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    Dont know the definitive answer Bri, but I was talking to an Irish chap last week on an Aires at Calatayud. He said he had sold up every thing a few years back and was traveling all over Europe in his tag axled Hymer but he returned to the UK once a year for an MOT. I cant see him doing that if there was anyway around it. Hopefully someone else may know of a way. Mike just back in France (Bidart).
  2. You could still enter on your scooter. We are moving on tomoŕrow from Plasencia to Avila so may not be able to get onto the Internet. PS there isn't any Electric on the Aires just water and waste so if you need a EHU best go to a Campsite. Mike
  3. The traffic was busier morning and evening, probably due to Spanish workers entering and leaving Gib. We didnt see any queues. We crossed into Gib about 10am on a Saturday traffic (foot and Vehicular) was very light and free flowing. The Spanish checked our Passports on the way in but there wasnt any checks on the way out. You may get delayed if there is a Plane due in or out of the Airport, for anyone that doesnt know, after going through Passport Control and Customs you have to cross the Runway to get into Gib. Also Gib uses £'s not €'s so remember to take some with you. Have a good trip Bri Forgot to say, we had never seen so many Scooters as on Gib, they even have special parking places for Scooters only, so you should be fine. If your going to use the Aires at the Marina (very close to the Border Crossing), I would recommend this video -
  4. We crossed into Gibraltar on foot for the day on 21st April, no hold ups what so ever. Stock up at Morrisons, we only bought 1 pack of Yorky Pudds, should have got more :o)
  5. Check if your Insurance would increase if your fitting them. Mike
  6. Touring Spain for a couple of months David. Haze wants to see some of the Roman remains there, I just want somewhere warmer. Mike
  7. Like David, we have mainly used Black Horse Farm (will be there on 14th March ready for the Train over on the 15th). We have also used Canterbury Park & Ride Motorhome Aires.( https://www.canterbury.gov.uk/directory_record/1862/new_dover_road_park_and_ride_canterbury ) Mike
  8. We are off this weekend to Southport. Hope to get another weekend in before Christmas. Mike
  9. We normally only go abroad for 3 weeks at a time, so I have only had to "Top Up" the cylinders once in France. We did it at a Motorway service station, most motorway service stations seem to sell GPL (as they call it) no problem at all, though it is more expensive. Most people who have had problems have the Filler inside the gas locker.
  10. We bought our Gaslow items from this place - https://gasproducts.co.uk/caravan-marine/gaslow-refillable-gas-cylinder-systems.html at the time they were the cheapest. We started with an 11kg "Cylinder1" then later added a "Cylinder2". Its a lot cheaper than using Calor Gas (in the UK).
  11. My first experience of Motorhoming was in my dads Thames. Photo is a 'grab' from an old Cine Film of it. The wife and I bought an old Commer Caravanette not long after we married 40 years ago, we went all over the country in it. Saddly it rotted to bits after a few years. We then moved over to Caravans until about 3 years ago when we bought the Elnagh. Sorry to post this here but Scania talking about the Ford Thames set me off.
  12. EU number Plate or GB sticker. Headlight Beam Benders, Warning Triangle, High Vis Vest for all, to be put on BEFORE exiting the car if you breakdown. Spare Bulbs, Spares Glasses. First Aid Kit, EU breakdown cover. E111 Health card Breathalysers NOT required. All the Aires Books for France from Vicarious Books I also use this site and App - http://www.campercontact.com/en/ Fee Free Credit Card can be Handy (We use Saga)
  13. Trooper


    You will need adaptors in Europe. Different countries have different adaptors, so it depending on which countries you intend to visit. Or like us you can buy a kit like these - http://www.gasit.co.uk/gas-it-3-part-european-fill-point-adapter-kit.html
  14. Trooper


    I have a Gaslow system (2x 11kg) with an External filler, never had any problems refilling. I have heard of some people with Internal filling points having problems but not many.
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