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  2. Camc redpennant for over 8m,5t and 2.4 wide

    Ditto Gordon, I have just paid £98 for full european/uk breakdown cover for nothing more than peace of mind but £400+ is a different story. Add on the Ferry both ways and your probably looking at around £700 before you even start. Insurance/Motoring companies know the fear of breakdowns we all have and price their quotes accordingly, thank god I joined ADAC when I did. Rip off Britain is alive and well. Brian
  3. France 2019

    David is correct about the price of diesel over recent years but then the difference in price with petrol was a few pence now it's 10 pence and climbing. The 2040 deadline was set by a Tory Government, should there be a change then historically in british politics Labour may possibly undue all current targets and set their own. All speculation of course but can we trust what any political party decides upon when it comes to targets? And by 2040 what's the cost of diesel likely to be compared to petrol or other fuels. The 'Save the Planet' brigade have lobbied hard and hijacked a method of transport, namely diesel, and this after the same government encouraged everyone to switch then did a U Turn. JLR admitted they were slow to react to the demise of diesel power and now have vast stocks of cars no-one wants, no longer do we have true freedom of choice. Diesel is perfect for the size of vehicles we use and I will continue to run my old MH until it's either banned or priced off the road. Brian
  4. Adria Compact, first impressions

    That's what it is in Spain, can't even fit LED bulbs in indicators for instance if they weren't fitted when it was made. Same make and model and tread pattern on tyres and so ti goes on. You don't know how lucky you are in the UK. Although it looks to be tightening up there too.
  5. France 2019

    Thankfully my decision many years ago to stick to either petrol or LPG powered vehicles is paying off at the moment BUT I can see forecourt LPG (GPL) being difficult to source in the not too distant future. I therefore hope that by the time it becomes unavailable completely that if not fully electric, at least hybrid vehicles will be viable for longer journeys, and priced within the average persons price bracket. Okay I accept that I'm biased but in 47 years of driving I have only ever owned one diesel vehicle, a Land Rover Disco. That was many years ago and I really didn't like it, so it only lasted a few months in my ownership. I have not had another diesel since. Gordon
  6. It's all a question of weighing up your peace of mind, against the likely hood of anything happening, and the financial and other costs should the worst happen. Generally if I am not happy with a premium being charged when compared with the risk, I would opt out of voluntary insurance. An example being the PPI scam that was being pushed years ago. I never took out a loan that I could not cover myself, so did not use any of these optional insurances. Consequently I was not entitled to any repayment when it was decided that money had been collected inappropriately from borrowers. In the meantime I had more of my capital to spend on things I did value. Gordon.
  7. Adria Compact, first impressions

    Let me guess - no modifications and everything working perfectly as if brand new?
  8. Last week
  9. Modified seals

    It always pays to have a good look over (and under) your vehicle especially for signs of leaks, sooner or later your gearbox would have been at risk. Glad you managed to get it sorted, enjoy. Brian
  10. France 2019

    The interesting thing about the cost of diesel is that over the six years I have owned my motorhome from new the actual price at the pump has surprisingly not changed. In 2013 my annual fuel price was 1.29 litre and in 2018 exactly the same at 1.29 litre. In the intervening years the price has fluctuated as high as 1.32 litre with a low of .98 litre. I would say that is pretty good going. The price would be lower now if sterling was in a better place. The trouble in France, I suspect, is that after many years of low prices they have suddenly been hit hard with big increases in tax which probably should have been done over a longer period. On the point of diesels being phased out that does not happen until 2040 so diesels will be around at least until 2050 which I suspect won't bother me!!! Just glad my new motorhome will be Euro 6! BTW the other subject is far from over and we seem even further into non mans land!!! David
  11. Camc redpennant for over 8m,5t and 2.4 wide

    Hi Simon, by no means am I an expert on European Breakdown Cover but would be first to agree that it is essential. At the end of the day having compared all the various policies available all we can do is settle for the one we feel most comfortable with. We have done 6000mls on 2 trips abroad in a 21yr old MH without a single problem but that's no guarantee for future trips hence the ADAC renewal, go with what your happy with and plan for a great holiday. Lots of tips and advice available on this Forum for travelling abroad if you need it, all you have to do is ask. Brian
  12. Modified seals

