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  1. Campervan, I see that your motorhome is a VW Bay. By pure chance, there was one of those on the site when we were there. It was owned by a guy from Nottingham that apparently makes a living repairing aircooled VW's. As things stand, we are beginning to plan next years trips. Its looking seriously like Switzerland will be visited again on one of them. Even if the terrain there makes the satnav go dolally! Not a problem though.
  2. Is this forum still used?

    I agree with that. This forum is a bit to quiet at times, but still friendlier than others.
  3. Just Ordered New Motorhome

    Congratulations on the intended purchase. Looking at the technical specifications in the link you posted, have they made a misprint? They give the overall cab width, mirrors folded as 2489mm, and the habitation width including markers as 2280mm. In the photos, the habitation part looks to be wider. Not that it takes much, but I'm confused...
  4. New to Motor Homes

    A post I can easily relate to! One of the things with living here is that to go anywhere outside of this country, it always involves using bridges and ferries. Anything over 6 metres/3500kg gets expensive to use on several trips a year. Every PVC we looked at seemed to good for travelling in, but had far too many disadvantages as regards the time it was parked on a site or stellplatz. That was the reason we ended up choosing our Adria. Under 6 metres when travelling, 6,7 when its parked. A payload of over 700kg isnt too shabby either. Having said that.... ...if I was staying in somewhere such as Spain for a longer period, and only going on ferries/bridges once a year, then I too would seriously give consideration to a larger vehicle. Only because of the way it would be used.
  5. Theres an old joke about politicians, which proves the statement many a true word is spoke in jest. It goes "How do you tell if a politician is telling lies?" Answer: "You see their lips moving.!"
  6. Bri, your trips are dependent on what happens after Brexit, ours are dependent on the maut being introduced in Germany. As was said on another thread, our freedom is being eroded.
  7. Some information about the town of Meiringen. It has two claims to fame. The first is that it is where meringues are claimed to have been invented. This is the place to eat them... Being on the main street, Its easy to find. Here is one of the smaller ones… The second claim to fame is that it is where Sherlock Holmes fell to his death whilst struggling with his arch enemy, Professor Moriarty. That event took place at the Reichenbach Falls.... A Funicular Railway can be taken for most of the ascent, the rest being on foot. At the very top is a small restaurant, where a well needed drink can be taken after the final climb. One other thing to do in the town is to visit the Aareschlucht. This is a spectacular natural gorge, well worth visiting. We found the colour of the water running though it amazing. Finally. This is the nearest restaurant to the campsite... Its about 3 or 400 metres away through a small industrial area. In summer, they have live outdoor entertainment. I'm almost ashamed to say that when in there, we ate what were probably the nicest hamburgers we have ever bought. Washed down with good beer, of course!
  8. Quite correct Gordon. It is a cracking country to visit. We found it expensive as well. Its as you wrote, a deep wallet is needed, thats coming from someone that lives in Sweden, which is also an expensive country in some respects.
  9. Interlaken was more or less in the direction the camera was pointing. I suppose the mountain was as well. From what you wrote, it does seem to me that Swiss campsites are kept clean and in good order. Not like the next site I am planning to post about! Before that, there is more to this one. I've not got to the town yet. This is beginning to sound as if we should have a Motorhome Talk gathering!
  10. This is without doubt one of the best Campsites we have ever used. The place is quiet, pitches large, and, as it is surrounded by mountains on all sides, quite spectacular scenery abounds. Facilities for all ages are very good, and comprehensive. The thing that we enjoyed was the laid back atmosphere. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for the owners! As an example, at 19:00 one evening, we asked if there were two buns left from the morning bread service. The answer? There will be in 20 minutes. Sure enough, at 19:20 two fresh buns were ready for us. Apart from covered cooking facilities, there are also several barbeques in a special area. Added to that, there is a small kiosk type thing that serves cooked meals. The family that owns the site also owns the local butchers. As such, the meat is perfect. The chef/cook also takes the greatest care in preparing everything. As usual, food in Switzerland is expensive, but it was well worth the money. Possibly the most negative thing about the site is the fact that it is about a mile or so outside the town. The have covered this by making sure that there is a transport service in. Just get on it outside the site.
  11. There was enough space between the pitches, enough to sit outside on chairs, etc. So that wasnt a problem. I do agree with the comments as regards privacy though. As you so quite rightly wrote, Gordon, adequate space is paramount. It wasn't so much the feeling of claustrophobia that I personally considered a bit of a problem. More the difficulties in leaving the site if my Camper had been larger. As it was I was ok, but I could well imagine that those with 8 metre vehicles would have needed to do some shuffling. All in all though, I would visit this site again.
  12. Thanks for that Gordon. I've never been into the centre at all. The last time that I was in Oxford was one Wednesday in July, 1981. We got a day off because some bloke called Charlie was getting married... Getting back to the Campsite, I thought I would add a couple of photos. First off, the most negative thing about it.... As can be seen, the road between the pitches was narrow, and not helped by the caravans. If anyone does decide to use this site in the future, make sure that you book in advance, mentioning the length of your motorhome. We only realised how important it was to book when on one day, there was a sign saying it was full, and a row of potential guests on the road outside queueing to get in. Booking this way will ensure that you get a suitable pitch for your vehicle. This next photo shows the levellers which I think were the ones they lent out to guests, as well as the (in my opinion) scruffy pitches….
  13. Even if I have been to Oxford, I've never been in the centre. The thought does occur that this proposal is not very well worded, therefore not all that well thought out. Presumably, there are shops, etc. in the centre that rely on regular deliveries. Do the councils really expect that lorries are offloaded outside of the area, and the goods delivered by hand to these places? After all they do state "moving to all vehicle types across the whole city centre." All vehicle types even includes cycles, electric cars and so on...
  14. Thanks for the kind words. Of course, the post was looking at things from my own viewpoint. I could understand that some people might feel uncomfortable with how helpful and friendly the staff were. For me, Freiburg is at least a two day trip. Interesting to read the words "a comfortable distance from Calais." That could mean a single days journey for anyone living in say Kent. As regards emission zones. I'm not sure a lot of people bother to get the sticker anyway. We did, as we did not want to get in trouble, and they dont cost a lot. Having said that, if we had an older vehicle with higher emissions, we would not have been able to enter with one! Being a bit doom and gloom, it does feel as if our freedom is being eroded.
  15. Just done so! I would love it if there was a lot more action on here, so lets hope my thread will generate plenty posts!