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  1. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Never been to Sweden Scania but a summertime visit might tempt me but as for coping with all that snow in winter that's a definate No No for me. As for complying with all the legal stuff it could well be a very short visit Meet me in Spain anytime
  2. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Is there anything in Sweden that's allowable to personal choice Scania Rules, Rules & More Rules have become the norm in many countries and quietly accepted by the masses that can't be bothered to question anything. Once an ''expert'' gets to grips with a subject the end result is legislation. Was it not an ''expert'' that said the Titanic was unsinkable???
  3. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Still alive and kicking all, just been very busy. Still unsure about our France trip as Jayne is still waiting to hear about her knee treatment (and Brexit) although like her knee that now seems some time away yet I am an All Year traveller with the MH but sad to admit 2018 has been unusually quiet for me apart from Spain so hopefully this year I can make up for it. BREAKING NEWS.....Jayne just announced we are going to Wales this Fri/Sat/ Sun
  4. Cherry Hinton CMC Site

    Thanks David, getting to Duxford not a problem as we will have the scooter with us. They have the Warbirds Weekend Airshow so Friday to Monday would be ideal. Brian
  5. Cherry Hinton CMC Site

    David, that looks convenient for Duxford Imperial War Museum, do you know of any sites that are closer? At the moment this is a contender. Brian
  6. Back on Motorhome Topics

    I definately prefer tea to your meths
  7. Back on Motorhome Topics

    In the UK we have ''Advisories'' similar to your 1. We then have ''Major Fault'' which is a Fail but 10 days to fix and a free re-test. Finally the new category of ''Dangerous'' which means your vehicle cannot leave the Test Station and must be repaired by them, you can sometimes sign a release form but at your own risk if stopped by police especially with ANPR which can carry a big fine or vehicle seized . Mine are classed as Major but ok to drive.
  8. Back on Motorhome Topics

    Only a minor setback on the MOT, leaking front suspension strut and small repair needed on front chassis rail, when and if it ever stops raining I can get under it and get busy. Can't complain for a 21yr old MH and the test station I always use is well known for being very strict. Brian
  9. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    I get the hint Scania, but my next post will be about how the MOT went, strangely the only person not posting on the original topic is bigbilly
  10. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    I think anybody was lucky to survive it. MH topics are a bit thin on the ground at the moment so I'm sure Gordon would understand However just to balance things my MH is due it's MOT this week and I'm not expecting any suprises but as we say in England 6 eggs does not guarantee 6 chickens so hopefully the Gods are in the right karma My cup is always half full, never half empty so trip to Wales is highly likely..
  11. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Fully paid up member of Ancestry Scania, have traced my family tree back to 1700 and ongoing. Brian
  12. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    WW1 is my all consuming passion and something of a self proclaimed 'expert' having spent many years researching the whole sorry episode in human history. My grandfather is my inspiration as he fell Missing In Action just after the Battle of Marne 1914, hence our intention to visit Ypres and the Menin Gate on our next trip to Belgium &France even though Ypres has no connection to Marne but does represent the futility of all the battles. He has no known grave to visit. Like you I tend to pick up little phrases while abroad that helps to get by but being a lover of Spain touring France in 2017 we arrived at the manned toll booth on the Millau Viaduct Bridge and having parted with my Euro Notes said Gracias when given the change which caused roars of laughter in the booth and MH. Never a dull moment when I'm on tour As for Scania's unmentionable event probably best we don't know
  13. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Jayne has written Champignons in her diary in respect to our upcoming France trip but just having had an MRI on her knee she may be facing a replacement (knee not me) so our trip may get delayed if she has the op. Worse things happen at sea (according to the captain of the Titanic) Brian
  14. The Alliance has landed!

    Happy New MH David, lets all hope the 2019 summer allows us to enjoy our respective plans. Brian
  15. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Fair play to you Gordon, I do 'dabble' in local dishes when abroad but mostly ends in disappointment to be fair. One amusing episode while in Spain was Jayne ordering what she thought were mushrooms with her steak and turned out to be a large bowl of muscles which got quite a laugh but thankfully she does like them, in moderation, but not for me thank you so at least half were returned uneaten. This was in a remote village next to a ruined monastery where English & Spanish were lost in translation but the stunning location and freshly squeezed oranges made up for it. A trip abroad for me is all about local traditions & cultures and having settled into a ''tourist'' campsite I literally head for the hills well away from crowds.