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    Just Ordered New Motorhome

    After many months of trying to decide what sort of motorhome we wanted next we have finally made a decision. Our current Bailey is coming up to six years old and we have sort of come to the conclusion that at 7.5 metres long it is a bit on the big side and in the 6 years we have never taken it off site. Initially we were thinking about a van conversion as we saw that as a go anywhere vehicle. Trouble was when we sat in them be couldn't reconcile ourselves to the general lack of inside space. We therefore started to look at the Bailey Advance range and in particular the 66-2 model. However at the NEC Bailey launched a new model called the Alliance which mirrors the Advance range but basically is far better equipped. This is what we have gone for and hopefully it will be ready for March delivery. https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/motorhomes/alliance/alliance-66-2 This range is also about 5 inches narrower than our current Approach which we hope will make a bit of difference. David
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    Just Ordered New Motorhome

    More travel reports from a new base camp ahead I trust I am sure that your new Advance MH will serve the purpose well. All the very best, Gordon.
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    I was amazed this week when I was shown what channels were available with an 85cm dish this week here in Spain. As a result I am considering getting a dish and receiver. Does anyone have any specific recommendations for a suitable receiver that is easy to set up with the necessary BISS codes for the UK channels?
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    It is the backup satellite for the UK TV channels to the DTV masts. It is not intended for general use, however, with an appropriate receiver and the decoding BISS numbers they can be decoded and watched. The satellite has a large footprint over most of Europe and the channels are receivable on an 85cm dish over most of Europe and there are reports of good reception on a 65cm dish. I was looking for specific recommendations for currently available receivers as the ones I was shown was a discontinued model.
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    Just Ordered New Motorhome

    I tend to agree with your sentiments but we have decided to leave it on the old van. Our new motorhome comes with a TV aerial which the current one didn't. As we mainly use the van in the UK we will initially see how we get on with the aerial. We have yet to see how much space there is on the roof of the new motorhome as it has a solar panel before we decide. David
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    Burstner T720 Auto

    Hi Paul, I'm pleased to read that you have found a buyer for the MH. Hopefully that will reduce any concerns your MiL may have had and I wish you all the very best for the future, Gordon.