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    I could be wrong Gordon but the main offenders seem to be the Brits!!! However, warning boards (or the lack of) does seem pretty universal, but like you I will comply simply because 'sods law' follows me wherever I go. Brian
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    Spanish Trip

    Off on our travels tomorrow (Thurs) Newhaven to Dieppe/ Bayonne and into Spain Spain Trip (excluding France) Campsites listed in preference. BURGOS= Camping Camino de Santiago 3rd June - 4th June. Camping Fuentes Blancas TOLEDO= Camping Internacional Aranjuez 4th June - 5th June Camping El Greco ESTEPONA= Camping La Bella Vista 5th June - 10th June Camping Parque Tropical BENAJARAFE= Camping Valle Niza Playa 10th June - 12th June (or CALETA DE VELEZ (Harbour Parking) MOTRIL= Camping Playa de Poniente 12th June - 17th June Camping Playa Granada Camping Orgiva AGUILAS= Camping La Quinta Bella 17th June - 19th June TORREVIEJA= Camping Palm-Mar 19th June - 23rd June OLIVA= Camping Kikopark 23rd June - 27th June Camping Azul Camping Rio-Mar BENICASSIM = Camping Tauro 27th June - 1st July Camping Azahar GIRONA= 4 Random Campsites for 1 Night Stopover (1st - 2nd July) Back into France to Carcassonne for 2 days. Ferry back to UK 5th July.
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    Be coming there to buy a house never mind another van