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  1. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Its a good place to visit in Summer. Especially June for the Midsummer celebrations. Thats the one day of the year when pole dancing and pretending to be a frog whilst doing it is considered absolutely normal behaviour. Crayfish parties in August are good as well.
  2. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    I would need to think about that one, but, offhand, all I can think of are the after effects of eating pea soup... The climate does affect things, thats true. Sweden is a relatively big country. To give an idea of the size. most on here have probably been to France. The distance from the north to the south of that country is roughly 2/3 of the distance from the north to south of Sweden. During winter, its not uncommon to see a temperature difference of 40 or 50 degrees Centigrade! Obviously, this makes for a huge difference in weather conditions. Yesterday, in the south, it is Spring. In the north, they have several metres of snow! If anyone is interested, I could link to some weather photos that are taken on a daily basis Monday to Friday. Of course, the bad weather means that we have to be prepared. Thats done in a rather unusual way. Main roads are cleared of snow by our equivalent of the Highways Agency. Generally, they do a good job. Other roads, roughly 85% in this region, are semi-private and maintained by "Road Associations." Things such as ploughing snow, laying asphalt, levelling gravel roads and everything else connected to them are completed by these RA's. Even if it may seem alien to others, it works really well! Here in the village, it also provides an extra income for the farmers in Winter.
  3. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Good to read that you are ok bikerbri. Your weekend trip will be just a few days before my first of the season. That will be Thursday to Monday next week. Gordon: You make a good point about wasting resources. Having said that, I'm one of those that does only use it in Summer. Although my Camper is winterised, I'm too tight fisted to buy a set of winter wheels and tyres which are required by law over here for the cold season. The same are not allowed in summer, so, that means two sets of wheels. When winter tyres older than six years are illegal, and summer tyres over ten years, things get expensive.
  4. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    That statement genuinely surprises me. My reasoning being that Easter is the traditional start to the season here. As our climate is worse than the UK's, then my expectations would have been the season there starts about March 1st. My first trip, which will be over Easter is planned, as is one in June. More about those later. Does anyone know if bikerbri is ok? I've not seen him on here for a while.
  5. First Trip Away

    klyne, I dont have the app either. Just the panel. The reason I guessed was because I too found it unnecessarily complicated in comparison to the older Truma system that I had in my previous Camper. It took me a while to get used as well.
  6. First Trip Away

    Truma iNet by any chance? I had the same problem if it is.
  7. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    If by "automatic" is meant the Fiat Comfortmatic box, then they have three modes. Fully automatic, Semi-automatic, and manual. At least, they do according to Fiat! Fully automatic is just that. Put it into gear, and it changes like a normal auto box. Semi-auto means that its still auto, but a gear change can be made whenever, such as if climbing hills. Manual mode is what I used to call a "Slapstick." Meaning, the gears can be changed at will, but they are not done automatically. I've only ever driven one, the only thing I didnt like was the slow gear change. Mind you, I'm used to the best automatic ever made, but I admit to being biased!....
  8. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Congratulations on your purchase. May you have many happy miles with it.
  9. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Just a thought. Would it be easy enough for you to climb up to a pull down bed given the health problems you mentioned previously? I had enough problems with the cabover bed on my previous motorhome. That was 5,3 metres long, incidentally. Even if it did not have a full width wc/shower, there was enough room for me, and I'm not exactly a tiddler…
  10. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Gordon, thanks for posting that. I enjoyed reading it. As you know, I travel out of this country into Europe on a regular basis. Based on this, I'd like to add these comments. In regards to carpets. Here, there are considered to be a cause of allergies from dust, etc that they collect. Especially here in Sweden, its not even common to have carpets in the home for this reason. Added to that, many newer motorhomes, such as my Adria have underfloor heating. Carpeting would negate the effects of this by adding insulation. Grilles are a different kettle of fish. Here at least, grilled food is considered to be unhealthy. It is as you so rightly say, Here we tend to live more outside the vehicle, so have less need for gadgets.
  11. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    I agree. Nobody is perfect,, we all make mistakes. So we can forgive his inaccuracies. Given his experience, the one surprised me was his comment in regards to refrigerators. As advantage 8 for caravans, he stated something to the effect that they have three way fridges that run on battery power, mains or LPG, and campervans have compressor fridges. PVC's that I've seen here usually have 3 way fridges, not compressor ones. A while ago, someone on here mentioned that one big difference between European and British vehicles was that Motorhomes from Europe usually had garages, whereas they were uncommon in UK vehicles. If we assume that Andrew is correct as regards fridges, does that mean there are other big differences between motorhomes/PVC's/etc. depending on where they are built, and for which markets?
  12. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Interesting video. Who is this guy that presented it? He did make a couple of faulty statements by my way of thinking.
  13. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    I see what you mean in regards to parking! I was thinking you meant reversing onto pitches, things like that. My own Camper is 6 metres long when travelling, and 6,7 when parked. Its also quite narrow. Parking it on public car parks here is no problem. How it is in the UK I cannot say. One of the others will be along soon and give better advice in regards to UK parking. A max length of 6 metres here is ideal, as it travels on ferries at car prices. Very handy if ferries are used a lot.
  14. Back on Motorhome Topics

    One thing is certain. A drop of meths in tea makes it taste better than a drop of some of the vodka they have here in it!
  15. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Muddywheels welcome to the forum! Parking a 6 metre vehicle is something that you will quickly get used to, so therefore, not much of a problem. What kind of things do you intend using the new vehicle for? Local trips? Foreign trips? Long stay? short stay?