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  2. Depending upon the model I believe the Quookers are rated between 1600W and 2200W and have a small hot water tank that holds water under pressure at 110degC that when delivered to your cup or mug is 93degC. Quooker specification.pdf I genuinely believe that the system of having a small pre-heated water tank, that allows cold water to be blended with the hot for the perfect temperature shower, is the most appropriate system under the circumstances. Gordon.
  3. YES And thats 1 thing folk forget when buying a boat.we are in and out of the sea in the med quite often so use the shower alot.even in the heat i like a hot shower as it cools me down when getting out.but back to the moho and 13amp was a neg when i seen them.Diddnt realise the home power showers where that high rated. the only other thing that we have in our kitch at home is a Quooker tap.but would think that is high too.
  4. That makes perfect sense. We always mix hot and cold together to get the temperature we want in a shower, so while accepting that more frequent showers may be necessary in salty conditions, surely it would only be a case of waiting a few minutes for the hot water to reheat between showers before it was ready for the next person. I don't know what volume of water you have on board your boat but I do know that just a few gallons of hot water is all that our family needed for us to all to shower one after the other when we owned caravans, as this was blended with the cold water supply. We had on board cold water tanks on most of the caravans, varying from 30 to 80 litres yet never ran out. The MH is a different beast and the on board water tank is massive, sufficient in fact to last a couple of weeks away (as we have just done). Similarly the grey and black waste tanks were only emptied once - on the last day of the holiday. I do hope you're able to find a lower wattage heater that is able to maintain a high enough temperature from a cold water supply. Speaking from experience though, our instantaneous shower at home uses an 8kW heating element, and that only just holds the temperature at a comfortable level. Okay, the flow rate in a MH or boat will be lower so allowing a lower wattage heater to work but I would suggest that the heater you linked to, with a 3kW heater, is about a low as you would want to go, and I have reservations over whether all EHUs would be able to supply the 12 to 13Amps needed, especially if you have other appliances connected. Gordon.
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  6. The reason we wanted a flow was the amount of water in the tanks is never enough water.So we chose another option of fitting a second insulated tank and draw water from 1 to another before showering.moreso on the boat as the salty air means more showering.but no so much in the moho.i have seen these in lesser watts too tho.
  7. Interesting concept but a 3kW load is a tad high even if on EHU. Given that 240V site electricity may only available at low currents, while I understand not wanting to store hot water that may not be used, I do feel that the preheated tank of water (whether using gas or electric) is the best option for motorhomes. I was on a site just over a week ago where electricity had to be purchased in advance using a pre-paid card system. After using up a £5 pre-paid card in the first night, I bought another card just to run a TV for a couple of hours of an evening and running the lights, and that just lasted the rest of the week. We used gas for cooking, providing hot water on tap, running the fridge and taking the chill off the van in the evenings. On our return journey home we topped up the installed LPG tank at a garage forecourt for just over £3! Gordon.
  8. Dont know whappened there but did post this yesterday,but didnt get posted? never mind maybe i didnt hit post? I hae considered putting 1 of these on our boat,but has to be on ehu sadly.and unless we are on shore power its no good https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electric-Faucet-Tap-Hot-Water-Heater-Instant-For-Home-Bathroom-Kitchen-Boat-UK/183200190875?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D88a6bb9b29d74a68a4cf7c6c1a29217b%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dag%26sd%3D202727954044%26itm%3D183200190875&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A976c6312-a28a-11e9-9601-74dbd18005e0|parentrq%3Ad87c9e3116b0a4e92225bf90ff734962|iid%3A1
  9. Well it's good to let them think that😃
  10. My partner Jayne had such a water heater some years ago in an Autotrail and considered it better than waiting for the water to heat up. Redring make instant water heaters for MH's and customer reviews are very good. You are correct Gordon that this model requires 'hook up' to operate being electric only but is linked to main sink, washbasin & shower and instantly available for use as with the boiler at home. I personally don't have a particular preference but if it keeps the 'boss' happy so be it.😉
  11. Just curious as to why? Is it just to save the weight of water in a small tank? I don't know of any instantaneous water heaters specifically for motorhomes, probably because they would need several kilowatts of power to heat water as it flows past the electric element or burning flame, whereas heating still water in a boiler can be done over time, later to be drawn off quickly as needed. An advantage I believe in a well insulated water tank, is the fact that once heated, the water will remain usable for many hours. We were on a site last week where the electricity was metered and charged for separately from the pitch fee, suffice to say that we were very conscious of the additional cost and so limited ourselves to using it only for the fridge and TV. The water was heated with gas each morning, then the boiler turned off until the next morning, and having used gas also for cooking and a little heating in the evenings after two weeks away the onboard LPG tank was refilled for just over three pounds - significantly cheaper than the cost would have been using the site electricity. Gordon.
  12. I currently have a Carver Cascade water heater installed in the MH (Tanked) Gas/Electric operation. I am looking to upgrade to a Tankless Instant Water Heater and would welcome any recommendations anyone may have. Gas & Electric would be first choice. Brian
  13. bikerbri

