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  1. I wonder if Gwynnedd County Council in Wales have contacted the UK Government, they don't like motorhomes either 😄
  2. It is not productive for anyone to try and make sense of any government proposal regardless of subject matter, that's how it is and always been. After all our governments are based in another country (London) and a taxpayer funded palace (Palace of Westminster) What could possibly go wrong???
  3. Am I right in thinking this is only on NEW motorhomes? If correct the logic does not add up as emissions on new MH's is far lower than older ones so any extra tax would logically be aimed at older vehicles surely? This is typical ''establishment'' thinking same as Low Emission Zones all round London but OK given to build another runway at Heathrow so even more planes can be accepted. It's OK to fine vehicles for emissions but no zones for aircraft. If a referendum to leave the EU can be ignored a petition stands far less chance regardless of how many sign it. I think we call it Democracy in this country, let the peasants have their say but just do what parliament thinks suits them. Brian
  4. It would seem having a Euro 6 engine is no longer a benefit, probably robbed the treasury of much fake emissions tax so more than one way to skin a cat. Are there any figures on how many motorhomes are registered in the UK? 100,000 signatures seems a distant target. I did sign for what its worth. Brian
  5. Hi Dave, sent you a message. Brian
  6. bikerbri


    Worth investing in a Solar Panel to keep it fully charged. I do a lot of Wildcamping without a problem
  7. bikerbri

    Fog Lights

    I know all about pain, been married TWICE😃
  8. bikerbri

    Fog Lights

    g7eor, a bit of determination can solve auto electrical and joint problems in my book. But probably not Brexit😃
  9. bikerbri

    Fog Lights

    Scania, don't let me stop you. Nowt wrong with a good story😉
  10. bikerbri

    Fog Lights

    A valid point David, all of which was explained to us but I can't help wondering if the surgeon or any surgeon found himself in the exact same circumstances would say to his wife/partner while watching the daily extreme pain that they are not able to have a replacement knee if below a mythical age. I would prefer to believe I am not that easily led. We spoke to other women who had new knee joints aged late 40's simply because they went private not because of medical circumstances.
  11. bikerbri

    Fog Lights

    Our viewpoint entirely Gordon. Only recently on national news it was stated as fact that joints are lasting far longer than the 10yrs originally quoted. What benefit is a good knee when in your 70's & 80's rather than 50's. Time will tell.
  12. bikerbri

    Fog Lights

    The consultant only offered keyhole surgery even though he agreed a full replacement was required and keyhole would probably make it worse. He said Jayne was too young at 56 and flatly refused to budge, I do wonder if it is ''budget'' driven rather than patient care. We are left to deal with the results, and we will, but this is the UK's top Orthopedic Hospital which treated soldiers returning from battle fronts with limbs missing. We are made of stern stuff out in the sticks😊
  13. bikerbri

    Fog Lights

    I think he may have it sorted Gordon as there is no response since raising the question (maybe) We are unable to use our MH at the moment as Jayne's knee op was far more extensive (and painful) than expected and only 5 weeks before we jet off to Lanzarote😟 Glass half full😎
  14. Well it's good to let them think that😃
  15. My partner Jayne had such a water heater some years ago in an Autotrail and considered it better than waiting for the water to heat up. Redring make instant water heaters for MH's and customer reviews are very good. You are correct Gordon that this model requires 'hook up' to operate being electric only but is linked to main sink, washbasin & shower and instantly available for use as with the boiler at home. I personally don't have a particular preference but if it keeps the 'boss' happy so be it.😉
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