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  1. Just Ordered New Motorhome

    Hi Alan No question of going back to a caravan as 1) we have got used to a motorhome and 2) We don't want to go back to what we associate a lot of hassle with a caravan and towing. I appreciate others will have a different view. We hope (and only time will tell) that being shorter and narrower than our current van we will be able to get out and about with the new one. I don't mean town centres but perhaps NT and other visitor attractions. The new motorhome supposedly has a user payload of 800kgs which is a big improvement over what we have now. David
  2. I will look forward to the outcome of your investigations. I have seen 907 mentioned quite a few times but never really understood what it was or how you access it so now I am a bit clearer. Thanks David
  3. Just Ordered New Motorhome

    I tend to agree with your sentiments but we have decided to leave it on the old van. Our new motorhome comes with a TV aerial which the current one didn't. As we mainly use the van in the UK we will initially see how we get on with the aerial. We have yet to see how much space there is on the roof of the new motorhome as it has a solar panel before we decide. David
  4. I would like to know more as well as I assume 907 is not available via normal FTA satellites but requires some sort of gatekeeping? David
  5. After many months of trying to decide what sort of motorhome we wanted next we have finally made a decision. Our current Bailey is coming up to six years old and we have sort of come to the conclusion that at 7.5 metres long it is a bit on the big side and in the 6 years we have never taken it off site. Initially we were thinking about a van conversion as we saw that as a go anywhere vehicle. Trouble was when we sat in them be couldn't reconcile ourselves to the general lack of inside space. We therefore started to look at the Bailey Advance range and in particular the 66-2 model. However at the NEC Bailey launched a new model called the Alliance which mirrors the Advance range but basically is far better equipped. This is what we have gone for and hopefully it will be ready for March delivery. https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/motorhomes/alliance/alliance-66-2 This range is also about 5 inches narrower than our current Approach which we hope will make a bit of difference. David
  6. New to Motor Homes

    Hi Kiters61 Welcome to Motorhome Talk. We changed from a caravan to a motorhome nearly six years ago. One thing I would suggest is that you think carefully about size. The bigger it is that less likely you are to take it off site. Ours is 7.5 mts long and is very similar in layout to our last caravan. We are currently trying to make up our mind on what to buy next (if at all) and more than certainly it will be sub 7 mts. We like the idea of a panel van conversion but just wonder if that would be a move too far!!! Good luck with your search. David
  7. Quite a mix of campsites there!!! The only one I have been to id Briarfields at Cheltenham which is a nice enough little site and from a motorhome point of view handy for public transport. Not sure I would rate as high as you do but it is a nice enough site. Pictures here http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/briarfields_touring_park.html David
  8. No Overnight Parking

    Brian Have you seen this http://www.motorhomeparking.co.uk/ This might help with a few ideas. Club sites are generally quiet at night. You might even like CL's and CS's which are only 5 van sites many with limited facilities and inexpensive. David
  9. Gordon Our Peugeot can always seems to have a slightly nose down attitude but it doesn't always means it needs levelling at the front. Many hardstanding pitches have a slight downwards position to aid drainage so maybe why you see so many with ramps? David
  10. Is this forum still used?

    I look in everyday but don't always have anything to post!!! David
  11. Camping El Porto de la Selva, Girona.

    Brian Funny that you mentioned about the extra charge for the scooter. Someone on the CMC forum was complaining that when they were going to a CL they wanted to charge £5 a night extra for the car he was towing behind his motorhome!!! David
  12. Low Emission Zones

    I am used to these zones in Germany where they often only apply to relatively small areas around the centre of a city or town. Not quite sure of the extent of them in France as we haven't been since they were introduced. I do have a CRIT air sticker which is Yellow. David
  13. Brian Excellent report. David
  14. Spanish Road Trip

    Brian Sounds an interesting trip and will look forward to your reviews. Did I get the impression, previously, that you were looking to move to Spain? David
  15. From the IOW we headed for Poole where we stayed at South Lytchett Manor campsite. It is well known and has won many awards and as a result is pretty popular. Hourly bus service from immediately outside the gates to Poole or Swanage. Good pub in the village of Lytchett Minster, down forget your voucher from the campsite for a free bottle of wine! Good quality facilities. http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/south_lytchett_manor.html David