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    Some information about the town of Meiringen. It has two claims to fame. The first is that it is where meringues are claimed to have been invented. This is the place to eat them... Being on the main street, Its easy to find. Here is one of the smaller ones… The second claim to fame is that it is where Sherlock Holmes fell to his death whilst struggling with his arch enemy, Professor Moriarty. That event took place at the Reichenbach Falls.... A Funicular Railway can be taken for most of the ascent, the rest being on foot. At the very top is a small restaurant, where a well needed drink can be taken after the final climb. One other thing to do in the town is to visit the Aareschlucht. This is a spectacular natural gorge, well worth visiting. We found the colour of the water running though it amazing. Finally. This is the nearest restaurant to the campsite... Its about 3 or 400 metres away through a small industrial area. In summer, they have live outdoor entertainment. I'm almost ashamed to say that when in there, we ate what were probably the nicest hamburgers we have ever bought. Washed down with good beer, of course!
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    yearly inspection APK/ITV in spain

    One European Union, One European Registration or is that too simple. Very often on a vast number of topics the principal of the EU contradicts itself in the name of self interest. A 'Union' in name alone.
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    Looks like you have to be careful how you open your doors in case you hit the van next to you Saw a few sites like this on our Spanish Tour and needless to say we moved on. I prefer dedicated marked out pitches with room to put out the canopy, table & chairs plus the scooter. There are 2 sites in Benicassim exactly like this which did not benefit from our custom, privacy not being on the priority list for the campsite.
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    A very informative review Scania, almost feel like I know the place Perhaps 'Brief and to the Point' although factual does not always do justice to what's on offer around many locations. Will bear your review in mind when I return from my next european adventure. Brian
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    Just done so! I would love it if there was a lot more action on here, so lets hope my thread will generate plenty posts!