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  1. I know Gordon, the sacrifices I make in life just seem endless 😃 Hope your trip goes well but don't forget your brolly and check your gas levels for the heating before you set off 😉 Seriously though some great views and landscapes where your heading so enjoy.
  2. Cheers Gordon, not a C&CC member but might look in at Winnick, normally rallies are too crowded for me. Looking to spend no more than 2 days at each campsites to take in more of Cornwall. Will be in Lanzarote Sept soaking up the sun we don't get here 😎
  3. We are planning a week touring in Cornwall w/c 5/7/19. Our first stop will be Padstow Touring Park heading for Lands End and maybe an overnight in/near St Ives. Been to Cornwall before but only in guesthouse (Newquay) 25yrs ago. If anyone has any suggestions for good campsites (prefer by the coast but we will have scooter with us) it would be appreciated.
  4. British cars were an exception I must admit 😄 My 21yr old MH is still going strong and in no danger of a trade in, recent MOT and no advisories. Klyne stated recently how its possible to buy a new MH with just a gallon of fuel in it if your lucky😑 Hope your luck improves with your new MH.
  5. Those of my generation will well remember when everything was built to last and of high quality generally, those values disappeared long ago along with the craftsmen who took personal pride in their work. Today's throwaway society no longer demands quality in favour of cheap prices. Low Cost, High Margins overseen by accountants is the norm. We all live in a world we helped to create.
  6. When sales figures are more important than the quality of a product and genuine customer care this is what you get. Under the Sale of Goods Act you have ''reasonable cause'' to give the dealership a written time limit to rectify all faults or demand a full refund. Check your rights with Citizens Advice, but don't delay, there are time limits. Photo's are a must. All the best.
  7. Will keep you updated, we will pass through France on our way to Spain.
  8. We were due to leave for our trip to Spain on 27th May but we are now looking at September as Jayne was waiting for her knee operation. Pre-Op consultation following an MRI now confirmed for the 11th June and surgery 18th June Trip was originally planned for France but changed to Spain 2 weeks before we were due to board the ferry. Once fully recovered it will be a couple of weeks in Cornwall in the MH (any recommendations welcome) and back to the Spain trip for early Sept.
  9. Decided to replace my old antenna with the Vision Plus Status 350 which is an upgrade for my old Status 330. As I rarely watch TV when in the MH except at breakfast, and never abroad, the system far outperforms the old model in every respect. At £90 inc signal booster it is also good value. Not being a ''telly person'' even at home it comes in handy for weather forecasts in the UK for when we are out cycling away from the MH.
  10. In reality Scania it is only of interest to ''Wildcampers'' and as the majority prefer the luxury of a Campsite it is not really an issue to them but as I see it it's a blatant policy aimed at a specific lifestyle, in any other Politically Correct scenario discrimination would be outlawed and given protection of the law. When asked who would enforce the ruling the Council Chairman stated it would be up to the police (as the council has no funds for a warden) but the Chief Constable who I'm told was not consulted said his officers ''had far more important things to do'' and who else will be passing by at midnight to check if that naughty Brian has defied the signs especially as the nearest Police Station is 20 miles away.
  11. Welcome to Gwynnedd, North Wales. A council at the forefront of expanding tourism in Wales. Rather than No Overnight Parking which would affect all vehicles they specifically targeted Motorhomes with No Overnight Camping. Always up for a challenge I decided to park in front of this sign and settle down for the night. Having done some research online any sign displaying a penalty for breaching is subject to a By-law, any sign without a penalty is purely ''advisory'' and unforceable. On arrival I checked with several local businesses who all said it is never enforced and suggested I park there regardless. Back in the early 1970's many pubs put up signs saying '''Motorcyclists by Appointment Only'' which prompted the formation of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) who contested this in court as discrimination against lifestyle and won hands down, all signs quickly disappeared. Very similar to what happened in Scotland in recent years where signs targeting Motorhomes parking overnight were removed on orders of the Scottish Government. A simple lesson to all with a specific lifestyle, if you don't question anything and meekly comply your chosen lifestyle will be dominated by faceless idiots who sit in ivory towers and proclaim power they like you to think they have. Where is our Motorhome Action Group??
  12. Never been to Sweden Scania but a summertime visit might tempt me but as for coping with all that snow in winter that's a definate No No for me. As for complying with all the legal stuff it could well be a very short visit Meet me in Spain anytime
  13. Is there anything in Sweden that's allowable to personal choice Scania Rules, Rules & More Rules have become the norm in many countries and quietly accepted by the masses that can't be bothered to question anything. Once an ''expert'' gets to grips with a subject the end result is legislation. Was it not an ''expert'' that said the Titanic was unsinkable???
  14. Still alive and kicking all, just been very busy. Still unsure about our France trip as Jayne is still waiting to hear about her knee treatment (and Brexit) although like her knee that now seems some time away yet I am an All Year traveller with the MH but sad to admit 2018 has been unusually quiet for me apart from Spain so hopefully this year I can make up for it. BREAKING NEWS.....Jayne just announced we are going to Wales this Fri/Sat/ Sun
  15. Thanks David, getting to Duxford not a problem as we will have the scooter with us. They have the Warbirds Weekend Airshow so Friday to Monday would be ideal. Brian
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