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  1. Official Crit'Air UPDATE

    The 190 million probably includes the illegal immigrants so it's probably about right
  2. Official Crit'Air UPDATE

    The message on climate change I think is clear. Unless EVERY nation on earth comply with a common target then no matter what the UK or EU do then the whole thing it pretends to encourage becomes meaningless other than to raise huge amounts of 'backdoor' revenue. And do I believe for one moment that the developing nations or others are prepared to sacrifice their economies for such a noble and fake cause wrapped up in Political Correctness? NO I do not World Trade and economies would collapse so it's just not going to happen, not all the 'Stickers' in the world will change that. If it meant ALL of us giving up our cars, motorhomes, holiday flights abroad hands up all those prepared to make the sacrifice..................................................... Brian
  3. Official Crit'Air UPDATE

    Probably more likely Gordon that french citizens dislike being dictated to by their government unlike the UK who by nature would rather suffer in silence and comply. Brian
  4. Enjoyed reading your reply Mike, I would definately have offered the sort you can't refuse for the Rocket, had one myself way back in 1969 plus 500 Shooting Star and Gold Flash I'm a mere 67 this year but 25 at heart. Probably being old school with bikes explains why I prefer older MH's. I can't as yet forsee being without our MH and it's looked after just as well as my bikes always were. 1st June this year I can celebrate 50 years as a biker. All the best Brian
  5. Hi Mike, looks really nice, should not have too much trouble selling it Are you replacing it or moving on to other modes of touring? Brian
  6. Official Crit'Air UPDATE

    It may not be just you Scania, my Scooter sticker has not arrived yet either which compared to the MH makes me wonder. Incidentially I was reading an amusing blog regarding Crit'Air which confirmed the worst offenders for not displaying and being fined are the FRENCH They are also apparently the worst offenders for speeding compared to all other EU drivers. Brian
  7. Official Crit'Air UPDATE

    I have just received official confirmation in writing from the French Department issuing Crit'Air Certificates/Stickers that the stickers can be displayed LEFT or RIGHT of windscreen clearly visible to enforcement/police officers. Printed off and coming with me to France Brian
  8. Crit'Air

    Or increasingly 'savvy' I would say Gordon, the cities who are anxious to jump on the 'Emissions' bandwagon will slowly become to realise the impact on tourism. I myself avoid cities like the plague regardless of country if at all possible but as Scania said it will eventually spread to just about everywhere over time. My 'second home' in Wales by the coast has not seen me or my MH since August 4th not for emissions but parking charges and bans on overnight parking for MH's so just for me alone that's £2k a year local businesses wont get. Short term gain for Long term pain. And the biggest employer in the town has decided to relocate it business, even more pain!!! Fewer jobs, fewer visitors and once they have gone it's a major battle to get them back, if ever.
  9. I'm with you Gordon, we have a non satellite system just the aerial but regardless where we are we watch DVD's not television. Unfortunately due to our wonderful climate I already watch far too much TV at home so when abroad it's a good film occasionally
  10. Crit'Air

    So Dave are we to assume that all German Cars are that environmentally friendly otherwise the roads will be very quiet and completely free of tourists. At some point there will be a 'backlash' in many countries from motorists who rely on their cars for everyday life. The economic effect on tourism will eventually become evident.
  11. Crit'Air

    Perhaps you could stick the A4 sized confirmation E Mail you received from them on your screen after you print it off, but make sure it doesn't obscure your vision otherwise you will get fined for that instead I could also suggest some of my favourite stickers as an alternative but I doubt this Forum would be too pleased with me A European Travel journalist recently wrote that what happens if all 27 member states introduced the same systems and where would you put 27 stickers???? Life was much simpler before politicians were created.
  12. Crit'Air

    I have asked the French Ministry for clarification regarding UK Right Hand Drive vehicles Colin. There are other video's where some swear stickers are ok in top centre of screen??? I think the French have issued instructions for LH vehicles only without stating if RH are different, job half done!!!! Once applied they cannot be removed or relocated and fines apply if in the wrong place.
  13. Crit'Air

    There is a YouTube video with a guy about to put his Crit'Air on which is on the right but states 'should not put it above my Umwelt as its on the wrong side and that should be on the left' ???????? Mountains and Molehills comes to mind. As for Left or Right is that looking from outside or inside. My god, wished I had never bothered. Don't normally 'comply' with anything so what was I thinking????
  14. Crit'Air

    Scania I have to say that I was amazed how quickly the whole process took. I got confirmation same day and the actual sticker 4 days later, not a single problem. Today I applied for another Crit'Air for the scooter, I got Cat 2 confirmation & Order No by E Mail within an hour. The only problem I faced was exactly where on the windscreen to put it, official site says lower left, Forums & Websites(YouTube) say lower right so waiting for a printable reply from Crit' Air site as there is a fine if placed wrong. Printed proof should solve any disputes. Regulations, Regulations Regulations..............
  15. Crit'Air

    Nothing too good for my old Lunar Scania, propane it is