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  1. 2 Refillable Bottle LPG Gaslow/Gas-it system

    Try looking at Browse Forums, I,m sure this topic has been covered previously.
  2. Solar Panel Kit

    There are many suppliers on the internet especially E Bay but the most important is the Brand you buy. Decide where you intend to fit it which will give you the size required and what you intend to use it for so you can decide what Amps output is needed. I bought a 120amp Bosch second hand with control panel which easily charges the leisure battery, vehicle battery and heavy duty battery used purely to power the TV (All linked together) Fitting is an easy DIY project with some careful thought on cable entry into van and routing to control panel plus fixing method of panel to roof. Control panel can come with either 1, 2 or 3 output options. Apparently mine was bought new from Maplins?
  3. Hello from Ian & Julie

    Welcome to the Forum, loads of good advice when you work your way through the various forums on this site. If you ever decide on trips to Wales I can help anytime. BRIAN
  4. Calais to alicante

    Newhaven to Dieppe is a good option with DFDS to get you across the channel cheaper than most. Its easier to get advice on stopovers when you know exactly what route you intend to take
  5. Touring Europe

    Hey Valk, you can bank on it. Going to send you a private message.
  6. Winter Blues

    Know which one I would prefer, sorry Gordon
  7. Touring Europe

    Thankfully I do not have any of the issues you mention David, health is excellent and a 12 month 'tour' would not cause me any problems. Part of the trip would be to look at potential properties in Spain looking longer term. Brian
  8. Touring Europe

    Thanks Valkrider, I think that just about answers the 6 month mystery
  9. Touring Europe

    Does seem to be a grey area without official guideance, but I was told that it was possibly a DVLA regulation. I might contact them and ask the AA just to be sure. If my plan does go ahead it would be maybe 2 months in 6 various countries around europe starting soon after a new MOT which for me is March. I do have extensive plans already for 2018 although that could change knowing me so best to get clarification just in case. Thanks for the reply David. Brian
  10. Touring Europe

    Does anyone know the UK rules for taking a vehicle abroad longer than 6 months, I'm told there are vehicle registration problems involved even if you intend to return 12 months after departure. Brian
  11. Changing headlight bulb on B584

    Hi Mike, you could try going online and downloading Workshop/Owners Manuals for your specific vehicle. I often do this for a range of vehicles rather than buying one each time. Brian
  12. Hi from Swindon 😊

    Welcome to the Forum, plenty of help and advice on offer.
  13. Winter Blues

    Well Shropshire managed record snowfall and freezing temperatures last week with 8 inches of the white stuff and minus 13 degrees Personally I hate snow with a passion and we are only slowly getting back to normal but just enough time to catch up this coming week with a few days in West Wales before heading off to Portugal till New Year. Got the MH packed and ready today and hopefully set off Monday morning as milder weather predicted. Merry Christmas to you all Brian
  14. 2017 Blog

    Interesting read David, especially for me Wolverley and North Wales. One being quite local and the other my 'Second Home' If you ever re-visit North Wales let me know as I can suggest some excellent places to visit and parking right by the beach. Brian
  15. Motorhome Tyres

    Bet you don't get invited to many parties Peter