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  1. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    We moved from a caravan to a MH last year. Our caravan was 8m long plus the car so it made for a large lump our MH is only 7.5m so in some respects is easier. We visited the UK last year in our MH and did not experience any problems and we did a circle from Portsmouth to Cumbria and then back down the East side of England and back to Portsmouth. We chose our parking spots carefully, the biggest issue as already mentioned was the height barriers particularly at supermarket car parks. A bike or taxi sorted out other trips. Certainly in Europe a MH is less of an issue than the UK. A MH is a different experience from a caravan, we certainly wouldn't go back.
  2. If you are in the UK then it should work with any Sky or Freesat receiver. If you are in Europe then that is a different matter. It should still work close to channel on that setup but further south you need something different. Then you would need your Oyster re-programmed to lock onto Intelsat 907 and you would then need a special receiver as these channels are not intended for use by the public and you will need an 85cm dish.
  3. Crit'Air

    Take a look at this YouTube video from the French Ministry of the Environment. Shows it on the passenger side of a LHD vehicle in the lower corner of the windscreen.
  4. Crit'Air

    Will do Brian, as I said only voluntary for Spanish vehicles at the moment.
  5. Crit'Air

    Get the GreenZones app for your smart phone. It shows you all the zones where the restrictions can apply, not just in France it is for the whole of Europe. Whilst on the motorway near Bordeaux last summer there was an accident on the opposite carriageway with many kilometers of stationary traffic, the gantry signs our side put up a temporary very low speed limit and it said it was to reduce pollution. Madrid and Barcelona in Spain are following suit with restricting vehicles from the centre and a voluntary Spanish version of Critair has been introduced that will become compulsory later.
  6. Adria Compact, first impressions

    That's what it is in Spain, can't even fit LED bulbs in indicators for instance if they weren't fitted when it was made. Same make and model and tread pattern on tyres and so ti goes on. You don't know how lucky you are in the UK. Although it looks to be tightening up there too.
  7. Adria Compact, first impressions

    The handbrake extension is available in the UK and providing that it is properly attached I cannot see anything under type approval or con and use regs that would prevent it being fitted in the UK. However, in Spain I think I would not pass its ITV (MOT equivalent) with it fitted. They are in fact called Kobran Motorhome Handbrake Extenders and cost £65 from https://www.outdoorbits.com/kobran-motorhome-handbrake-extender-p-173.html
  8. It is the backup satellite for the UK TV channels to the DTV masts. It is not intended for general use, however, with an appropriate receiver and the decoding BISS numbers they can be decoded and watched. The satellite has a large footprint over most of Europe and the channels are receivable on an 85cm dish over most of Europe and there are reports of good reception on a 65cm dish. I was looking for specific recommendations for currently available receivers as the ones I was shown was a discontinued model.
  9. I was amazed this week when I was shown what channels were available with an 85cm dish this week here in Spain. As a result I am considering getting a dish and receiver. Does anyone have any specific recommendations for a suitable receiver that is easy to set up with the necessary BISS codes for the UK channels?
  10. New to Motor Homes

    I am at odds with David & Gordon we swapped from a caravan to a 7.5m motorhome 15 months ago. Whilst we miss the independence of a second vehicle we would not go for anything smaller as we do like the room and the facilities and not having to make the bed up every night. Living in Europe, my comments may not be appropriate for the UK but we haven't had any issues so far with 7.5m BUT I would not like to go for any longer. The second vehicle issue can be overcome by bikes, electric bikes or a scooter without increasing the size of towing a second vehicle, also by choosing your stop off locations appropriately it can be less of an issue. Cabs, car hire and public transport all cost but don't have the capital outlay of an additional vehicle. Colin
  11. The ITV test for the import of a vehicle (transfer on to Spanish registration from another registration) is a different test, costs more and needs more documentation including a Certificate of Conformity from the MH manufacturer and requires payment of registration tax which can be several thousands of Euros depending on the 'blue book' value of the vehicle concerned. Not something to be undertaken lightly, I have done it twice with a car and a motorcycle.
  12. A couple of things to bear in mind: 1: The ITV station in Spain may not inspect your vehicle as it is not Spanish registered. They are private companies and it is their choice whether they do or not, they are not government owned stations. 2: The test certificate if one is issued is probably invalid for a Dutch registered vehicle (it certainly is for British registered vehicles). 3: To drive a vehicle in Spain it must be 100% legal in its country of registration so it should have a valid Dutch ITV certificate. (Enforcement of this is patchy though) 4: Your insurance may be invalid. You will need a Fiat Professional dealer to service it for you. If you go to fiatcamper.com it will list the closest appropriate garages to where you are.
  13. Gordon, Only fitted it this week for the first time, so am unsure how we will use it yet. When we are on site previously we often opened the side blind on the opposite side to the sun and raised the front one part way to let in some light. With this attached we won't need to use the internal blinds. The external blind is made to fold down half of the centre section and you can buy an additional mesh screen that covers the top half when open to give privacy but we haven't bothered with that. We are off again in a couple of weeks time so will report back after we have used it in anger, at least now it is keeping the sun out if I need to go and tinker in the van before we go away.
  14. As I live in Spain and we have the occasional hot day here I decided it might be a good idea to get a reflective screen for my Adria Sonic A class. I looked at Silverscreens and was not impressed with the way that the screen attached to the window side being trapped in the window and then making up a piece of wood to keep the window closed. I then looked at Taylormade and saw that they attach awning rail to the side of the van and the screen slots in there, a much better solution imho. I contacted them and they did not have a Sonic pattern and as I was a long way from them a visit for pattern making was not on the cards. I found a lady on the Adria Motorhome Owners group on Facebook who would visit their offices for a pattern to be made. This she did but on speaking to Taylormade after she had visited her Sonic was different to mine in the location of the mirrors so as a result her pattern was unsuitable. So Plan B ended up being what we did. I visited the UK in my van in August and during our tour of the UK we stayed at a site near Macclesfield which was about an hour from Taylormade in Huddersfield. Carolyn from Taylormade made the journey to meet us on a Sunday afternoon. She made a complete new template for my model of Sonic. On Monday evening she rang to say the cover was made and would be despatched on Tuesday to my son in Hampshire who we were visiting at the end of our holiday. The cover arrived on the Wednesday. The only problem was that the awning rail that has to be suck to the side of the van was silver aluminium and where it was to go on my van was satin black. I had the two strips painted by a friend who is a custom car restorer and airbrush painter here in Spain. I fitted the strips with the supplied adhesive and left it for twice as long as recommended before trying the screen for the first time. The screen fitted perfectly. To visit me like this to make the pattern and the prompt delivery were excellent in my opinion. Now for the photos: 1 shows the strip on the side of the van 2 shows the screen fitted
  15. Air Suspension

    You are mistaken about the Alko suspension / chassis extensions. A large number motorhomes are now built on Fiat Ducato chassis, these re suplied with strut front suspension and leaf spring rear as standard. The Alko chassis extensions are exactly that chassis extensions and nothing to do with the suspension. Fiat also supply chassis extensions, Fiat are aluminium and Alko are steel. The reason for the chassis extensions is that motorhomes have more bodywork behind the rear axle than the parcel van that was originally intended by Fiat. Alko do make suspesnion systems for motorhomes but this is usually in the form of air suspension bladders that are added as assistance to the rear suspension leaf springs.