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  1. Split charge

    Thanks gordon electrics have always been a " black art" to me, i always thought, in a nut shell, once the cab battery was full the relay topped up the hab battery. Not knowing what system i am running at the moment iam in the dark. Think i should use the hab battery more and check that its topped up on my return to base by the alternator. If its not i will look at replacing the relay
  2. Split charge

    I have a Swift Sundance 520 based on a 2000 Ducato 1.9 base. I have just taken the van on a 10 mile run and parked up on the drive with the engine running. I have put my volt meter on the cab battery and it reads 13.8v I then put the meter on the leisure battery and it reads 11.3v. When hooked up to the 240v mains and the charger is switched to the leisure battery it reads 13.5v. Q does the engine have to reach a certain rpm before the relay kicks in or is it goosed.? i cant find where the relay is located or what it looks like. Any help would be welcome .