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  1. I have a hymer B584, have been trying to get to the back of the headlights as the nearside one not working. Anyone have advice as how to withouth employing the services of a contortionist.
  2. Insurance

    I am with comfort to, no complaints with them. My only grumble probably applies to other insurers also, who do not seem to indicate, where, by country you are not insured to drive in, only list of where you are insured for. I refer here to Montenegro, which is geographically within the EU, and therefore likely to driven into unknowingly uninsured. I recently did a trip to Greece, via Belgium, Germany, Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, Serbia... more about there to follow, and Montenegro. When I later checked my documents it omits mentioning Montenegro, gives all the nations you can, but presumes the insured must know or remember Montenegro is excluded. I feel it should be clearly indicated that Montenegro is not covered, particularly in view of its geographical location, rather than not mention it anywhere. When I arrived at the border of Montenegro a 'green card' was demanded, without which I could not proceed, I requested my passport back but was told only when I had the green card which I could buy at their border office. I had to park up and go to the office, pay 50 euro for a third party insurance lasting 10 days, when presented my passport was returned to me. It was now going dark, so I determined to drive straight through to Greece to avoid any repetition of my experience in Serbia as follows. The previous day to my reaching the border, I had stayed at a Serbian service, well lit and 24/7, lots of people around. The following morning when I tried to start the engine turned over but failed to start, never happened before, my tank was 3/4 full plenty fuel, tried it a couple more times but nothing. Prior to leaving home I had reinsured with Comfort, and included European Breakdown Cover, whom I called to report the failure to start, was, told to expect a call from a local agent which I received, who verified my whereabouts and said they would be there in 30 minutes. Whilst I was taking the call a car drove up with two men in it, one got out and asked if I was ok, quite why as I did not have the bonnet up or appear to be in trouble, I told him I could not start, he offered to take a look and I lifted the bonnet. The other guy got out of the car and slid underneath, the other said try it now, which I did and it started, I got out and asked them what had they done, he said it was the injection pump sticking and needed 'tapping' to free it, the other guy had fetched a pump wrench from the car and was about to get under again so I dragged him away, as I am very well aware that does not happen to pumps, they suggested I follow them to their garage a few kilometres away, by which time I was pushing them both away from my MH and it was getting nasty. At that moment the recovery truck arrived and the driver spoke with the two men who took off, he rang his boss as he did not speak English, who told me he would be there himself in five minutes which he was. I explained everything to him, he examined the engine and showed me what they had done, it is apparently a scam, and at night they would have slid under the engine and disconnected an electrical plug which I understand allows the pump to operate when the ignition is switched on. They then wait for the resulting non start in the morning, they prey on number plates of tourists, to extract as much as possible from them. The recovery guy was great, the system is I would have paid them and recovered the amount when home, he would not charge me as he said there was little to charge for, but I nevertheless gave him a drink which he was delighted with, a lucky escape I feel. The people at the services where I filled up were very good, checked all around tyre pressures etc. and filled my water tank, one apologised for the actions of his fellow Serb. I did not stop again other than for fuel until the Greek border, where I felt safe to sleep, having spent lots time in that lovely country previously, but from the sea as a yachtsman.
  3. Routes to Greece

    Thank you Klyne. Had hoped for further input from others in reply to my request but so far none forthcoming.
  4. Insurance for older motorhome

    I am not sure, but my insurers are Comfort Ins. was highly recommended to me, give them a try.

  6. Gaslow System For Sale

    Hello, Do you still have the gaslow system for sale
  7. Camp Europe UK

    What a narrow escape, such reviews are to many to ignore, certainly sounds like a scam, quite why they are on a recommended members list should be investigated. many thanks. Mike
  8. Where to buy Propane in France

    Many thanks Gordon and Trooper, it certaily looks the way to go, and your installation tends me to the gaslow setup, although I shall investgate the others too. Gordon and Trooper, do you find access to refilling when abroad not a problem (I most certainly agree UK gas prices are very high) as we like to visit France and Spain, with other countries planned for next year, we usually away at least 4 months at a time, and we mostly do not use camp sites, so we do use more gas than those who prefer them. Thank you for your help and advice so far, I do appreciate it, as in my previous life was a sailor, came ashore last year and we became a Motorhome people. Regards Mike
  9. Camp Europe UK

    Hi again Gordon, I do have the contact details, and from the caravan club link I understand why I cannot get a reply on the telephone, as the hours are limited. I have tried the yell link but get an 'internal error' message there, was the review positive. Many thanks Mike
  10. Where to buy Propane in France

    Hi Gordon, That does seem the way to go, I have a fairly large gas compartment Hymer 584 where i think the special cyliners could live. Perhaps even a dual system, as Spanish gas is very cheap, can you point me to a similar system to yours. Many thanks Mike
  11. Camp Europe UK

    I have been searching for Hymer parts and came across Camp Europe UK, www.caravan-parts.org, who have what i need and at prices much better than the main dealers who have quoted to me. Has anyone purchased from them or heard about them, would be interesting to know. Mike
  12. My MH uses Propane gas from bottles, from UK bottles at first following buying the MH. It wasn't until I was in Spain that I needed to change them, which I did but could not exchange theirs for my UK empties, understandable, and a very pleasant experience as they are much larger and very much cheaper, a replacement is about 12 euro, which is very cheap compared to UK prices for much less gas. It did mean the purchase of a different bottle fitting, but again not expensive. Propane is readily available at all Repsol garages in Spain, but when travelling in France I have yet to find some, not tried to hard as I make sure I do not need any until I arrive home (I keep UK empties at home) When enquiring where I can buy Propane in France I often get the 'gallic shrug' or faced with almost incomprehensible (probably me not needing to try) self service machines, and a wide range of gas available but non seemingly Propane. Anyone with more knowledge or expertise than me who can point me in the right direction. Mike
  13. Routes to Greece

    Would appreciate any route advice for travelling to Greece. Many thanks