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  1. Camping El Porto de la Selva, Girona.

    I prefer the idea that you rent a piece of land and permission to use the site facilities, and that's it. One size fits all! Put what you like on your pitch. Unfortunately not everybody is of the same opinion and understandably those travelling solo often feel it unfair that they should pay the same as a family. Having travelled alone, and with my family, I can see it from both sides and still think it simpler to have one fixed price instead of paying for everything individually. The one thing that really annoys is when I'm charged for an "extra" car with the MH just because my "caravan" happens to have an engine! Rant over . . . Gordon.
  2. Camping El Porto de la Selva, Girona.

    Sounds like there are probably better options available. Such a shame when greed governs the way a site is run. Gordon.
  3. Camping La Chanterelle, Auvergne, France.

    This sounds like a site to put on the "pending list" for a future visit. It sounds idyllic. Gordon
  4. Camping La Bella Vista, Manilva, Estepona

    Sounds idyllic. What a shame that central southern Spain is too far for a day trip from blighty! Gordon.
  5. Camping Lo Monte, Pilar de la Horadada.

    That's probably as much if not more important than the facilities if one is to return to a site. It sounds like you enjoyed your stay. Gordon
  6. I like "basic" so long as it is clean and tidy - after all, I've brought my own accommodation and facilities! Gordon.
  7. Camping El Greco, Toledo.

    I like the sound of Camping El Greco. Maybe one day . . . ? Gordon.
  8. Motril Campsites (Avoid)

    Often pitches are small so not ideal for larger outfits, but a lack of site maintenance is always a good reason to move on. Gordon
  9. Camping La Quinta Bella, Aguilas.

    I see why you moved on after one night. Gordon.
  10. Spanish Road Trip

    Like David, I'd also like to hear a bit more of your adventure. Have fun... Gordon
  11. South Lytchett Manor, near Poole

    That part of Dorset is a cracking area to visit. We've had many a trip down that way over the years and can't say we've ever had a bad one providing the known bottle-necks are avoided at rush hour. Gordon.
  12. A-Frames

    I completely understand your point of view David but there is always the chance that whilst abroad the unexpected could happen that could require you to drive after dark. I would not do as you do but I guess I'm not a risk taker Personally I fail to see why the lights of all vehicles could not be vertically dipped like many commercial vehicles are. The headlamps on our motorhome dip vertically and work perfectly well for driving on either side of the road, so for all practical purposes there is no benefit to be gained with a left or right dipping pattern. Having said that, as long as my headlamps do dip to one side or the other, as they do with our cars, unless there is a switchable alternative, I will always fit headlamp masks even for a day trip, as much to be seen to be doing the right thing as for any practical purpose. I am sure that you've looked at the images of beam patterns on the CT website and I would advocate adhering to the advice there just in case you are stopped by the authorities. Gordon.
  13. Southern Spain

    There's a lot to be said for a bit of sun ain't there? Gordon.
  14. A-Frames

    I'm with you all the way Brian. If there are rules then I will comply with them whether that's not parking on yellow lines or fitting warning boards. Regarding the headlamp deflectors; on our towcars; we used to stick masks to the clip on stone guards that fitted over the headlamps, thus they were easily applied and removed, however the current car has a toggle lever under the bonnet on each headlamp assembly that switches from left to right dip, so there is no visible sign externally of headlamp alignment until the lights are turned on, even our old 1973 Renault 6TL had a small external lever to flick between left or right dip beam so it really isn't rocket science. We can all make mistakes but I have absolutely no sympathy for those who knowingly flout the rules. Gordon.
  15. A-Frames

    Thank you David, that is a useful link that says pretty much confirms my understanding, so I'll continue to use a trailer with the car making up the "load" on that trailer, as that way the car needs no modifications. Gordon.