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  1. A-Frames

    Whilst I do use the correct signal board on the back of the motorhome if I have the bikes I don't use beam deflectors. There is no requirement by law to do so only that you must not dazzle oncoming traffic. I don't drive at night but recognise that there will be times when lights are require in daylight hours. I set my lights to the lowest setting to the road.I have travelled through quite a few two way tunnels in Austria without my lights apparently upsetting oncoming traffic. David
  2. Exchange gas bottle are a problem as the only truly international one is Camping Gaz which is very expensive. Having said that we find that if both cylinders are full we can manage for a couple of months providing we have electricity. David
  3. Using 'Archies' in Europe

    Brian Don't know what sat nav you are using but you do have to change the country first, then it should show POI's for that country. David
  4. Thanks Scania We use one 6kgs lightweight steel and one 10kgs fibreglass( BP Light as was) both are of the exchange variety. Refillable cylinders are getting increasingly popular in the UK just as many filling stations are getting rid of LPG pumps! I think I have read about the six metre length being the most economic on bridges etc. I suspect a lot of caravanners who swap to a motorhome try to replicate the space they had in their last caravan and at a later date realise that perhaps smaller would have been more convenient? David
  5. Hi Scania I hate to ask this as it's probably blaringly obvious but what are P11's? Suffering from brain fade at the moment!!! As to size we have, since buying our Bailey, thought that a smaller motorhome would be better for us. Our problem is that recently we have had a lot of fairly minor (fortunately) medical conditions which have been time consumer which has prevented us going away more, ie to Europe. We are both in our very early seventies and we are not sure that we would get value for money by changing at the moment. We like the space but don't feel comfortable taking it out and about where as a motorhome the size you have would be ideal for that. When people ask on forums what I would recommend I always suggest they consider the size and how they are going to use it. David
  6. Spanish Trip

    Brian It sounds like an interesting, and busy, trip David
  7. A-Frames

    I know this can be a subject of interest to motorhomers. The Department of Transport have updated their views on using such devices. Details can be found here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/a-frames-and-dollies/a-frames-and-dollies It doesn't really change anything as far as the UK is concerned but at least they seem to be recognised by D of T. If using one abroad you need to do your homework as there seems very few countries with the enlightened view of the UK! David
  8. I think with the water/waste it is more of a problem when you use your own facilities which we like to do. If you use site showers the requirement to fill up and empty might only be required every 3/4 days. David
  9. Lots of things really. I think that in the latter years of our caravanning we were using it a bit like a motorhome anyway in that we tended to leave the car on site and use public transport or walk or cycle. Although I think the main game changer was our concern about getting the caravan out of the back garden and having room to hitch up. Now we can just drive out and park somewhere. I also think we were also getting fed up with all the checks, towball security, noseweight, wheel nut torque and the list goes on. Now we can arrive on site and have the kettle on almost immediately we arrive at our pitch. We don't take our motorhome off site once we arrive but I do research sites for access to public transport. Gone are the days when we arrive at a remote campsite. My Blog here http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/motorhome_blog.html gives a bit more info on the decision to change. David
  10. Welcome to Motorhome Talk. Can't help with the Chausson unfortunately. We changed to a motorhome five years ago having caravanned for about 30 years. Don't think we will be going back. David
  11. Oxford C&CC Site

    Just had a weekend trip to the Caravan and Camping site at Oxford. Was a bit concerned that it only had grass pitches but it is well managed and the pitches were quite firm. Apparently in very bad weather and over winter they park motorhomes on the site roads. There were a lot of motorhomes there which is not surprising given its convenience to the City Centre. The really fit could walk as its probably less than 2 miles. But if you want to conserve your energy for sight seeing take the bus from outside the campsite or walk across the road to the Park and Ride where the buses are a bit more frequent. Site report and pictures here http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/Oxford_CCC_Site.html
  12. Curiosity

    Surely the problem is that you can't get a UK MOT elsewhere as each country have their own tests and durations. I think it quite common in Europe to have two year intervals between MOT's Obviously if you had a new vehicle it wouldn't need an MOT for three years. Depending on how far you were intending to travel quite easy to return to the UK for the test as its likely that you might also have other business to attend to or family to catch up with. You can also get an MOT up to month early so that would extend the period to thirteen months. Have a look at this link and about halfway down there is a response from the DVLA https://vandogtraveller.com/forum/living-and-travelling-in-a-van/long-term-travelling-(whaddya-do-about)/ David
  13. Great Upgrade

    I think they are between a Rock and hard place at the moment over Brexit David
  14. Great Upgrade

    Brian It looks very good you must be pleased. Good to see the photos. David
  15. Jan £1600 doesn't seem too bad if its fully fitted. I admire Brian for being able to fit his own but I think I am a bit beyond that and I and not sure I have the technical skills either. We were thinking about changing to one of the new Advance range so we got a smaller motorhome but I don't think we are using it enough to warrant changing and the extra expense. We will need a new set of tyres in the next year so that will be the first priority. I do like the idea of a more cushioned ride as like you we do find the ride on the harsh side. Its not so bad on good road surfaces but there don't seem so many of those around these days!!! I will have a look at the AS website. David