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  1. I think all reviews by there very nature do contain a measure of bias based on the personal viewpoint of the reviewer, I have been to campsites having read reviews and wondered if I had gone to the wrong place or one with a similar name I assume you have read my reviews relating to my recent Spanish Trip, I definately prefer peace & quiet so if I find it in a campsite then a good review is the result but someone who prefers the 'Full Monty' with every activity going (even at midnight) at the same campsite then the outcome is somewhat different. I do try to balance reviews based on pitches, location, facilities etc rather than did it suit me personally because to find the perfect 100% campsite is more than a challenge. Reviews are a good guideline but never the gospel. Brian
  2. Gwynedd Mafia

    Too true Gordon, if a Freedom of Information request was put to every council in the UK regarding their policy towards Motorhomes especially coastal counties I doubt many would be too suprised at the results. Back in the late 1960's and early 1970's many pubs had signs outside stating 'Motorcyclists by Appointment Only' because of bias but the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) set a legal challenge and won hands down on discrimination laws. Is 'No Overnight Parking' with MH Motif not the same thing. Parking restrictions across the board is one thing, targeted restrictions towards a specific type of vehicle is totally different and I'm told that unless it is written into a 'bye law' it is also legally unenforceable.
  3. Gwynedd Mafia

    It is all becoming very interesting, since offering my post on here (but not because of) the Welsh Assembly has commissioned a wide ranging review of ALL Car Parking Charges throughout the whole of Wales and I have downloaded the report. The upshot is fear that tourists are being discouraged and local businesses are unhappy about losing potential trade. To be fair there are valid arguments put forward both for and against charging but the full assembly will consider the report 'in due course' All regional councils who put forward responses for consideration 90% said loss of revenue was their overriding concern (so tough on visitors and businesses) As I often spend £100 on each trip to Tywyn (all in) and very often twice per month that's up to £2400 annually turned away and that's just me. I have not been back to what I regard as my second home since early August and no plans to do so until Tywyn Town Council win their legal challenge or Gwynedd are forced to withdraw their threat by the Assembly. I have made my thoughts clear to the Clerk of Tywyn Council and with great sadness. A few lessons from France & Spain regarding Motorhomes might benefit.
  4. Gwynedd Mafia

    In 1900 a West Midland industrialist named John Corbett paid for the re-development of the promenade at Tywyn, West Wales. A legal covenant was drawn up that the land would be the sole property of the Tywyn Town Council and the residents who would be granted free access forever. I have been going to Tywyn for 50 years now on long weekends and at least once a month since buying the MH but all year round, Winter & Summer. I would invite anyone reading this to Google TYWYN BEACH WEBCAM to see what a fantastic location it is. There has never been any Double Yellow Lines anywhere in the town which actively encourages visitors to the location but that's about to change. Tywyn is the only seaside town in the whole of West Wales that does not charge for parking because of the Covenant but back in 2016 Gwynedd County Council ordered the town council to instigate Parking Charges which generated a legal challenge by Tywyn Council on the fact that Gwynedd did not own the land so therefore had no legal basis. As the local council is only small it relies on financial support from Gwynedd towards the cost of maintaining the promenade and other costs but on my last visit there 3 weeks ago signs have been put up by Gwynedd 'No Overnight Parking' with the motorhome displayed and others regarding parking restrictions yet to be enforced subject to legal outcome. The whole of Tywyn is in uproar over this as it will drive away visitors and the fact that Gwynedd County Council have threatened to withhold any funds for maintenance unless the locals agree to the Parking Rules. Gwynedd itself will not monitor the restrictions or provide a warden but insist the Police enforce the rules, the nearest Police Station is 20 miles away????? Financial muscle will probably win the day and Gwynedd will get its own way. Gwynedd has a dislike of motorhomes which is evident as every layby in the whole county has signage stating No Overnight Parking even in the remotest of locations miles from anywhere. What it cant get from the Government it will get from the motorist. Brian.
  5. No Overnight Parking

    Very interesting read David and quite timely as I am about to post on this site regarding this very subject. My post will be titled Gwynedd Mafia.and appear in the next few days. Brian
  6. No Overnight Parking

    Wildcamping is not suited to everyone and is dictated by the actual location in terms of security. Campsites do have the attraction of showers/toilets/facilities but some do come with the very things you could possibly do without. On my recent tour of Spain I was quite lucky and had little to be concerned about with other 'guests' behaviour but the very few that were a nuisance were all from the UK. Choosing a pitch amongst the French, Germans & Spanish proved to be the most satisfactory decision. Brian
  7. Is this forum still used?

    Welcome Campervan, nice to see another new member. Plenty of help and advice on the various forums or from individual members. Brian
  8. Low Emission Zones

    To be honest Kermit I'm not too worried by it all, I don't do cities and avoid them if at all possible. I will probably get the same answer if I apply and I doubt I will. My 1998 Ducato is all I need and if it does not suit the 'Save the Planet' Green Brigade then that's tough. And being Kermit you can't get much greener than you
  9. Is this forum still used?

    It is sometimes due to 'holiday absence' as I see it but you are correct that activity has declined for whatever reason. As the school hols end you may find more posts appearing. The best way to keep an accurate check is to use 'ACTIVITY' and 'ALL ACTIVITY' from the top task bars rather than forums. I put a lot of topics on in July with only limited response but as I am logged on every day I too noticed the lack of posts to respond to?? Brian
  10. Camping El Porto de la Selva, Girona.

    Never used a campsite in the UK yet as I always wildcamp here but I assume the same thing happens , or am I in for a nice suprise one day As it happens my partner is hinting at a week in Cornwall so if anyone can recommend a good site (near the sea) I would be interested.
  11. Camping El Porto de la Selva, Girona.

    It was my understanding David that the daily charge is for the pitch, the fact that the scooter was parked within the confines of it seemed to be lost on our 'host'. Looking long term the only loser is the campsite as they probably assume your unlikely to return anytime soon so grab every last euro while they can but underestimating any possible impact of poor reviews on the web and social media. How long before they start charging for bicycles? He gained 12 euro's for the 3 days charging for the scooter but lost 33 euro's as we left a day early!!!!
  12. bikerbri52

    Road Trip Phto's
  13. Our Spanish Holiday 2018

    Useful reviews for anyone planning trips to Spain, as for ACSI I tend to regard them on the same par as Estate Agents regarding their reviews, most of my 'bad sites' some of which I never mentioned were not quite as expected or differed totally from what I found on arrival.Hope your UK trip in August goes well.
  14. Low Emission Zones

    Apparently my old MH is category 5 or I just avoid the places operating the scheme and stick to the motorways. As more countries become involved my windscreen could be covered in these stickers if I intend to tour but thanks for letting me know
  15. Low Emission Zones

    While travelling through France I came across an article related to Low Emission Zone's (LEZ's) which indicated that not only in France but Germany and others in the EU are now actively applying for LEZ status covering far more towns a cities before the end of 2018. In France alone an extra 12 applications are being processed and roughly the same under consideration. It advised that anyone travelling through Europe should become familiar of where these zones are and what you need to do to comply (at a cost of course) The fines are quite severe if caught so a little research could save time and money, the worst offenders (?) can have their vehicle taken into custody but not the wife.