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  1. Thanks Brian, Brolly up, rain down, deep joy! Gas full but EHU paid for so guess what I'm using to keep the chill off? Had a brief tour of the area earlier this evening in the toy car, just to get our bearings before visiting family tomorrow. ATB, Gordon
  2. Oh you poor man ! We're heading off in the opposite direction in the morning visiting family in Staffs, then friends in Blackpool and N Yorks before returning home next month to tidy the garden s it'll need it by then. "The foreign" will have to wait 'til another time! Gordon.
  3. If you're a member of the C&CC there's a rally at Little Winnick Touring Park, Pentewan Road, St Austell for £17 per night between 6/7/19 and 28/7/19. Details on page 30 of the February issue of Out & About magazine. We shall be at Hendra Holiday Park near Newquay on a C&CC rally in September (£11 a night for the RV with car and trailer and 16A EHU) and while I don't like paying the normal site prices, I can certainly recommend rallies as a way of getting a cost effective holiday on a commercial campsite. Gordon.
  4. It's amazing what difference that attention to detail can make. We found that some additional bump-stops (felt pads) on the cupboard doors of our previous MH improved the "rattle factor" considerably while en route. The main noise on the present one comes from poorly fitted lift-off hatch covers in the floor of the mini-garage at the rear, and the loosely fitted hard plastic door trim panels of the fridge and freezer. The rattling baking trays were tamed by interleaving tea towels between them for transit. Gordon.
  5. I'll be up your way for a few days from 25th so if you fancy a chat please PM me with a contact number. Gordon.
  6. Sadly caravan and motorhome ownership has increasingly become a lottery regarding build quality, and my perception is that genuine customer care is a thing of the past for the majority of manufacturers and dealers alike. Having moved away from tourers because of shoddy workmanship, I fear that MHs are plagued with the same lack of concern from the industry for the people who buy the products.
  7. Or do as I have always done and put a small car on a dedicated trailer, the trailer is legal (as it has no motor) and the car is legal because it is simply a secured load on the trailer. The only (and I do mean only) drawback of this arrangement is finding somewhere to store the trailer when not in use.
  8. I thought here were supposed to be reciprocal agreements between EU states but clearly this only operates when it suits. Maybe the result will be that some will take their custom elsewhere as I indicated in Brian's other thread about North Wales?
  9. It's good to have you on board Gordon.
  10. Looks like a cracking MH and well maintained. I wish you well with your sale. ATB, Gordon.
  11. I would interpret that as unwelcome at Gwynnedd, North Wales. A council at the forefront of diminishing motorhome tourism in Wales. Consequently as I hate conflict with bigots, I will happily spend my "tourist money" at an alternative destination. Well done for standing up for your rights but as I say, personally I prefer to visit alternative destinations where I am made to feel welcome, and leave those with restrictions to suffer the consequences. Okay, with a motorhome I am unlikely to boost the income of local hotels or B&Bs but the local economy will still receive my "hard earned" in the local shops and tourist attractions. They're free to choose who they welcome - I am free to spend my money elsewhere.
  12. Yes I have black hard top too. I tried it on the "TF" once to check it fitted but it's been hanging in the garage in it's padded storage bag ever since selling the "F". It was noticeably quieter with the solid roof on, but le t's face it, part of the fun is that mid-engine's soundtrack! They may not be the best of sports cars but like you I do appreciate what they can offer, and I really do like to get the roof off as often as possible, in fact I was by the seaside yesterday enjoying the sunshine that was sadly lacking at home. I've always liked "wind in your hair" motoring though and was sad to part with the old C70 but family commitments required a more practical car at the time.
  13. Very nice, and red is the right colour for a roadster in my opinion! My "F 115" was also red but with a red interior and I let it go for a song (big mistake) the "TF 135" as you can see is blue. The only change from standard was a replacement hood a couple of years back for one with a glass rear window instead of the original flexi-plastic one, that wasn't so "flexi" when folded one cold morning! But I digress, and I confess to have drifted well off topic Gordon
  14. Buy an MG - you'll be waved to then Both of these prompt a response from other MG owners.
  15. ... or a cost cutting exercise, leaving the owner to ensure that the pipes are fully drained before venturing on the highway
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