rectified we we will be ditching the sub standard Bailey autograph at a loss I might add.



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Your tale sounds very much the same as we experienced with a Kia C'eed some years ago. It was an ex-demo model that had so many faults that we got rid of it again after just a few months (the shortest time I have even owned a car) and like you this was at a significant financial loss. I places a review of this on our sister site Caravan Talk.

I do have sympathy with your plight that goes to illustrate the necessity of thoroughly checking any vehicle before signing acceptance and driving away.


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We are now in our fifth year of ownership of a Bailey 740 SE. I would not claim that it has been trouble free but the dealer can make a big difference and in that respect we have been lucky. Some of the issues we have had have been down to third party equipment which could happen with any make of motorhome. We have had a couple of damp issues around the skirt which seems to be a Bailey failing. We find the 740 very spacious and comfortable and for the price we paid it was excellent value. We are now thinking its a bit on the big side, having said that we came over the Llanberis Pass yesterday!!!



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