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    Good advice , don't even contemplate using an A-frame either in Spain or Portugal as the Guarda Civil Traffico in Spain and the GNR in Portugal do not tolerate them . Car Hire in Portugal is cheap anyway , i hired a nearly new Seat Ibiza for €8 a day at Albufiera and they delivered and collected it from the site . The other option is a car trailer as i see a lot are doing in Spain
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    I'll be up your way for a few days from 25th so if you fancy a chat please PM me with a contact number. Gordon.
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    Sadly caravan and motorhome ownership has increasingly become a lottery regarding build quality, and my perception is that genuine customer care is a thing of the past for the majority of manufacturers and dealers alike. Having moved away from tourers because of shoddy workmanship, I fear that MHs are plagued with the same lack of concern from the industry for the people who buy the products.
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    Welcome to Gwynnedd, North Wales. A council at the forefront of expanding tourism in Wales. Rather than No Overnight Parking which would affect all vehicles they specifically targeted Motorhomes with No Overnight Camping. Always up for a challenge I decided to park in front of this sign and settle down for the night. Having done some research online any sign displaying a penalty for breaching is subject to a By-law, any sign without a penalty is purely ''advisory'' and unforceable. On arrival I checked with several local businesses who all said it is never enforced and suggested I park there regardless. Back in the early 1970's many pubs put up signs saying '''Motorcyclists by Appointment Only'' which prompted the formation of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) who contested this in court as discrimination against lifestyle and won hands down, all signs quickly disappeared. Very similar to what happened in Scotland in recent years where signs targeting Motorhomes parking overnight were removed on orders of the Scottish Government. A simple lesson to all with a specific lifestyle, if you don't question anything and meekly comply your chosen lifestyle will be dominated by faceless idiots who sit in ivory towers and proclaim power they like you to think they have. Where is our Motorhome Action Group??
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    Towing the Fiat is much easier than towing a caravan and leaving the moho on site then using the Fiat is working really well so far especially when we can get the roof down - wish I'd done it years ago and saved the stress/cost of buying 2 Range Rover Sports to pull twin axles 🤣
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    Or do as I have always done and put a small car on a dedicated trailer, the trailer is legal (as it has no motor) and the car is legal because it is simply a secured load on the trailer. The only (and I do mean only) drawback of this arrangement is finding somewhere to store the trailer when not in use.
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    The problem is that A-Frames are not really legal anywhere (because they have not been type approved) so I expect that is why you can't play that its legal in the UK card because its not! The UK authorities are happy to tolerate A-Frames but they have no legal standing so other countries are free to apply their own rules. Another way of looking at it is that if you are touring do you really need the bother of towing a car? If you are long staying at the same site in either Spain or Portugal I am sure you could hire a car as and when? David
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    Before buying my A-frame vehicle I read this https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/a-frames-and-dollies/a-frames-and-dollies There are differing statements by A-frame suppliers but as they're biased I wouldn't rely on them
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    It is not just Spain and Portugal it is virtually all of Europe except the UK where A frames are illegal. They are neither legal or illegal in the UK. The UK never adopted the international regulations on trailers which most other countries did, although the D o T in the UK are looking at adopting the regulations according to their website. Basically a motorised vehicle is not, according to the European legislation, a trailer and can never be considered as such as a trailer must not have any method of motive power. This means in most of Europe you cannot even tow a broken down vehicle with a tow rope.
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    I would interpret that as unwelcome at Gwynnedd, North Wales. A council at the forefront of diminishing motorhome tourism in Wales. Consequently as I hate conflict with bigots, I will happily spend my "tourist money" at an alternative destination. Well done for standing up for your rights but as I say, personally I prefer to visit alternative destinations where I am made to feel welcome, and leave those with restrictions to suffer the consequences. Okay, with a motorhome I am unlikely to boost the income of local hotels or B&Bs but the local economy will still receive my "hard earned" in the local shops and tourist attractions. They're free to choose who they welcome - I am free to spend my money elsewhere.
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    I couldnt agree more with those comments. After a lifetime either in or connected with the automotive industry, I could tell you stories about accountants that would not believe!
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    When sales figures are more important than the quality of a product and genuine customer care this is what you get. Under the Sale of Goods Act you have ''reasonable cause'' to give the dealership a written time limit to rectify all faults or demand a full refund. Check your rights with Citizens Advice, but don't delay, there are time limits. Photo's are a must. All the best.
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