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  1. Air Suspension

    Just a update . Had VB rear semi air suspension fitted with the comfort pack with the air compressor under the driver's seat and the controls and gauges in the dash so the rear can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button . The ride has been improved by less movement passing lorries and less lean at roundabouts and in wind on site . The rear can now be raised a good 6 inches so gives good clearance under my towbar on ramps . Fitted cost about £1000 by Solar solutions (airide) . http://www.solarsolutionsltd.co.uk Dave
  2. A-Frames

    I have read that police don't take the fact you are only driving during daylight notto fit deflectors as it is a requirement that headlights are used under some driving conditions during daylight . If think we will see a increase of stopping and fining after March when we part company . Dave
  3. Air Suspension

    Price will vary on the type of system if just a couple of air bags fitted to the rear and the piping brought to a foot well area and a couple of valves to pressure the system or cost more if the system has a control system and gauges and 12 v compressor fitted . Basic system is a few hundred quid . With a overhang and towbar I would like to be able lift the rear on occasion. Dave
  4. Alloys or Not?

    I use tyremen when buying spare wheels for my motorhome . They are very helpful and supplied with new bolts . https://www.tyremen.co.uk/motorhome-wheels Dave
  5. Need Advice

    What about these ? http://www.yoremorques.fr/public/
  6. Euro 6 Engine Oil for Fiats

    This Australia video shows Selenia WR 5W - 40 . Dave
  7. Towing a car in France

    Reports on other forums of 135 euro fine so it would need to be illegal for a police fine Not worth the risk I would save the money on a A frame and vehicle conversions and go for the trailer . Dave
  8. Towing a car in France

    Something I have found is the motorhome insurance on some companies actually state they do not cover a car being towed on a A frame for third party liability but will on a trailer . Not covering for third party liability is illegal by a vehicles insurance on a trailer but not of it is declared and having third party liability insurance is a legal requirement so unless you get third party liability cover for the car which is now a trailer you are illegally on the road and if you damage anyone's property you would need deep pockets . I could see a load of legal arguments if you caused damage on a A frame . Towing on a trailer is so much easier . Dave