    Fog Lights

    There are normally ''spare'' wiring connectors on the loom in the engine compartment which don't appear to serve any specific purpose but are there for additional accessories. If there is no ON/OFF switch already fitted in the cab for fog lights and you have to fit your own the spare connectors can be used for Live/Neutral to power the lights but you will need a circuit tester to trace any ''live'' supply. If a switch is already fitted for the lights turn it ON and test for a live circuit on the spare connectors which should disappear when the switch is turned to OFF otherwise they will be on all the time.
  14. g7eor

    Fog Lights

    I have a 2019 Fiat Ducato based Autotrail campervan. I can see that there are mountings in the front bumper for fog lights. Does anyone know if there is a wiring loom fitted for them? There are a lot of "spare" connectors behind the dash panel but I cannot see any loose ends in the fog light area.
  15. Thanks Brian, Brolly up, rain down, deep joy! Gas full but EHU paid for so guess what I'm using to keep the chill off? Had a brief tour of the area earlier this evening in the toy car, just to get our bearings before visiting family tomorrow. ATB, Gordon
  16. I know Gordon, the sacrifices I make in life just seem endless 😃 Hope your trip goes well but don't forget your brolly and check your gas levels for the heating before you set off 😉 Seriously though some great views and landscapes where your heading so enjoy.
  17. Oh you poor man ! We're heading off in the opposite direction in the morning visiting family in Staffs, then friends in Blackpool and N Yorks before returning home next month to tidy the garden s it'll need it by then. "The foreign" will have to wait 'til another time! Gordon.
  18. Cheers Gordon, not a C&CC member but might look in at Winnick, normally rallies are too crowded for me. Looking to spend no more than 2 days at each campsites to take in more of Cornwall. Will be in Lanzarote Sept soaking up the sun we don't get here 😎
  19. If you're a member of the C&CC there's a rally at Little Winnick Touring Park, Pentewan Road, St Austell for £17 per night between 6/7/19 and 28/7/19. Details on page 30 of the February issue of Out & About magazine. We shall be at Hendra Holiday Park near Newquay on a C&CC rally in September (£11 a night for the RV with car and trailer and 16A EHU) and while I don't like paying the normal site prices, I can certainly recommend rallies as a way of getting a cost effective holiday on a commercial campsite. Gordon.
  20. We are planning a week touring in Cornwall w/c 5/7/19. Our first stop will be Padstow Touring Park heading for Lands End and maybe an overnight in/near St Ives. Been to Cornwall before but only in guesthouse (Newquay) 25yrs ago. If anyone has any suggestions for good campsites (prefer by the coast but we will have scooter with us) it would be appreciated.
  21. It's amazing what difference that attention to detail can make. We found that some additional bump-stops (felt pads) on the cupboard doors of our previous MH improved the "rattle factor" considerably while en route. The main noise on the present one comes from poorly fitted lift-off hatch covers in the floor of the mini-garage at the rear, and the loosely fitted hard plastic door trim panels of the fridge and freezer. The rattling baking trays were tamed by interleaving tea towels between them for transit. Gordon.
  22. After 1200 miles of deafening banging and rattles from the habitation area I took matters in my own hands and 30 mins with a Philips screwdriver I have achieved nr silence by adjusting all the catches on cupboards🤞 Only driven a short distance since to test but WOW I can not believe it's the same moho and that swift or the dealer couldn't of sorted this before delivery 🙄 If only I could sort everything else so easily ☹
  23. I couldnt agree more with those comments. After a lifetime either in or connected with the automotive industry, I could tell you stories about accountants that would not believe!
  24. British cars were an exception I must admit 😄 My 21yr old MH is still going strong and in no danger of a trade in, recent MOT and no advisories. Klyne stated recently how its possible to buy a new MH with just a gallon of fuel in it if your lucky😑 Hope your luck improves with your new MH.
  25. Apart from cars Bikerbri 😉 Seriously though I agree in principal as I too remember things generally being built to last and real customer service - I worked as a shop assistant selling electrical goods through secondary school and college and my bosses would of sacked me if I treated customers how is the norm now! I now believe it doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive the quality is the same and so is the service - in fact I'm finding cheap is often better than expensive in lots of cases - i.e. the 7 year old Fiat 500c we recently purchased for £5k to use with the MH is fault free and making me happier than my last £60k Range Rover Sport Lemon or the current Lemon £65k Swift MH 🙄
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