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  1. Need Advice

    What about these ? http://www.yoremorques.fr/public/
  2. Euro 6 Engine Oil for Fiats

    This Australia video shows Selenia WR 5W - 40 . Dave
  3. Towing a car in France

    Reports on other forums of 135 euro fine so it would need to be illegal for a police fine Not worth the risk I would save the money on a A frame and vehicle conversions and go for the trailer . Dave
  4. Towing a car in France

    Something I have found is the motorhome insurance on some companies actually state they do not cover a car being towed on a A frame for third party liability but will on a trailer . Not covering for third party liability is illegal by a vehicles insurance on a trailer but not of it is declared and having third party liability insurance is a legal requirement so unless you get third party liability cover for the car which is now a trailer you are illegally on the road and if you damage anyone's property you would need deep pockets . I could see a load of legal arguments if you caused damage on a A frame . Towing on a trailer is so much easier . Dave