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  1. Official Crit'Air UPDATE

    Sorry Scania, I think I have to correct a few of your figures. The London congestion charge was introduced in 2003, you may be confusing it with the LEZ zone which was 2008. The population of the UK is about 66 million and the population of London about 8 million. David
  2. Official Crit'Air UPDATE

    Not sure that is correct. Don't forget we have had emission zones in the UK (London 2003) for years. Probably only Germany has had similar although that was five years after the London congestion charge. I like to think that us Brits think about things on a higher plane in terms of understanding things than many of our Continental chums. No one can deny the damage that emissions do in inner city environments its been proved many times. We might not like the solutions but we do have an understanding of why measures are necessary. David
  3. France 2019

    The interesting thing about the cost of diesel is that over the six years I have owned my motorhome from new the actual price at the pump has surprisingly not changed. In 2013 my annual fuel price was 1.29 litre and in 2018 exactly the same at 1.29 litre. In the intervening years the price has fluctuated as high as 1.32 litre with a low of .98 litre. I would say that is pretty good going. The price would be lower now if sterling was in a better place. The trouble in France, I suspect, is that after many years of low prices they have suddenly been hit hard with big increases in tax which probably should have been done over a longer period. On the point of diesels being phased out that does not happen until 2040 so diesels will be around at least until 2050 which I suspect won't bother me!!! Just glad my new motorhome will be Euro 6! BTW the other subject is far from over and we seem even further into non mans land!!! David
  4. France 2019

    It seems, almost at the eleventh hour that is dawning on people that we may have gone about the withdrawal from the EU the wrong way? If only we had a leader with a pragmatic approach to start with perhaps we would now be in a more consensual position. Regretfully the rot has been allowed to fester and I fear whatever decision we come to won't start to heal the divide that has grown since the vote. Now none of this may have any affect to any great extent on us as individuals travelling around Europe except for a bit of extra paperwork. But we will all return to a country which seems more divided than I have every know it. David
  5. France 2019

    We are still deciding whether to go abroad this year. It depends when we get the new motorhome. Also Brexit may/will (?) have an affect. By this time next week we might just have a better idea of where the country is heading, or maybe we won't David
  6. Dover MH Parking

    Brian Years ago people used to park in Marine Drive but I seem to recall that the Council put a stop to that after complaints from residents. If you don't mind using a campsite Hawthorn Farm Campsite at Martin Mill is about three miles from the Port. It also allows out of hours arrivals. David
  7. Just Ordered New Motorhome

    Dave Once we have a confirmed delivery date I am sure we will. Still thinking about going away in the old before then! David
  8. France Again.

    I would have thought that any TomTom software updates would have removed anything that was illegal. I thought it was Switzerland, rather than Germany, that was quite draconian in its approach to speed cameras. Its all a bit of a nonsense really as so many cars have built in sat navs which we have no control over the content so I don't know how that works. It has always been against the law to have radar detection equipment. David
  9. Warwick Racecourse

    A couple of weeks ago we spent four days at the CMC site on Warwick Racecourse. Typically for racecourse sites the facilities are not quite up to the normal Club standard but they are adequate enough. The advantage of the site is that it is only a short stroll into the town. All the non awning pitches are hardstandings, either gravel or tarmac. For more details have a look here http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/warwick_racecourse_cc_site.htm David
  10. France Again.

    Brian We often change our minds when abroad not always the main thrust but often places and sites along the route. We start off with good intentions but very soon realise that we are not as young as we once were and often have to kerb our ambitions but its all good fun. Haven't decided what we are doing next year, its about three years since we have been abroad. David
  11. Just Ordered New Motorhome

    Hi Alan No question of going back to a caravan as 1) we have got used to a motorhome and 2) We don't want to go back to what we associate a lot of hassle with a caravan and towing. I appreciate others will have a different view. We hope (and only time will tell) that being shorter and narrower than our current van we will be able to get out and about with the new one. I don't mean town centres but perhaps NT and other visitor attractions. The new motorhome supposedly has a user payload of 800kgs which is a big improvement over what we have now. David
  12. I will look forward to the outcome of your investigations. I have seen 907 mentioned quite a few times but never really understood what it was or how you access it so now I am a bit clearer. Thanks David
  13. Just Ordered New Motorhome

    I tend to agree with your sentiments but we have decided to leave it on the old van. Our new motorhome comes with a TV aerial which the current one didn't. As we mainly use the van in the UK we will initially see how we get on with the aerial. We have yet to see how much space there is on the roof of the new motorhome as it has a solar panel before we decide. David
  14. I would like to know more as well as I assume 907 is not available via normal FTA satellites but requires some sort of gatekeeping? David
  15. After many months of trying to decide what sort of motorhome we wanted next we have finally made a decision. Our current Bailey is coming up to six years old and we have sort of come to the conclusion that at 7.5 metres long it is a bit on the big side and in the 6 years we have never taken it off site. Initially we were thinking about a van conversion as we saw that as a go anywhere vehicle. Trouble was when we sat in them be couldn't reconcile ourselves to the general lack of inside space. We therefore started to look at the Bailey Advance range and in particular the 66-2 model. However at the NEC Bailey launched a new model called the Alliance which mirrors the Advance range but basically is far better equipped. This is what we have gone for and hopefully it will be ready for March delivery. https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/motorhomes/alliance/alliance-66-2 This range is also about 5 inches narrower than our current Approach which we hope will make a bit of difference. David