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  1. Southern Spain

    And even more for a lot of sun Gordon Just outside Alicante at the moment and its HOT!
  2. Southern Spain

    Currently in Manilva just outside Estepona, we are on probably the finest campsite we have ever used. Stayed 7 days. Campsite La Bella Vista is a must for anyone travelling around this area. 30 euro's per night which includes electric and WiFi. I just filled in the Visitors Card with the ratings for everything here and all got top marks, being a 'grumpy old man' I can normally find something to moan about but I have to admit defeat Using the scooter Estepona was 10mins away and Gibraltar 30mins. Sad to leave tomorrow (monday) but eventually have a ferry to catch and lots more to explore on the way. Brian
  3. A-Frames

    I could be wrong Gordon but the main offenders seem to be the Brits!!! However, warning boards (or the lack of) does seem pretty universal, but like you I will comply simply because 'sods law' follows me wherever I go. Brian
  4. A-Frames

    Having seen the regard to rules & regulations in the EU I'm not sure what to make of anything. Travelled the length of France and Spain and completely lost count of the number of non resident vehicles without either Headlight Beam Deflectors or Warning Boards on overhanging loads, makes me wonder why i even bothered. I even put beam deflectors on the scooter. While waiting to board the ferry in Newhaven not a single UK vehicle had any visible means of complying with the requirements.
  5. Using 'Archies' in Europe

    Hi David, I changed maps from France to Spain on my TomTom25 Start as I crossed the border and that worked fine but Archies still thinks I'm in France??? Will have to see how I get on as we go. I even used POI's Near You rather than general POI and that was no better. I have Park4Night on my pc also Google Earth which is a godsend.
  6. Using 'Archies' in Europe

    While in France last year I used 'Archie's Camping' numerous times. Problem now is as I crossed over to Spain today and tried to use it for this trip it only comes up with sites in France??? I put in Toledo and suggestions for Hendaye & Bayonne appeared, nothing in Spain at all. Any urgent suggestions please.
  7. Spanish Trip

    Off on our travels tomorrow (Thurs) Newhaven to Dieppe/ Bayonne and into Spain Spain Trip (excluding France) Campsites listed in preference. BURGOS= Camping Camino de Santiago 3rd June - 4th June. Camping Fuentes Blancas TOLEDO= Camping Internacional Aranjuez 4th June - 5th June Camping El Greco ESTEPONA= Camping La Bella Vista 5th June - 10th June Camping Parque Tropical BENAJARAFE= Camping Valle Niza Playa 10th June - 12th June (or CALETA DE VELEZ (Harbour Parking) MOTRIL= Camping Playa de Poniente 12th June - 17th June Camping Playa Granada Camping Orgiva AGUILAS= Camping La Quinta Bella 17th June - 19th June TORREVIEJA= Camping Palm-Mar 19th June - 23rd June OLIVA= Camping Kikopark 23rd June - 27th June Camping Azul Camping Rio-Mar BENICASSIM = Camping Tauro 27th June - 1st July Camping Azahar GIRONA= 4 Random Campsites for 1 Night Stopover (1st - 2nd July) Back into France to Carcassonne for 2 days. Ferry back to UK 5th July.
  8. Curiosity

    Be coming there to buy a house never mind another van
  9. Curiosity

    Thanks David, very interesting read but no real answers. The world is not geared up for the adventurous i'm afraid only the compliant. Well done Ted Simon
  10. Curiosity

    Glad I'm not the only one mystified but thanks for your replies. Can probably pull over a traffic cop and ask him (make a change , normally the other way round) or even try that great british institution DVLA Bucket list slowly getting shorter and this is definately on it but might have to be satisfied with Snowdon Zip Wire and Tandem Parachute Jump this year. Watch this space.
  11. Curiosity

    I recently watched a local news item on the TV about a couple who sold up everything they own and intend to 'Visit every country in the world' in their Land Rover OK, may not be a topic for a Motorhome Forum but it did get me wondering how the MOT system works when out of the UK for extended periods greater than 12 months which may well happen to me some day. If UK MOT is valid abroad then I assume it is possible to have this done in a foreign country and return to the UK with a 'Valid' MOT until it expires. Does anyone know how this system works (for future reference) and not forgetting Road Tax when landing back on UK soil at some point.
  12. Great Upgrade

    Just a thought, if you park in the aire can I still enter on the scooter from there or is it just pedestrians only
  13. Great Upgrade

    Thanks for that info, feel like I'm already there after watching the video but our MH will be on campsite in Estepona while we travel to Gib on scooter but very informative regardless. La Linea has changed beyond recognition as I remember it, it was very downbeat and dirty the whole area has been transformed Very grateful for your input.
  14. Free digital travel guide

    Sounds interesting Erik, will check it out to see how it compares with 'Archies'
  15. Great Upgrade

    Cheers Trooper, did you notice how traffic was doing trying to cross the border? When I get back to UK I will post how we got on with our scooter trying to enter.