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  1. A-Frames

    I completely understand your point of view David but there is always the chance that whilst abroad the unexpected could happen that could require you to drive after dark. I would not do as you do but I guess I'm not a risk taker Personally I fail to see why the lights of all vehicles could not be vertically dipped like many commercial vehicles are. The headlamps on our motorhome dip vertically and work perfectly well for driving on either side of the road, so for all practical purposes there is no benefit to be gained with a left or right dipping pattern. Having said that, as long as my headlamps do dip to one side or the other, as they do with our cars, unless there is a switchable alternative, I will always fit headlamp masks even for a day trip, as much to be seen to be doing the right thing as for any practical purpose. I am sure that you've looked at the images of beam patterns on the CT website and I would advocate adhering to the advice there just in case you are stopped by the authorities. Gordon.
  2. Southern Spain

    There's a lot to be said for a bit of sun ain't there? Gordon.
  3. A-Frames

    I'm with you all the way Brian. If there are rules then I will comply with them whether that's not parking on yellow lines or fitting warning boards. Regarding the headlamp deflectors; on our towcars; we used to stick masks to the clip on stone guards that fitted over the headlamps, thus they were easily applied and removed, however the current car has a toggle lever under the bonnet on each headlamp assembly that switches from left to right dip, so there is no visible sign externally of headlamp alignment until the lights are turned on, even our old 1973 Renault 6TL had a small external lever to flick between left or right dip beam so it really isn't rocket science. We can all make mistakes but I have absolutely no sympathy for those who knowingly flout the rules. Gordon.
  4. A-Frames

    Thank you David, that is a useful link that says pretty much confirms my understanding, so I'll continue to use a trailer with the car making up the "load" on that trailer, as that way the car needs no modifications. Gordon.
  5. Hi all from Richard and Christine

    Welcome to Motorhome Talk Richard and Christine, I like both caravans and MHs (as I'm sure David does too) but we all have to choose the best vehicle to suit our lifestyle. We currently have a MH but tend to use it more like a caravan, in that we take it to a site and leave it there, using either bikes or a small car to tour the area, whereas a MHis probably better suited to short overnight stops while touring. We changed to an American RV for the additional space it offered compared with a caravan, plus the car we now use for touring is only a fraction of the size of our previous towcar, thus cheaper to run and easier to park. I wouldn't rule out going back to a caravan but the MH suits us well for now. Sorry I can't offer a opinion on your chosen MH. Gordon.
  6. Oxford C&CC Site

    It's about 20 mins walk from the site (previously known as "Oxford International" before the C&CC took over) to Folly Bridge (the outskirts of the city), and 30 mins to Carfax (the central crossroads in the city). The shortest route is along Abingdon Road, but it is much nicer to follow the signed footpath /cycle route #7 that takes you therough the quieter streets that run parallel to the main road. The site is directly behind, and accesed through, the car park for the "Go Outdoors" store. Gordon
  7. Curiosity

    There probably is a way - but it may require registering the vehicle in various countries en route - importing and re-registering it in the UK at the end of the trip. Sounds like an awful lot of hassle but a great adventure nevertheless. Gordon.
  8. Free digital travel guide

    I am sure that this will be very useful for those who love their "tech". For me however the words "plan" and "holiday" are not normally combined in the same sentence Gordon.
  9. Great Upgrade

    That looks absolutely spot on Brian - well done that man! Gordon
  10. Air Suspension

