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  1. Alloys or Not?

    Thanks Neil I notice you are not using locking wheel nuts, is that on the cards or don't you think it necessary? My model doesn't have the inbuilt TPMS system and as my tyres will need replacing I shall do the job in one go. Not sure how I shall change the wheels over. Take it to a garage or DIY with my son's help? What, if anything are you going to do with the old rims? Might be a few over on the Bailey Motorhome Owners Facebook group who might need a spare. As an aside I tried to clean my rims today. They look a bit better but there seems quite a lot of surface corrosion. David
  2. Alloys or Not?

    They look so much better than the steel rims, thanks for posting the pictures. Did you just have the rims or tyres and rims? Your 740 is much newer than mine so I imagine they are the original tyres? David
  3. Alloys or Not?

    Yes that was the website I have been looking at as they do the complete service of rims and tyres and they actually work out a bit cheaper on the tyre side. Fence man has been and his price is just a little more reasonable than I thought it would be so may only delay new wheels by a month!!! David
  4. Alloys or Not?

    Scania Thanks for that. On balance I think I would go for the alloys as I reckon I can get a set of four, complete with new Michelin tyres, for about a £1000. The rims would be TUV approved. The fence man is coming tomorrow so that might cause a slight delay!!! I built the original but I just think I am too old or lack the enthusiasm, to do it my self!!! David
  5. Alloys or Not?

    The van goes in for service in a weeks time so my usual routine is to remove the wheel covers and the TyrePal sensors. I did that today and noticed the steel rims were even worse. Scania, I am not sure where I would get the rims done as you suggest? I assume the tyres would have to be removed to enable that task. All that adds up in terms of cost and could go towards the cost of the alloys. I may delay my decision a while as I have just discovered that the fence between my garden and the road looks as if it will need replacing so one big bill at a time!!! David
  6. Alloys or Not?

    Mike I have just renewed my insurance with the CMC and they said they don't need to be informed. David
  7. Alloys or Not?

    The Michelin tyres on my Bailey are five years old this year so at some stage they are likely to need to be changed, not through wear but through age. It would be an opportunity to change to alloy wheels as it would get rid of the need to have wheel covers and rims that rust. As I have a Tyrepal it would be easier to adjust the pressures as at the moment I have to remove the wheel covers. Any thoughts? David
  8. Channel Tunnel

    We have only been to Spain a couple of times with the Caravan, not yet been with the motorhome. When we were on a cruise we called into Cadiz which was rather nice. We tend to get drawn to Germany/Austria/ Italy. Have a good time. David
  9. Channel Tunnel

    Where are you off to Mike? David
  10. Channel Tunnel

    We always stay at Black Horse Farm CMC site at Densole near Folkestone and its only about 10 minutes from the Tunnel. I am not sure if this is still the case but the CMC used to insist that you arrive before 8.00pm but this might have changed. There is a service station at junction eight on the M20 with caravan/motorhome bays but it would be a bit of a risk as you get all sorts parking in those bays. The T&C's of the Tunnel do instruct you not to turn up more than two hours early. If you turned up overnight I am not sure there would be any manned booths as most crossings are through automatic barriers with number plate recognition. They do have a big parking area and I wonder if it would be worth ringing Customer Services to get their take on arriving early and using the car park. David
  11. New Bailey Advance Range

    Went to the NEC today. Had a look at the new, improved Bailey Advance range which was launched at the show. This is Bailey's entry range. Certainly a big improvement over the original Advance range both cosmetically and equipment wise. The Whale heater/hot water system has been replaced by a programmable Truma Combi unit. There is a front over cab sky light. The general internal appearance looks a bit more upmarket. Prices start at £455000. David
  12. Spanish Horizon

    Brian It looks as if you are all set. These days we seem to plan everything at the last minute. Would love to go back to Italy this year but who knows. David
  13. Trip to Scandinavian countries

    It's still a long way south but perhaps Harwich - Hook of Holland might offer better value and there are often deals on that route although most of them seem centred around caravans going free so not so sure what us motorhomers would get? Whilst it's still a long way from where you live that route would cut off a corner and you don't need to go anywhere near the M25!!! David
  14. Trip to Scandinavian countries

    There are other routes from Newcastle but as they are all long haul I expect them all to be expensive. Are you a member of either of the Clubs? If so you might find they offer slightly better deals. Although they may seem expensive you have to balance that against a much longer drive to get cheaper fares from say Dover to Calais. David
  15. Touring Europe

    I think if you are moving around and not staying in any one country for more than a couple of months at a time I can't see you would have a problem. There are other considerations for a longer trip away from home, like insurance and medical. I think some insurance companies will insure you for up to a year whereas others will have a restriction on the number of days in a given year. Another issue is house insurance whilst you are away. Usually OK if someone is living there, dropping in now and again often does not count. There are special policies for long term occupancy. Another issue is medical and medication. Technically if you are out of the country you need to register with your doctor on return but how they would know is another question? Do you have regular medications you need to take. Most doctors will only issue up to three months. In Spain and Italy its easy enough to get regular meds if you show them the prescription script with the details noted. The meds are usually quite cheap as well!!! I know all these things seem to mitigate against taking longer trips but in most cases its just a case of organisation. David