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  1. Official Crit'Air UPDATE

    I did realise after I posted that there were a couple of errors. Thanks for pointing them out. I'd estimated the population of London as 10 million, the same as the whole of this country. Quite where I got 190 million from is quite wrong. No problem with being corrected.
  2. Official Crit'Air UPDATE

    The emission zones in London came in about 2008, which was after other countries. Germany had them in 2005, and Sweden started trials in Stockholm in 2006, introducing them in 2007. If the population of London is about 190 million, then thats roughly what it is for the whole of Sweden, yet charges here were introduced earlier. Surely, they should have been introduced in London prior to that. There is something that I read that I find interesting. Air pollution levels here have been measured for many years. I read two reports on different places here, both about 2018. They were Helsingborg, and the capital, Stockholm. The air in Helsingborg is now 50% cleaner than it was in 2008, and in Stockholm, the cleanest it has been since 1968. Yet "greenies" (snotters as I call them) dont think its good enough. Only this morning, I was reading a news report that said the average annual temperature here was rising faster than expected. If the air is cleaner, then how can that be due to pollution? The answer is actually in the past...
  3. Official Crit'Air UPDATE

    Thanks for posting that. I think that you are correct to print it off and take it with you. As yet, I've still not got one to place anywhere. I've just mailed them to find out what has happened to it.
  4. Crit'Air

    They already have! There has been a congestion charge on the motorway that runs through Gothenburg here in Sweden. Its been in force since 2006 if my memory serves me correctly. Even if it could be argued that congestion charges and pollution taxes are not the same by politicians, we sensible people know different. Its the same in Germany. Back in 2005(?) they introduced what they call a "maut" (= toll) for lorries on the autobahns. It was predicted that the charges would bring in €3 billion annually. This proved to be more or less true, as a check after the first six months showed that €1,4 billion was generated. Then, as lorries became more environmentally friendly, the annual income started to drop slowly. So, what did they do? Introduce the maut on "bundestrasse" for vehicles over 7,5 tons. Now, as incomes fall again, history is going to repeat itself as the autobahn maut is to be introduced on all vehicles. The last I heard was that it will come into force on January 1st., 2020. Things may change though. Theres also a proposal before the german government to put a 130kmh speed limit on the autobahn to reduce pollution. If they really want to reduce pollution, then they should do something about the endless "stau" that occur. Bri, I posted just as you did. To answer your post, of course all german cars are pollution free. VW diesels are a good example!
  5. Crit'Air

    You are correct to do that. The video posted by Valkrider was the same one that I saw on the official site. I did notice that they placed it above another sticker. Surely they could not complain if it was posted above an umwelt one? If they did, I have the worlds finest excuse... I wonder what they will say if one is not fixed on the screen because, as in my case, it has not arrived? According to the website, mine is still being processed after all this time. I'll give it another few days, then teach them some new Swedish words!
  6. Crit'Air

    Hmm, beginning to wonder if mine has not got lost in the post...ordered on the 21st., confirmed on the 22nd., still not here. I dont like regulations....when I looked, the video showed it as being lower right. My thoughts were to put it above the "umwelt" that is already lower right, now, I'm not to sure.
  7. Crit'Air

    Its not generally known outside of the US (or should that be U/S? ) but propane injection is sometimes used on pre-common rail turbo diesel engines to increase power and lower emissions. Back to crit'airs. I'm patiently waiting for mine to arrive. Its well over two weeks now. bikerbri, did yours take more or less time than that?
  8. Crit'Air

    I did exactly the same thing when I ordered mine. I have a suspicion that many others do the same. Dont forget that diesels like a touch of propane to go with their cake. Not LPG though, it makes them sick!
  9. Crit'Air

    Now having decided where this years main holidays will be, I will be ordering a Crit'Air myself. Looking online, I did notice the amount of scam sites selling them. One site in particular was asking very roughly 8 (eight!) times the correct price, but did include the Green-Zones app. Which is actually free! bikerbri, the app does tell you both when and where, so it should answer your questions. As a little aside, its looking likely that an extra sticker will be needed for those of us travelling to Germany with a diesel vehicle in 2020/21. If things continue at this rate, all the stickers needed will soon stop us going anywhere! We'll not be able to see out of the windscreen!
  10. Crit'Air

    I'm a little bit shaky on this, but as I understand things, there is a free App that tells where and when the zones apply. As I understand things, Cat5 vehicles are already permanently banned from Paris, (between 08:00 Monday and 20:00 Friday? ) and other cities are due to follow suit.
  11. Best of Both

    !25's have another advantage for those travelling to Italy. From what I am told by my Italian friends, they are the biggest bikes allowed to enter the centre of Italian cities.
  12. France 2019

    Dont worry, hidden under the smoke screen that is being put up in Westminster at present, legislation was altered to open the door for electricity to be taxed at the same levels as petrol and diesel. As most on here are probably aware, there are proposals to ban new vehicles that use fossil fuels of all kinds.
  13. Best of Both

    I was hoping that it was a 125 you had! I've been thinking about getting one of them for pottering about on in the warmer weather here, so would have found comments about one informative. My house is several miles from the nearest shop, so a small bike with some kind of luggage capacity could be a good idea. That 15 minute trip to them has, for some reason, turned into a several hour one if I use the Triumph, and thats not because it breaks down!
  14. Adria Compact, first impressions

    I dont see a problem either, its just that our equivalent of your MoT testers do! I might explain our system if anyone is interested. You lot dont know how lucky you are!
  15. Best of Both

    Better not tell you how bad my day was then! Right now, I cant see my Camper for snow! bikerbri: which kind of scooter do you take with you?