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  2. Yes I have black hard top too. I tried it on the "TF" once to check it fitted but it's been hanging in the garage in it's padded storage bag ever since selling the "F". It was noticeably quieter with the solid roof on, but le t's face it, part of the fun is that mid-engine's soundtrack! They may not be the best of sports cars but like you I do appreciate what they can offer, and I really do like to get the roof off as often as possible, in fact I was by the seaside yesterday enjoying the sunshine that was sadly lacking at home. I've always liked "wind in your hair" motoring though and was sad to part with the old C70 but family commitments required a more practical car at the time.
  3. As OP I don't mind going off topic 👍 Always loved MGs and was sad to part with mine - I considered a replacement but couldn't bring myself to buy a Chinese version and Swmbo hated the Red TF so gave up on idea 😳 Funny enough I was searching for a glass rear window just before I parted with mine and I had just bought a black hard top for longer distances 😎
  4. Very nice, and red is the right colour for a roadster in my opinion! My "F 115" was also red but with a red interior and I let it go for a song (big mistake) the "TF 135" as you can see is blue. The only change from standard was a replacement hood a couple of years back for one with a glass rear window instead of the original flexi-plastic one, that wasn't so "flexi" when folded one cold morning! But I digress, and I confess to have drifted well off topic Gordon
  5. Bought a brand new MG TF 135 2004 but sold it when they went bust at a massive loss - wish I'd kept it now😭
  6. Buy an MG - you'll be waved to then Both of these prompt a response from other MG owners.
  7. Strange never got waved at towing van 🤔 Already feels odd not waving when in car solo 🤣
  8. Waving to other MH owners is a set practice owning one which you never see in caravan owners . I find it quite amusing when the wife accidentally waves at oncoming Tesco delivery vans . Dave
  9. I read it is a FPN as a unsecure load they are stopping Motorhomes on . Dave
  10. ... or a cost cutting exercise, leaving the owner to ensure that the pipes are fully drained before venturing on the highway
  11. You too. All the best, Gordon
  12. Thats how it was on the Knaus I had previously. It had a screw on cap that should have had a rubber seal in it to prevent leaks. As so often happens, the rubber seal had been removed. Presumably, the previous owner had just left the tap open to allow grey water to slowly drip out. The Adria I have now doesnt have anything over the end! A step backwards, perhaps?
  13. we were following the motor home for about 10 minutes with the water draining out of a tap, it may have been just water but it did look dirty?
  14. Gordon, no worries, off tomorrow (Friday) get back about July, will let you know how it goes. Enjoy the summer!! Les
  15. It is illegal to discharge any water directly onto the carriageway - even clean water that may be overflowing from an on board fresh water tank as I am guessing is what is happening at the rear right of the Endeavour! I expect the fresh water tank has been over filled. If it were waste (grey) water then it should have a secure cap over the outlet. Our MH has a screw on cap over the waste outlet but caravans often have a small hinged plastic cap over the grey water outlets (where previously a rubber bung was used) because technically even one drip onto the highway is illegal, although extremely unlikely to be enforced.
  16. klyne

    waste water

    Not sure about the legality but its not a very friendly thing to do. Was it coming out in some volume, can't quite see from the photo? The reason I ask is that I have noticed some people that have been to the motorhome service point leave their tap open which would cause an intermittent amount of water to exit the tap as it rolls around in the bottom of the tank. Still inconsiderate though. Rather interestingly I was reading in a very authoritative and popular motorhome magazine that in order to completely empty the waste tank during winter they advised leaving the tap open in order to get rid on all the waste water. Unnecessary in my view. David
  17. Earlier
  18. I thought this was illegal , this motor home was dumping its waste water down the M42 motorway, it was spraying over the following car when I took these photos, thought motor homes were more law abiding than this??
  19. That's good news Les and thanks for keeping us updated. Been away a few days ourselves but back home again now - now you've mentioned it, I quite fancy a French trip myself Gordon.
  20. Nice one! Happy days ahead eh? We were away at Blackpool this weekend helping a friend move house but we're back home now. ATB, Gordon.
  21. First trip went well already planning next 😎
  22. Gordon Your advice spot on, leisure battery voltage low, connected to the mains, ran the pump and it shut off on closing a tap as it should do. Got a good run around France starting next week so hopefully should put enough in the leisure battery to operate off the grid for a while, if not at least I know what the problem is. Much appreciated. Les
  23. I'll be interested to know the outcome. Gordon
  24. Gordon Thanks for this, I had thought about the micro switches on the taps, just recently changed the shower insert so will investigate the areas as mentioned. Cheers Les
  25. In all but colour scheme methinks
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