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  1. France Again.

    I could wait until the politicians have sorted out Brexit but I'm not getting any younger and as our wonderful british winter weather forces me to spend more time indoors my thoughts turn more to hot summer days touring europe in the old MH and front runner at the moment is a re-run of our 2017 tour of France. The plan will be to visit the places we did not get to see last time although we will begin in Ypres to visit the Menin Gate before heading to the South of France and maybe northern Italy briefly. As is usual with me I will spend weeks planning the whole route & campsites only to end up somewhere totally different in France
  2. Brittany

    I toured France last year and if you look at Browse Forums Motorhome Holidays (Page 2) I reviewed some sites where you are planning to go. I found DFDS Ferries Newhaven to Dieppe cheapest and best suited for western France. Always happy to elaborate on the sites I used if you require it. Brian
  3. As with ALL 'Green Taxes' and LEZ's or whatever name is given to them it is all about raising revenue and not the environment. Here in the UK if every vehicle were suddenly Electric the government would lose billions in fuel duty tax & road tax (based on emissions) so why the headlong race to all electric vehicles?? There is always an alternative motive behind anything politicians do.
  4. Well Gordon we are hoping to tour France again next year (depending on Brexit) so chances are I may get my first official tasting
  5. Just to highlight my cultured upbringing I have absolutely no idea what a Meringues is but it looks like something I would be happy to try The Waterfalls and Gorge however are just my favourite destination and as for the restaruant its a winner.
  6. One European Union, One European Registration or is that too simple. Very often on a vast number of topics the principal of the EU contradicts itself in the name of self interest. A 'Union' in name alone.
  7. Well Scania thats more like it Have kept a note for future reference.
  8. Now that's my type of view, all day....any day
  9. Looks like you have to be careful how you open your doors in case you hit the van next to you Saw a few sites like this on our Spanish Tour and needless to say we moved on. I prefer dedicated marked out pitches with room to put out the canopy, table & chairs plus the scooter. There are 2 sites in Benicassim exactly like this which did not benefit from our custom, privacy not being on the priority list for the campsite.
  10. And that was on one of my more optomistic days Gordon As Kermit & Scania said, our freedoms are being eroded slowly but surely. How long before MH Dealers stop accepting older vans as trade in because of the limitations and the effect that has on their re-sale potential? Only last week Birmingham City announced it is introducing Emission Zones with sky high rates to enter and I am sure many other cities/towns in the UK will follow suit so it's not just travel abroad that will be affected. If history is anything to go by Emission Levels will only get lower and lower so even vans that comply today will eventually fall foul of regulations hence the reason VW faked their diesel car emissions because the goalposts never remain static.
  11. Emissions? I gave up smoking 3 years ago and now use an E Cigarette, does that count? With Brexit and LEZ's it wont be a factor for much longer, we will not be allowed to cross the channel without a brand new MH and International Driving Licence.
  12. A very informative review Scania, almost feel like I know the place Perhaps 'Brief and to the Point' although factual does not always do justice to what's on offer around many locations. Will bear your review in mind when I return from my next european adventure. Brian
  13. I think all reviews by there very nature do contain a measure of bias based on the personal viewpoint of the reviewer, I have been to campsites having read reviews and wondered if I had gone to the wrong place or one with a similar name I assume you have read my reviews relating to my recent Spanish Trip, I definately prefer peace & quiet so if I find it in a campsite then a good review is the result but someone who prefers the 'Full Monty' with every activity going (even at midnight) at the same campsite then the outcome is somewhat different. I do try to balance reviews based on pitches, location, facilities etc rather than did it suit me personally because to find the perfect 100% campsite is more than a challenge. Reviews are a good guideline but never the gospel. Brian
  14. Gwynedd Mafia

    Too true Gordon, if a Freedom of Information request was put to every council in the UK regarding their policy towards Motorhomes especially coastal counties I doubt many would be too suprised at the results. Back in the late 1960's and early 1970's many pubs had signs outside stating 'Motorcyclists by Appointment Only' because of bias but the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) set a legal challenge and won hands down on discrimination laws. Is 'No Overnight Parking' with MH Motif not the same thing. Parking restrictions across the board is one thing, targeted restrictions towards a specific type of vehicle is totally different and I'm told that unless it is written into a 'bye law' it is also legally unenforceable.
  15. Gwynedd Mafia

    It is all becoming very interesting, since offering my post on here (but not because of) the Welsh Assembly has commissioned a wide ranging review of ALL Car Parking Charges throughout the whole of Wales and I have downloaded the report. The upshot is fear that tourists are being discouraged and local businesses are unhappy about losing potential trade. To be fair there are valid arguments put forward both for and against charging but the full assembly will consider the report 'in due course' All regional councils who put forward responses for consideration 90% said loss of revenue was their overriding concern (so tough on visitors and businesses) As I often spend £100 on each trip to Tywyn (all in) and very often twice per month that's up to £2400 annually turned away and that's just me. I have not been back to what I regard as my second home since early August and no plans to do so until Tywyn Town Council win their legal challenge or Gwynedd are forced to withdraw their threat by the Assembly. I have made my thoughts clear to the Clerk of Tywyn Council and with great sadness. A few lessons from France & Spain regarding Motorhomes might benefit.