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Hi, I need some advice really urgently, please!!

Bought Autocruise Stardream '07 just under 3 years ago - Brownhills, Newark.

Thought I was saving money by not having habitation services done until now.

Now found 99% saturated in 3 areas of floor owing to locker doors/window leaks, etc.

Brownhills say only worth £19,000 now and repair will cost £10,000 excluding parts!!

They charge £84 per hour.

Any thoughts on any of this please?

Reasonable labour charge?

Is it safe for the moment (going away tomoz)?

Can this much damp damage occur within the 3 years since I bought it or might it have been damp at sale?

The habitation service book was blank when I bought it from Brownhills. But might it have been already damp?

Absol devastated. No money. Help, please..............

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There is an article in the latest MMM magazine about someone in a similar situation with a Hobby. If you are near WH Smiths it might be worth a look. Having an annual habitation service won't stop damp but I suppose you might get advance warning that you have a problem and an earlier start might be cheaper. It sounds to me that Brownhills don't want the work!!! Hope you get it sorted.




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