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  1. Trip to Scandinavian countries

    It's still a long way south but perhaps Harwich - Hook of Holland might offer better value and there are often deals on that route although most of them seem centred around caravans going free so not so sure what us motorhomers would get? Whilst it's still a long way from where you live that route would cut off a corner and you don't need to go anywhere near the M25!!! David
  2. Trip to Scandinavian countries

    There are other routes from Newcastle but as they are all long haul I expect them all to be expensive. Are you a member of either of the Clubs? If so you might find they offer slightly better deals. Although they may seem expensive you have to balance that against a much longer drive to get cheaper fares from say Dover to Calais. David
  3. Touring Europe

    I think if you are moving around and not staying in any one country for more than a couple of months at a time I can't see you would have a problem. There are other considerations for a longer trip away from home, like insurance and medical. I think some insurance companies will insure you for up to a year whereas others will have a restriction on the number of days in a given year. Another issue is house insurance whilst you are away. Usually OK if someone is living there, dropping in now and again often does not count. There are special policies for long term occupancy. Another issue is medical and medication. Technically if you are out of the country you need to register with your doctor on return but how they would know is another question? Do you have regular medications you need to take. Most doctors will only issue up to three months. In Spain and Italy its easy enough to get regular meds if you show them the prescription script with the details noted. The meds are usually quite cheap as well!!! I know all these things seem to mitigate against taking longer trips but in most cases its just a case of organisation. David
  4. Touring Europe

    Brian I am not sure there is any issue taking the van out of the UK for longer than six months, except for possible MOT and insurance reasons. Where the rules come in I think is actually having the vehicle in a European country for more than six months as there may be a requirement to register it locally after six months. How that would be controlled I have no idea! David
  5. Hi from Swindon 😊

    Hi Martin and Nickie, welcome to Motorhome Talk. Glad to hear that you are enjoying your motorhome. Please feel free to ask any questions. David
  6. 2017 Blog

    As the season, for this year, has come to an end I thought I would share my 2017 Blog with you. Unfortunately, for us, it was only in the UK as medical conditions or at least late changes to medication kept us in the UK. We have had some interesting trips away including a month in Wales or thereabouts. You can view the Blog here http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/travels_in_the_uk_2017.html David
  7. Wiper Blades

    Not used the van for a couple of months so decided to take it for a short run prior to a trip away. Put the wipers on and could see they were starting to disintegrate. Managed to find some OEM ones on E-Bay and they are now fitted and working. Glad I checked before we went away!!! They were four years old so I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised. David
  8. Importing a Motorhome from Germany

    Hi Alan If you can get hold of the December 2017 edition of MMM (Motorhome Monthly Magazine) there is an interesting article written by someone that did just that, its on pages 149 and 150. Obviously a bit more involved than buying from a local dealer but the guy that wrote the article saved a packet compared to buying the same model via a UK dealer. David
  9. Title says it all really. Have many of you got trips planned between now and the New Year? We have booked for Chatsworth for early December for a few days but that will be our last trip until after the New Year. Won't make any advanced plans beyond Chatsworth as it will depend on the weather!!! David
  10. Tour of Wales

    Thanks Gordon. I wonder if it might be worthwhile re-posting onto Caravan Talk as the sites will be of equal interest to caravanners David
  11. Tour of Wales

    Circumstances prevented us going to Europe this Autumn so we decided to explore Wales during September. We have been to Wales in the past but not spent a lot of time there. Our first stop was the C&CC site at Oswestry. This is a fairly simple site but met our needs and there was a handy bus service from outside the site entrance to Oswestry. From here we moved onto the, relatively new Morris Leisure at Llanberis. This is a superb quality site with all weather pitches. Strangely the motorhome service point still requires metal drain covers to be lifted instead of an open grill. Our next stop was Hendre Mynach Touring and Camping Park at Barmouth on the coast over looking Cardigan Bay. We spent a pleasant few nights here but forecast of storms decided us to move inland to near Hereford to a lovely site called Luckshall Caravan and Camping Park. Another site with a handy bus stop right outside the entrance. We decided to abandon out original idea of travelling down the west coast of Wales in favour of heading towards Cardiff. Here we stayed at the CMC site called Tredegar House. The site was fine but not quite as convenient for Cardiff as we first thought. The bus is a fair walk from the site so we opted for a taxi to Newport Station and the train to Cardiff. The City is an interesting place and hopefully we get the opportunity to go back and explore more. From here we went on to the CMC site at Brecon. An easy walk along the canal to the town. Our final stop was the CMC site at Broadway where we have stayed many times before. They hope to have the steam trains running by next Spring. There is more of this story and photographs here http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/travels_in_the_uk_2017.html Site details are set out below:- http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/oswestry_ccc_site.html http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/llanberis_touring_park.html http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/hendre_mynach_touring_and_campin.html http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/luckshall_caravan_and_camping_pa.html http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/tredegar_house_country_park_cmc.html http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/brecon_beacons_cmc_site.html http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/broadway_caravan_club_site2.htm I hope you find the information useful David
  12. Hello

    Hi Appie and Joan Welcome. I also have a Bailey 740 which we purchased new 5 years ago. It is a big beast but you do get used to it!!! You should see what Gordon once owned I seem to recognise the name Lunnie?
  13. Routes to Greece

    Mike I wonder as we are a relatively new forum that we don't have the depth of knowledge that some of the longer established forums have? David
  14. Definately Done

    You have to be careful about the campsite star system in France as its based on quantity of facilities rather than the quality of facilities so some 3 star sites can be better in feel and quality than a 5 star one. David
  15. Bailey Autograph quality

    We are now in our fifth year of ownership of a Bailey 740 SE. I would not claim that it has been trouble free but the dealer can make a big difference and in that respect we have been lucky. Some of the issues we have had have been down to third party equipment which could happen with any make of motorhome. We have had a couple of damp issues around the skirt which seems to be a Bailey failing. We find the 740 very spacious and comfortable and for the price we paid it was excellent value. We are now thinking its a bit on the big side, having said that we came over the Llanberis Pass yesterday!!! David