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  1. Tony, same as you. Started the van first time since putting battery back on after charging, and yahaaay it started first time and still reading 12.7v. Think/hope that it maybe ok....... thanks for all the comments Jackie
  2. The battery is on a 4 year old van, as far as I know nothing to drain it, no alarm etc. The van hasn't been started since last October, but normally we only start it in the new year, and always ok. Probably pushing it abit?. Unfortunately it is stored on the road, so cannot hook up to electric. Like you've said think I will see how it goes, start it up every few days, keep an eye on it. If looks like the voltage is dropping, I'll probably replace it. It's MOT is due early March, so will be all ready for the new season, especially if it has to have a new battery. Thanks Jackie
  3. Hi, last week went to the van, blipped it with the key, nothing. Undid it manually, entered van, totally flat engine battery. Ah, me thinks, that's ok, I'll run a cable to the cab, connect my trickle/battery conditioner to it and all in the world will be good again.? No. The handle for the bonnet release is on the passenger door side, and I couldn't get in that side as no lock and you cannot open door from inside as it is dead locked.? Then I remember reading something about the battery being under the floor passenger side, hey presto, there it is. But totally flat and reading 4.5v. So I remove the battery, take it indoors, hook it up to my 3 stage charger? No. It's saying it's a 6v battery. So me thinks, if I can charge it on a normal charger to above 7.5v, it might just work. Well, after 3 days of charging via the trickle charger, it went green, so unplugged it and 2 days later still holding a charge of 12.8v. Put it on the van and it started straight away.??? But is it safe to assume that it's going to be ok, or will it let me down in the midst of nowhere?? All answers will be appreciated Jackie
  4. So, I take my almost 3 year old Bailey to a local Peugeot garage for the mot. The service guy comes out with a bulb in his hand, from one of the top rear marker lights, and says "it's passed but only because we've replaced this bulb otherwise it would have failed", thanks says I. I then go to pay..........78p for the bulb and £8.20 for the labour to fit it, and I've got to reseal around the light as its now loose. Oh well, at least it has a mot for the next year
  5. I prefer bath towel size approx. 120x60cm. I try to go for the microfibre that feels more like cotton than synthetic. Price doesn't always reflect quality in microfibre towels unfortunately. I recently purchased some from eBay, they were called Sunland gym towels £6.48 each
  6. We always use microfibre towels, especially in the motorhome. Lightweight and easy to dry. Trouble is finding good ones. By good ones I mean the ones that dry you, as opposed to just pushing water around you. My originals came from Dunelm but they no longer stock them. I did buy some from eBay, no make, very good and recently (last October) bought some from Go Outdoors. They did stock 2 sizes.
  7. Sorry for belated response. I'll have a look under the sink. Many thanks Jackie
  8. Ok, the manual says a filter, maybe it's just the grit filter then. Thanks for the reply Jackie
  9. Hi, I have a 2013 Bailey approach 625. My question is, how do you replace the water filter, if it has one? I can see it has a " grit " filter which requires cleaning. The water system is whale, or should I be looking towards the boiler system which is truma?. Thanks in advance Jackie
  10. Well, I've just had the motorhome habitation service done by Michael at caravan medic East anglia (mobile service). Polite friendly service costing £130. All good, another year worry free.
  11. Thanks Tony, I have used Andrew at Top cat, but didn't really like leaving the motor home there for 2 days. It was a reasonable price for the Hab check. Ideally would like someone to come to me so I can keep an eye on my pride and joy
  12. Many thanks for the contacts, used hitch point before for a winding heki which would not wind down tight and lift whilst driving, £150 for 3 hours work and still didn't fix it. He just said you need a new one, this was on a 5 yr old van. Still you live and learn, but will not use them again. Also Birchwood came out to the heki as well measured up for a new one and a leaking tap. Still waiting 2 years on for him " to get back to me".. As I said you live and learn.. But, still thanks for the reply
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a mobile habitation check. In the Ipswich area, if you've used them and recommend them and approx cost. Many thanks
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