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  2. Gordon - will give them a try Finally had a call back from a Scorpion installer - Sigma 32 £400 fitted if I go to them (Durham) and £550 if they come to me E.Yorks Further reading makes me wonder if a seperate system might be advisable - the Sigma links to Fiat remote so possible to disable everything easier than 2 separate remotes/systems
  3. Sorry about the reflections but these are the stickers in the side window of our RV where they do not obstruct the driver's vision. I also have a sticker that was supplied with the Thatcham alarm fitted to our previous RV but this was never displayed in the vehicle as it gave the name of the company and those "in the know" may have been able to use this information to defeat the alarm. Their phone number is 01257 249928. Below are the basic functions but there are numerous other operation modes depending upon the alarm model (sorry they're based the "wrong" side of the Pennines but they do home visits to install ).
  4. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Here in the UK I used to work for a large organisation where several thousand people worked. The works site was somewhat remote and so we had our own snow ploughs and our own site road maintenance department. When the weather turned nasty after clearing snow on the site roads, our snow ploughs would also clear the main public road each way to the nearest main road intersection. This worked perfectly until some jobsworth from the local authority decided that private companies should not clear public roads, consequently thereafter the public access road remained dangerous in the winter, while our site roads were well gritted and safe. Makes you think. Gordon.
  5. I have seen them recommended a few times now👍 They are a long way to go for me and if I need follow up service - looking for someone local if possible🤔 I have now sent 3 email enquiries for details/quotes and so far nobody has responded🙄
  6. On my last motorhome I had a Strikeback alarm fitted by VanBitz in Taunton and have arranged to have the same fitted to my new motorhome. They are specialists in fitting motorhome alarms. Never experienced them going off when they shouldn't! David
  7. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Its a good place to visit in Summer. Especially June for the Midsummer celebrations. Thats the one day of the year when pole dancing and pretending to be a frog whilst doing it is considered absolutely normal behaviour. Crayfish parties in August are good as well.
  8. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Never been to Sweden Scania but a summertime visit might tempt me but as for coping with all that snow in winter that's a definate No No for me. As for complying with all the legal stuff it could well be a very short visit Meet me in Spain anytime
  9. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    I would need to think about that one, but, offhand, all I can think of are the after effects of eating pea soup... The climate does affect things, thats true. Sweden is a relatively big country. To give an idea of the size. most on here have probably been to France. The distance from the north to the south of that country is roughly 2/3 of the distance from the north to south of Sweden. During winter, its not uncommon to see a temperature difference of 40 or 50 degrees Centigrade! Obviously, this makes for a huge difference in weather conditions. Yesterday, in the south, it is Spring. In the north, they have several metres of snow! If anyone is interested, I could link to some weather photos that are taken on a daily basis Monday to Friday. Of course, the bad weather means that we have to be prepared. Thats done in a rather unusual way. Main roads are cleared of snow by our equivalent of the Highways Agency. Generally, they do a good job. Other roads, roughly 85% in this region, are semi-private and maintained by "Road Associations." Things such as ploughing snow, laying asphalt, levelling gravel roads and everything else connected to them are completed by these RA's. Even if it may seem alien to others, it works really well! Here in the village, it also provides an extra income for the farmers in Winter.
  10. I know what you mean Gordon - this is why I am more interested in a system that alerts me. There is a company nr me that fit an alarm called Outsmart the Thief - they claim if triggered it sends a message to them and they contact you to check everything is ok. It doesn't appear to have a Thatcham rating though so at the moment I'm looking for one that does According to the Swift Command booklet an alarm can be interconnected to send alerts - this is what I want. On a side note according to the Swift Tracker handbook - I am gobsmacked - what is the point of a tracker if not to track a stolen vehicle
  11. Hi Paul, I was rather dismayed when my RV insurers insisted on having an alarm fitted, as when we bought the current one it just had an engine immobiliser. I hate screeching alarms on vehicles as I see them for the most part as utterly pointless - ask yourself, "when was the last time you took any real notice of a car alarm?" Now, silent remote notification of a theft attempt or break in, that's a totally different thing, and may actually be useful. I cannot recommend any particular make of alarm but I can say that because they are so common place, I will not even turn round to look if I hear one go off. Gordon.
