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Gas Bottles

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Simple question regarding gas bottles.


On my Camper, I use 2 x P11 propane bottles. Here, these are bought, and refilled. Refilling is the simple matter of exchanging them. However, only AGA bottles can be exchanged.


I'm considering a longer trip to the UK. Are bottles bought there? If so, can they be returned and a refund given? There would not be any point in exchanging one of my AGA's, as I cant do anything with it upon returning.


Do they use the same left hand POL thread as my normal bottles?

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Hi Scania


It depends on what time of year you are intending to visit. If you have two 11 kilo bottles I would have thought you would hardly use any if using an electric hook-up. Campsites in the UK tend to include electric in the pitch price as there are strict rules on the reselling of electric here. You can hire Calor Gas bottles here and you will get a refund on a sliding scale depending on how long you keep them, details here https://www.calor.co.uk/gas-bottles/buying-gas-bottles/gas-refills-exchanges-returns. This is a commonly use pigtail for UK bottles http://gasproducts.co.uk/gaslow-easy-fit-450mm-propane-gas-hose.html?gclid=Cj0KEQiAy53DBRCo4en29Zvcla0BEiQAVIDcc5n1kAtBpaLI9iN-Yk6OvE1ZT3RFcVSButS_AQRPkwQaAqM98P8HAQ



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Thats excellent news regarding the bottles, and quite different to this country. Here bottle is out property rather than the gas suppliers.


I tend to use quite a bit of gas, as the Knaus is gas/battery. The only thing that a mains supply is used for is the fridge or charging the battery when parked. If its sunny enough, its only the former. A solar panel takes care of the batteries.


I have been considering fitting a heating collar to enable the use of mains electricity for hot water/ heating. According to Truma though, these are not for permanent use. So I wonder if it is worth the bother.


The pigtail is interesting. It looks more reliable than the red hose and jubilee clips that are used and approved here!

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