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  1. Gordon - will give them a try Finally had a call back from a Scorpion installer - Sigma 32 £400 fitted if I go to them (Durham) and £550 if they come to me E.Yorks Further reading makes me wonder if a seperate system might be advisable - the Sigma links to Fiat remote so possible to disable everything easier than 2 separate remotes/systems
  2. I have seen them recommended a few times now👍 They are a long way to go for me and if I need follow up service - looking for someone local if possible🤔 I have now sent 3 email enquiries for details/quotes and so far nobody has responded🙄
  3. I know what you mean Gordon - this is why I am more interested in a system that alerts me. There is a company nr me that fit an alarm called Outsmart the Thief - they claim if triggered it sends a message to them and they contact you to check everything is ok. It doesn't appear to have a Thatcham rating though so at the moment I'm looking for one that does According to the Swift Command booklet an alarm can be interconnected to send alerts - this is what I want. On a side note according to the Swift Tracker handbook - I am gobsmacked - what is the point of a tracker if not to track a stolen vehicle
  4. Picking up a 2019 Swift Bessacarr end off this month and concerned it doesn't have an alarm fitted Doing some research it appears that Scorpion Sigma S32 is Thatcham approved for Cat 2-1 upgrade and on that basis I am considering this Would appreciate advice from peeps who have already been in my position - in particular can anyone recommend this or something else and can they be linked to Swift Command so I receive an alert if triggered - according to pg40 of the handbook this appears feasible Cheers Paul
  5. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Just an update folks - managed to get my deposit back on the 2018 B524 and today I placed a deposit on a 2019 Bessacarr Hi-Style Special Ed 560 Lounge Automatic - looking forward to delivery end of April/beginning of May @ 7.1m bit longer than I originally planned but after viewing loads we feel this is the best layout/length for our needs - Hi-Style includes 150 bhp engine, leather steering wheel, sat nav, Duo comfort changeover, ext BBQ point, ext shower point, ext 240v socket and Lux pack so should very nice spec! Can't wait......
  6. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Cheers klyne I am looking for Fiat auto and thought it was full auto - if it's not I may have to rethink this ☹
  7. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    I am sad to post following a letter from consultant regarding ongoing medical issue I've cancelled purchase of Bessie 😭 I admit I already had concerns about it being a manual with my leg issue so now decided to look for an auto instead although these appear rare as hens teeth 🤔 It looks like I will have to up my budget for an auto and think we'll hire something first to make sure everything is as good as we hope it is before taking the plunge🤞
  8. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Yes drop down bed is in the front hump👍
  9. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

  10. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Deal done on Bessacarr 524 - collection beginning of April
  11. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    We always remove carpets because of dog and store them for next owner so they're like new
  12. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    The model we looked at bed looks to pulls down low enough to not need ladder provided nobody is making up lounge bed below which they won't be as only 2 of us🤞
  13. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    I'm looking at pull down bed model as it's really compact (6m) but still give full width wc with seperate shower at rear - have previously owned twin axle caravans with island beds but then had to pay for storage - motorhomes with island beds are too big for my drive and would need to tow a car for getting around when away ☹
  14. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    I'm on mobile now but will take a look on laptop later at home
  15. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Thanks Klyne 👍 2 years ago l thought I was pretty fit apart from a back problem I could manage - cycling, kayaking, long walks with the dog, etc Christmas 2017 pain in groin diagnosed as a hernia which needed surgery and gone downhill since then Now left leg/hip/groin aches practically all the time, right knee is clicking/painful and generally all joints are hurting at different times - today it's left knee and right shoulder Been round in circles with medical experts - latest opinions are vitamin D deficiency, probably osteoarthritis and bursitis but awaiting more tests So my plan is to slow down pace of life and return to touring again in the hope I will see some health benefits especially if we can get abroad for winter sun Park and ride should be useful in busy areas but we are happier in the countryside where 6m should be practical 🤞