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  1. New to Motor Homes

    Let's hope something turns up and you can award yourself a nice New Year present eh? Gordon.
  2. New to Motor Homes

    It's a lot of money to commit and you want to get it right, so it's certainly worth taking your time before finally deciding on what make or model to go for. On the assumption that you cannot run the Alde wet heating system while the MH is being driven, my inclination would be to go for the slightly higher payload of the 185 with blown air heating that will tend to warm up quickly once on site. However if you are going to park up for longish periods then the 285 with the wet heating may be preferable because the heating is basically silent and acts more like a domestic CH system. Our MH works on a blown air heating system but we supplement that with low wattage electric panel heaters on the bedroom walls and an electric oil filled radiator in the cab area. Gordon
  3. Just Ordered New Motorhome

    More travel reports from a new base camp ahead I trust I am sure that your new Advance MH will serve the purpose well. All the very best, Gordon.
  4. Lpg supply

    g7oer, Knowledge is power ! Glad you've now resolved the problem. Gordon.
  5. Lpg supply

    It sounds to me like there is either an additional line valve, or the regulator is faulty. Take a look at page 15 and 16 of the handbook below. AutoTrail Handbook.pdf
  6. Burstner T720 Auto

    Hi Paul, I'm pleased to read that you have found a buyer for the MH. Hopefully that will reduce any concerns your MiL may have had and I wish you all the very best for the future, Gordon.
  7. New to Motor Homes

    In principle I don't disagree with your thoughts Colin. We do have folding bikes that are kept permanently in the RV, and a pair of electric bikes we can take, so these do get used for local excursions from the campsites on occasions but given that we already own a small towable car there is no additional expense there. The current car (gold one in the image below) on it's trailer is less than 10% of the motorhome weight and is also narrower than the MH's so fuel consumption does not change noticeably whether towing or not. The various cars we have taken away behind the RVs are shown below. We also have a blue MGTF that could be used however as I don't hold a motorcycle licence, a motor scooter or similar is not an option. Like you we also chose our current outfit because of the living space it offered on site and it certainly provides a comfortable retreat if the weather turns nasty. The facilities for MHs, in my opinion, do appear generally to be better in continental Europe than here in the UK. Things like municipal sites, aires in France and less congested roads all add to the appeal. There can also be a site access issue sometimes because of narrow twisting roads here in blighty, so forward planning is essential.
  8. New to Motor Homes

    I agree with David. The larger motorhomes tend not to be as versatile for touring as the smaller units. Our present one is 9.8 metres long and is used more like a caravan, in that we trail a second vehicle and use that for exploring the area once we're pitched up. Previously the VW campervan was the only vehicle we would take on holiday and that would provide both a touring vehicle and overnight accommodation however following a succession of touring caravans of increasing size, we moved to an American RV, primarily for the greater on-site accommodation provided, but the penalty for this is the need for additional transport of some kind. While the RVs have provided some great holidays, I suspect that as there are now just the two of us, our next change will be to something smaller again. Gordon
  9. Brittany

    Hi Deano, The best advice I can give you is not to try and do too much in one trip. It is after all, a holiday. You don't say what kind of things may interest you but if it includes historic sites, then I recommend you visit the Neolithic standing stones at Carnac (Alignements de Carnac) and also the WW2 V2 rocket site "La Coupole" near to Calais. There are numerous pretty villages and towns in Brittany but places such as the island fortress at Concarneau and the picturesque town of Pont-Aven both on the south coast of Brittany come to mind. If you venture near to Paris, and are interested in new(ish) architecture, then take time to visit "la Grande Arche de la Défense" on the west of the cité, that aligns perfectly with the Arc de Triomphe and Napoleon's bedroom at Le Louvre. If staying near to Paris I would recommend Caravaning International De Maisons Laffitte in Sartrouville from where it's about a 35 min metro ride (on the surface) to the centre. Whatever you do though; enjoy your trip. Gordon.
  10. New to Motor Homes

    Hi and welcome to MT forum, You may find the link in Tourershine's post here interesting? Take a look at his advert where I've linked to the image below. Gordon.
  11. Burstner T720 Auto

    Good luck with the sale Paul. Remember you can also add a link in CT "Items for sale" if you haven't already. ATB, Gordon.
  12. Take yourself off to Brittany and you'll find meringues on sale all over. They use the egg yolks in much of their cooking, consequently there are lots of egg whites left over so they had to find something to do with them If ever you're in Beg Meil there are ice creams to die for (sprinkled with crushed meringue) on the corner of Rue St Guénolé and next to Le Petit Marmite Creperie. Enjoy . . . Gordon
  13. So many hurdles to jump to get an "Inspeccion Tecnica de Vehicles" pass but what you say makes sense - certainly to someone who has never visited another country for long enough to require vehicle testing there. I don't know if the links below will help? Link 1 I think the first paragraph in this link is relevant also to NL registrations, "British expats who are resident in Spain can drive their UK plated vehicles on Spanish roads for a maximum of 180 days. After this time, the vehicle must be exported or transferred to Spanish plates". Presumably by requiring a ITV the OP is intending to remain in Spain for a while? Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 (Ignore the reference to omissions rather than emissions ) These are just my thoughts and are not based on experience. Gordon.
  14. Left hand drive.

    Keep looking as I'm sure the right vehicle for you will turn up soon. All the best, Gordon
  15. What do I do with earth leads?

    Single pole spur switch only disconnects the live wire, leaving the neutral return connected. A double pole spur switch disconnects both live and neutral so effectively isolating the appliance completely. Double pole switching is something that is essential if you connect to a continental mains supply where both wires are connected to a live feed of 120V above earth giving a total of 240V between them to power the appliance. In the UK we supply 240V above earth to one wire only (live) and the neutral return wire is only a few volts above earth so does not present a hazard if touched. Gordon.