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    Gordon - will give them a try Finally had a call back from a Scorpion installer - Sigma 32 £400 fitted if I go to them (Durham) and £550 if they come to me E.Yorks Further reading makes me wonder if a seperate system might be advisable - the Sigma links to Fiat remote so possible to disable everything easier than 2 separate remotes/systems
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    Sorry about the reflections but these are the stickers in the side window of our RV where they do not obstruct the driver's vision. I also have a sticker that was supplied with the Thatcham alarm fitted to our previous RV but this was never displayed in the vehicle as it gave the name of the company and those "in the know" may have been able to use this information to defeat the alarm. Their phone number is 01257 249928. Below are the basic functions but there are numerous other operation modes depending upon the alarm model (sorry they're based the "wrong" side of the Pennines but they do home visits to install ).
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    On my last motorhome I had a Strikeback alarm fitted by VanBitz in Taunton and have arranged to have the same fitted to my new motorhome. They are specialists in fitting motorhome alarms. Never experienced them going off when they shouldn't! David
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    Hi Paul, I was rather dismayed when my RV insurers insisted on having an alarm fitted, as when we bought the current one it just had an engine immobiliser. I hate screeching alarms on vehicles as I see them for the most part as utterly pointless - ask yourself, "when was the last time you took any real notice of a car alarm?" Now, silent remote notification of a theft attempt or break in, that's a totally different thing, and may actually be useful. I cannot recommend any particular make of alarm but I can say that because they are so common place, I will not even turn round to look if I hear one go off. Gordon.
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    Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Very nice too, well done.
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    Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Just an update folks - managed to get my deposit back on the 2018 B524 and today I placed a deposit on a 2019 Bessacarr Hi-Style Special Ed 560 Lounge Automatic - looking forward to delivery end of April/beginning of May @ 7.1m bit longer than I originally planned but after viewing loads we feel this is the best layout/length for our needs - Hi-Style includes 150 bhp engine, leather steering wheel, sat nav, Duo comfort changeover, ext BBQ point, ext shower point, ext 240v socket and Lux pack so should very nice spec! Can't wait......
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    self level

    Yes i had given thought to making sure not to drive away with the jacks down.Didnt think about the hand brake tho. The reason behind not on the engine is,we are looking to do more rallies and if off grid may need to start engine to charge batteries etc.so if on hand brake wont effect the lifting of jack and relevelling.
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    Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    If by "automatic" is meant the Fiat Comfortmatic box, then they have three modes. Fully automatic, Semi-automatic, and manual. At least, they do according to Fiat! Fully automatic is just that. Put it into gear, and it changes like a normal auto box. Semi-auto means that its still auto, but a gear change can be made whenever, such as if climbing hills. Manual mode is what I used to call a "Slapstick." Meaning, the gears can be changed at will, but they are not done automatically. I've only ever driven one, the only thing I didnt like was the slow gear change. Mind you, I'm used to the best automatic ever made, but I admit to being biased!....
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    Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Don't worry about a semi-auto if it is the same as some where a gear change can be triggered by lifting off the gas slightly and the auto-clutch is mechanical and not a torque converter as in some autos. There are only two pedals to worry about so your left leg can have a rest.