  12. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    I can appreciate that the climate will dictate to a large extent the rules regarding winter tyres and I guess they are there with good intentions. Thankfully we don't normally have the extremes of weather here in the UK so there is no similar law for tyres here - on the other hand there is also no sensible plan in place to keep the roads clear when we do have a sprinkling of snow or a little ice on the roads, and many UK residents go into "panic mode" when the weather turns. Travel becomes a serious problem when the roads are not cleared or gritted, with schools and workplaces shut because those in charge are paranoid about potential "Health and Safety" issues and being blamed should anything untoward happen. I enjoy using the MH all year round, so in your position I would probably bite the bullet and save up for the additional expense of a second set of wheels and tyres. Over here, while I do not have spare wheels and tyres, I do have a set of chains for the 4x4, and snow socks for the cars but while they will eventually need replacement through wear, there is no age restriction on their use. Similarly tyres have no age limit other than the recommendation to replace after so-many years (typically 5 to 7 years), providing there is no earlier deterioration in the tread pattern or surface cracking. We also have no registration or formal checking of small trailers such as caravans, horse boxes etc., but the laws of road safety still apply, and we can be punished if an unroadworthy trailer is used - the difference is that the onus is put on the owner/driver to take responsibility rather than be dictated to. Gordon.
  13. Picking up a 2019 Swift Bessacarr end off this month and concerned it doesn't have an alarm fitted Doing some research it appears that Scorpion Sigma S32 is Thatcham approved for Cat 2-1 upgrade and on that basis I am considering this Would appreciate advice from peeps who have already been in my position - in particular can anyone recommend this or something else and can they be linked to Swift Command so I receive an alert if triggered - according to pg40 of the handbook this appears feasible Cheers Paul
  14. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Is there anything in Sweden that's allowable to personal choice Scania Rules, Rules & More Rules have become the norm in many countries and quietly accepted by the masses that can't be bothered to question anything. Once an ''expert'' gets to grips with a subject the end result is legislation. Was it not an ''expert'' that said the Titanic was unsinkable???
  15. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Good to read that you are ok bikerbri. Your weekend trip will be just a few days before my first of the season. That will be Thursday to Monday next week. Gordon: You make a good point about wasting resources. Having said that, I'm one of those that does only use it in Summer. Although my Camper is winterised, I'm too tight fisted to buy a set of winter wheels and tyres which are required by law over here for the cold season. The same are not allowed in summer, so, that means two sets of wheels. When winter tyres older than six years are illegal, and summer tyres over ten years, things get expensive.
  16. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Still alive and kicking all, just been very busy. Still unsure about our France trip as Jayne is still waiting to hear about her knee treatment (and Brexit) although like her knee that now seems some time away yet I am an All Year traveller with the MH but sad to admit 2018 has been unusually quiet for me apart from Spain so hopefully this year I can make up for it. BREAKING NEWS.....Jayne just announced we are going to Wales this Fri/Sat/ Sun
  17. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    I believe that apart from those of us who use our motorhomes or caravans all year, the majority only use them for half of the year and say the season runs from Easter to October. That sounds like inefficient use of resources to me. I'm sure he'll chip in when he reads your comment
  18. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    That statement genuinely surprises me. My reasoning being that Easter is the traditional start to the season here. As our climate is worse than the UK's, then my expectations would have been the season there starts about March 1st. My first trip, which will be over Easter is planned, as is one in June. More about those later. Does anyone know if bikerbri is ok? I've not seen him on here for a while.
  19. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    It usually all kicks off again around Easter time so I hope we'll soon be reading peoples plans for the year. Gordon
  20. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Very nice too, well done.
  21. A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Tea bags .....No thanks I have not drunk tea in 50+years nor has my wife. It has to be coffee or squash or the odd mug of hot chocolate.
  22. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Just an update folks - managed to get my deposit back on the 2018 B524 and today I placed a deposit on a 2019 Bessacarr Hi-Style Special Ed 560 Lounge Automatic - looking forward to delivery end of April/beginning of May @ 7.1m bit longer than I originally planned but after viewing loads we feel this is the best layout/length for our needs - Hi-Style includes 150 bhp engine, leather steering wheel, sat nav, Duo comfort changeover, ext BBQ point, ext shower point, ext 240v socket and Lux pack so should very nice spec! Can't wait......
  23. First Trip Away

    klyne, I dont have the app either. Just the panel. The reason I guessed was because I too found it unnecessarily complicated in comparison to the older Truma system that I had in my previous Camper. It took me a while to get used as well.
  24. First Trip Away

    Scania Yes it is, although I don't have the App as you have to have some means of wifi as I understand it. Its not a big problem, we are about to have a new heating boiler installed at home which will have Hive which is similar to iNet, might get used to that first!!! David
  25. First Trip Away

    Truma iNet by any chance? I had the same problem if it is.
  26. First Trip Away

    . . . and a good time was had by all . . . ? Gordon.
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