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  1. The problem is that A-Frames are not really legal anywhere (because they have not been type approved) so I expect that is why you can't play that its legal in the UK card because its not! The UK authorities are happy to tolerate A-Frames but they have no legal standing so other countries are free to apply their own rules. Another way of looking at it is that if you are touring do you really need the bother of towing a car? If you are long staying at the same site in either Spain or Portugal I am sure you could hire a car as and when? David
  2. klyne

    waste water

    Not sure about the legality but its not a very friendly thing to do. Was it coming out in some volume, can't quite see from the photo? The reason I ask is that I have noticed some people that have been to the motorhome service point leave their tap open which would cause an intermittent amount of water to exit the tap as it rolls around in the bottom of the tank. Still inconsiderate though. Rather interestingly I was reading in a very authoritative and popular motorhome magazine that in order to completely empty the waste tank during winter they advised leaving the tap open in order to get rid on all the waste water. Unnecessary in my view. David
  3. If they were all like the Fussen one I would be more than happy to use the. We had intended to stay at another one near Heidelberg but when we got there it was full so we carried on to a campsite we had used before about 20 miles away. If you ever get to Austria and want to visit Graz this camperstop is worth considering, really excellent facilities, It was previously a campsite. http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/stellplatz_graz.html David
  4. I have only ever stayed on one Stellplatz in Germany and that was in Fussen http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/fussen_camperstop.html David
  5. Congratulations on your new motorhome. I hope you have many years of enjoyment from it. Always amazes me that you spend £50000 -/+ for a motorhome and the dealer can't provide a full tank of fuel! Happened to us as well!!! David
  6. On my last motorhome I had a Strikeback alarm fitted by VanBitz in Taunton and have arranged to have the same fitted to my new motorhome. They are specialists in fitting motorhome alarms. Never experienced them going off when they shouldn't! David
  7. Scania Yes it is, although I don't have the App as you have to have some means of wifi as I understand it. Its not a big problem, we are about to have a new heating boiler installed at home which will have Hive which is similar to iNet, might get used to that first!!! David
  8. A week ago we set off on our first trip with our new motorhome. We only went to Moreton in Marsh which is about 50 miles from MK. Since picking up the new Alliance 66-2 on 8th March we have spent the time trying to load what we need back into the new van. The new van is very different as we have moved from a fixed bed to two single berths. That actually worked out better than we thought and the process of setting up and un setting up did not prove to be that time consuming. We now have Truma heating which is programmable although I have not quite worked out how that works. However I was more confident about leaving the heating on over night. We can no longer use an Aquaroll to replenish the internal water tank but a 10 litre watering can seems, if anything, more convenient. We were only away for three nights so we probably need a longer stay away to really get used to things but so far so good!!! David
  9. Muddywheels Sorry you have reached this point but I do have sympathy for you. The motorhome you have chosen could be obtained with an automatic gearbox of sorts. The Fiat range have an auto version which is basically an automatic clutch. If you want a full auto you might have to look to a Mercedes based motorhome, although I think autos are available in Renault form but the problem is finding a model layout that suits. Good luck if you continue to search for the right motorhome. David
  10. Do you have slip mats? The problem often with muddy conditions is just getting going so the mats help you get a bit of momentum. We were on a Municipal site in eastern France a few years ago and it had been very wet. We chose our pitch very carefully so as not to be too far of the road and with the slip mats it all worked out well. Can't say that for a lot of fellow motorhomers, some of them just don't give any thought about how they are going to get off the pitch! There was a Swiss guy with quite a modest car who seemed to enjoy pulling people off the grass. On the same site there was a motorhome pitched just behind us. There was hardly a blade of grass on this pitch and it was wet and muddy. And yet the owner went off site every day with no bother what so ever! David
  11. Brian When we visited Duxford we stayed at the C&CC site in Cambridge as there was a Sunday bus service from opposite the Waitrose at Trumpington. If you intend to take your motorhome then either site would be OK. We quite like the C&CC site but it is not open all year and the bus service is not as good. There is a wonderful Garden Centre within walking distance of the C&CC site. http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/cambridge_ccc_site.html David
  12. Some PVC's have compressor fridges but they are generally smaller than those fitted in caravans and larger motorhomes. David
  13. We were lucky enough to be away during those four warm days at the end of February. This was our first trip out in 2019 and our last trip in our old motorhome. We stayed at the CMC site in Cambridge called Cherry Hinton. It is very convenient for motorhomers as 400 metres away is a bus stop with services every 10 minutes into the City Centre. Also about the same distance from the site is a pub going reasonable food. So much to do and see in Cambridge. On this trip we visited the Botanic Gardens and walked along the "Backs" although the latter is not as straightforward as we first thought because some of the Colleges you can't get into. Site report here http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/cherry_hinton_cmc_site.html David
  14. Muddywheels Don't wise to pry but how limiting is your walking ability? I ask as there are many sites in the UK which are near to towns/villages or bus routes and trains. Even a 6m motorhome might be an issue in some places in terms of parking. We always look for places near to a bus stop or easy walking and occasionally use a local taxi. My left knee is pretty shot but I can fortunately walk a reasonable distance if I rest now and them. A coffee stop usually helps On my website I have a series of campsite reviews and those that might be more suitable to motorhomers are listed with the little motorhome icon, have a look here David
  15. Gordon The grab handle is actually a Milenco version. We couldn't have the Fiamma one like we had on our last van as it would have bolted through into the shower!!! The Milenco one fastens to the door pillar but had to be machined down a bit so that it would fit. The Bailey 740 did just under 21000 miles in the six years we had it. David
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