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  1. So many hurdles to jump to get an "Inspeccion Tecnica de Vehicles" pass but what you say makes sense - certainly to someone who has never visited another country for long enough to require vehicle testing there. I don't know if the links below will help? Link 1 I think the first paragraph in this link is relevant also to NL registrations, "British expats who are resident in Spain can drive their UK plated vehicles on Spanish roads for a maximum of 180 days. After this time, the vehicle must be exported or transferred to Spanish plates". Presumably by requiring a ITV the OP is intending to remain in Spain for a while? Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 (Ignore the reference to omissions rather than emissions ) These are just my thoughts and are not based on experience. Gordon.
  2. Left hand drive.

    Keep looking as I'm sure the right vehicle for you will turn up soon. All the best, Gordon
  3. What do I do with earth leads?

    Single pole spur switch only disconnects the live wire, leaving the neutral return connected. A double pole spur switch disconnects both live and neutral so effectively isolating the appliance completely. Double pole switching is something that is essential if you connect to a continental mains supply where both wires are connected to a live feed of 120V above earth giving a total of 240V between them to power the appliance. In the UK we supply 240V above earth to one wire only (live) and the neutral return wire is only a few volts above earth so does not present a hazard if touched. Gordon.
  4. What do I do with earth leads?

    I presume the switch looks something like this. The current circuit will either be single pole or double pole switched as below, and I guess the new circuit will be like the bottom illustration? The outer rectangle represents the switch case/cover and needs to be earthed if made of metal but not if plastic. The earth needs to have continuity and if there is no provision for this at the switch you will need to provide a connection block to link between the common earth and the boiler case.
  5. What do I do with earth leads?

    First check the rating of the CBE switch you have. If it is mains rated with illumination I would expect the light to be a 240V neon lamp, in which case a neutral wire would need to be connected to the switch to provide a return path for the neon lamp. If the red light is provided by a LED then the switch is probably only rated for 12V DC and should not be used for mains switching. In general the earth continuity will need to be maintained so the two wires you have will probably need to be linked together, and then continuity checked between them and the vehicle chassis. Without further information it is impossible to guess the setup you have so please post an image or two and we can take it from there but in the meantime for your own safety, do not change anything. Gordon
  6. Yep! Switzerland is a cracking country to visit (if you have a full wallet) Here's a couple more images around Junfraublick that I believe is now a private "glamping" campsite that no longer accept tourers or MHs. The campsite has a cycle track running behind it that is perfectly safe for all ages to use. Interlaken is atthe top of the image and Camping Jungfraublick is circled. At first sight the campsite location looks awful; until you realise the motorway is set in a deep cutting so can neither be seen or heard from the campsite. Similarly the adjacent airfield is silent all day as the two patrol jets that take off each morning stay out all day and return at exactly 5pm. There are two lines of electricity pylons at he end of the runway and it is an education to watch the jets take off, fly under the first line of overhead cables, then over the second before banking sharply to the right to miss the hillside. Only in Switzerland?
  7. The site looks squeaky clean and puts me in mind of the view from Camping Jungfraublick in Matten on Gsteigstrasse to the south of Interlaken, where some years ago we stayed with the caravan. Sadly I believe that the owners Florian Balmer & Beatrice Güller have now retired so the site is closed. Until a few years ago we used to see Florian each year on the Swiss Tourist Board stand the NEC caravan show.
  8. That's the most important thing for any site
  9. There's a balance between being given privacy and being in a social atmosphere. We're away in the MH at present and the site is completely open and I can see something over a hundred caravans from our dinette window. I've also been on sites where we have been allocated a hedged enclosure; some have been large while the outfit has only just fitted on others. Whether an 'open' or 'enclosed' pitch, they each have their benefits and drawbacks but whatever the site layout, I firmly believe that adequate space between outfits is paramount, and should ideally be greater than the legal minimum if we're to feel welcome and avoid a feeling of claustrophobia. Gordon
  10. Sounds like a well made piece of kit. I'll be interested to hear how yo get on. Gordon
  11. Oxford city centre is essentially a cross roads with three of the roads closed to through traffic except double decker busses, taxis etc., if in a private car the shopping public have to either use the congested "park and ride" car parks, or go elsewhere - I choose the latter option.
  12. That sounds like excellent service from Taylormade in Huddersfield who have demonstrated the kind of customer service that really should be the norm. Clearly this is not the case as we often see good service as the exception these days, and find the need to comment upon it. A few other companies I could mention could do well to take note of Taylormade's attitude. As an aside, do you leave the shade in place all the time on site, and do you find it makes the front of the MH noticebly dark? We don't have anything to reflect the sun, or keep the cold out, at the front of our A-Class but do find it necessary to draw the curtain part way round if the sun is low in the sky. Gordon.
  13. Not only Brum - Link "Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council are proposing to introduce the world’s first Zero Emission Zone in Oxford city centre. The proposal would see diesel and petrol vehicles banned from Oxford city centre in phases, starting with some vehicle types and a small number of streets in 2020, and - as vehicle technology develops - moving to all vehicle types across the whole city centre"
  14. Bit of a prophet of doom today aren't we Brian
  15. The site I referred to earlier was many years ago in the south of France somewhere near the Dordogne (or was it the Garonne?). Oh, I don't know . . . Please do tell us about your experiences though and let's start another thread about it, shall we? The more threads we can get going the better at the moment as things have been pretty quiet here lately. Gordon.