    An interesting concept, and maybe on to consider when / if we replace our current MH Gordon.
  11. 20th February 2018 11,502 visitors flock to opening day of the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2018 The Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2018, the UK’s largest showcase of leisure vehicles, tents and camping accessories is officially open. Taking over five halls of Birmingham’s NEC from today until Sunday 25 February, over 370 exhibitors join under one roof. Officially opening the event and welcoming over 11,500 visitors, wildlife presenter Gordon Buchanan was joined on stage by Matt Allwright and famed chef Paul Da Costa Greaves. Following the opening, the winner of a new Hillside Leisure VW campervan, courtesy of the show, was presented with the keys to her new home-from-home. Swift’s new 8-ft wide Sprite Super caravan is displayed, while Lunar presents its first ever campervan in conjunction with Wellhouse Leisure. Other unveilings taking place throughout the show include new season camping equipment and accessories from Kampa as well as motorhome launches from Cathargo. As the show’s free activities get underway, guests brush up on their skills with campervan test driving, motorhome manoeuvring and caravan towing taster sessions, so bring your driving licence with you. Activities for the children include a climbing wall, assault course, bushcraft workshops and skate rink, which are available throughout the week. Joining the Discovery Theatre line-up over the show’s duration are appearances from adventurous celebrities including Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Anna McNuff and Jake Tyler, along with cookery demonstrations from top chefs such as Rustie Lee, Dean Edwards and Chris Bavin. Speaking about the show, Jenny Summers, Group Marketing Director of the NCC (National Caravan Council) commented: “It’s been a fantastic first day. Not only have we welcomed existing enthusiasts, but also many newcomers who have enjoyed researching more about the leisure vehicle lifestyle. Visitors have really embraced both the activities and live entertainment and we look forward to seeing more faces, both old and new over the next five days.” Tickets for the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show are available now from www.ccmshow.co.uk, by phone on 0844 873 7333, or on the door at the NEC. With numerous activities and an impressive celebrity schedule, there’s plenty for all ages to enjoy and children 15 and under enter free when accompanied by a paying Adult/Senior. Tickets are non-refundable. ENDS
  12. NEWS RELEASE For immediate release: 17 January 2018 UK set to be 2018’s most popular holiday destination as British travellers rediscover the delights of a holiday at home Recent research by travel trade association ABTA* has revealed the UK is set to be British holidaymakers’ destination of choice in 2018, as 66% of the British population are already planning time away closer to home. Europe follows a close second with 63% planning to visit and 14% look to travel to North America. 2017 was a popular year for UK breaks, with British adults taking an average of 2.1 UK holidays: up on the previous year. Families with children aged five and over enjoyed 2.7 UK breaks and adults aged 35 to 44 ventured on 2.5 domestic vacations.* Research indicates that British spending on holidays will also increase, as a significant 31% are putting aside more money for their vacations in 2018. 47% are hoping to spend the same and just 14% plan to spend less.* Fresh figures from The Camping and Caravanning Club^ suggest the trend is already underway, reporting a 10% increase in bookings across its 106 club campsites for the 2018 season year-to-date versus 2017. The Caravan and Motorhome Club also supports the forecast+, announcing that 2017 was the best-ever year for tent camping, with a 13% increase compared to 2016 and its best-ever figures currently for winter camping. Leisure vehicle holidays were also up in 2017 with the club reporting an 11% growth in pitch nights over 2016 and a record November for touring caravan, motorhome and campervan stays. Commenting on the rise of UK holidaying, Jenny Summers, Group Marketing Director of the NCC (National Caravan Council), the UK’s trade body for the tourer, motorhome and caravan holiday home industries said: “Sales of both motorhomes and caravans were up in 2017, with motorhome registrations rising by 14.9% and tourer factory dispatches to dealers increasing by 8.7%. This clearly demonstrates the continuing popularity of using a leisure vehicle to explore the UK and beyond.” The growth of the British tourism industry augurs well for the NCC’s next event in February, the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2018. A record-breaking 101,583 visitors attended its sister-show in October last year. Taking place at Birmingham’s NEC between 20 and 25 February, the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2018 brings together over 370 exhibitors and is the UK’s largest showcase of caravans, campervans, motorhomes, caravan holiday homes and lodges as well as new season tents, trailer tents and folding caravans. The family-friendly event features a variety of holiday destinations and trip options. Show sponsor Freedom to Go is on hand to help visitors plan their next adventure and the leisure vehicle industry’s two largest clubs, The Camping and Caravanning Club and Caravan and Motorhome Club also provide advice and inspiration for all. Tickets for the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2018 are now available at www.ccmshow.co.uk and by phone on 0844 873 7333. Advance prices start from £7.00**, with children 15 and under entering free. ENDS
  13. Hi from Swindon 😊

    As usual the forums have been a bit quiet over the Christmas period but we're all here to help where we can. Welcome to Motorhome Talk. Gordon
  14. Winter Blues

    Had a warm Christmas / New Year period but like you it was a tad cooler just before. Here's a picture of the village chapel when it snowed in December.
  15. 2017 Blog

    Thanks for the reminder of the places you have been to David. It' always good to read your reports and reviews. Gordon.