    So after having a full service done last week(16,000 miles) they found that the kontiki 669 3.0l auto(manual with automatic shift) had a drive shaft leak on the off side. So i ordered the part from fiat (2 days order) and had it fitted via a fiat specialist today.I turns out this is a common fault and fiat have modified the seals accordingly.It took 2 hours incl a full gearbox oil change.very specific oil for this vehicle, Tutella gl4.. Took 2.9 litres of oil and the measured amount coming out was just 2 litres.So quite a significant thing to consider looking at.In the off side is just a seal but to change the n/s it involves a flange with a built in seal.Cost was seal £12 and labour £120(2 hours).Biggest part in terms of time was to remove the undertray,and the turbo intake pipe,to enable you to get to the seal its self.
  13. Camc redpennant for over 8m,5t and 2.4 wide

    Hi Brian,this is a link to the policy details.Its breakdown and emergency repairs ,onward travel.accomodation .hire vehicle etc. I feel that for the extra £70 its worth going to the plus cover.This is based on a single trip of upto 31 days. https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/globalassets/pdfs/insurance/overseas-holiday-insurance-motoring-and-personal-policy-booklet.pdf
  14. Camc redpennant for over 8m,5t and 2.4 wide

    Is this for Breakdown Assistance or Breakdown Recovery (back to UK) I think it becomes a matter of how much to put on peace of mind by individual. It is normal to fear breaking down abroad and equally for companies to profit from that uncertainty. I have never been so glad I joined ADAC when I did, £98 per year for full Breakdown/Recovery in Europe & UK. Whatever the outcome Simon enjoy your trip abroad Brian
  15. Ok so upon reading the t&c from red pennent,it appears they only show cover for upto 8m 4250kg and 2.5m wide Moho. Larger moho are at there discretion.So i took the liberty to do the online chat.It appears they do cover above these sizes but ,you have to submit your own individual sizes and they forward it to there Insurers for review.So i filled out the nessasary forms online and full sizes and it came back for a single european trip. £357 for stardard £437 for plus cover. This was for motoring and personal cover This was a quote for 28 days cover abroad and 7 days before holidays cover. Which looking at the type of cover i thought reasonable,for peice of mind.Obviously you have to be a member of the club in order to be able to get these cover.We are member but was going to cease it this year.but looking around at other quotes dont come back any where as good a cover, altho alot cheaper quotes.
  16. France 2019

    Gordon and David echo my thoughts exactly, out of touch does not even come close when it comes to the ability to run a country. The darker side which does affect us all and not based on the price of crude oil is the undeclared war on diesel vehicles, historically diesel was always a few pence dearer than petrol it is now 10 pence and climbing due to a tax policy to price diesel vehicles off the road eventually. The events in France over the cost of diesel confirms we are not alone. Are we sleepwalking towards the inevitable, motorhomes included, where eventually producing such vehicles will decline dramatically. Sales of diesel vehicles across the board have sunk and we are not immune. Fuel and Road Tax duty are quietly creeping up targeting diesel not withstanding LEZ's across europe. I cannot possibly imagine an Electric MH as being remotely viable therefore secondhand/trade in value's of diesel MH's will almost certainly suffer the same fate as cars. The new MOT tests recently introduced have new lower limits on exhaust gases and year by year they will slowly reduce to such a level and taxes increase to ensure diesel is no longer acceptable on any roads. Soapbox lecture over....... Brian
  17. France 2019

    It seems, almost at the eleventh hour that is dawning on people that we may have gone about the withdrawal from the EU the wrong way? If only we had a leader with a pragmatic approach to start with perhaps we would now be in a more consensual position. Regretfully the rot has been allowed to fester and I fear whatever decision we come to won't start to heal the divide that has grown since the vote. Now none of this may have any affect to any great extent on us as individuals travelling around Europe except for a bit of extra paperwork. But we will all return to a country which seems more divided than I have every know it. David
  18. Best of Both

    DONT mention snow, I hate it Scooter is a Yamaha X MAX 250. As with you and Gordon seems like I had the best day thankfully, no snow or electrical nightmares..
  19. Adria Compact, first impressions

    I dont see a problem either, its just that our equivalent of your MoT testers do! I might explain our system if anyone is interested. You lot dont know how lucky you are!
  20. Best of Both

    Better not tell you how bad my day was then! Right now, I cant see my Camper for snow! bikerbri: which kind of scooter do you take with you?
  21. Thanx for the add

    to the forum from me as well. Its a nice friendly place, so I hope you enjoy it.
  22. Best of Both

    Also been working on the MH this morning. The trailer jockey wheel dropped while on our way home recently. That in itself would not have been a problem BUT the wheel managed to get the trailer wiring wrapped around it, pulling wires from both the 12N socket, and the trailer causing some to short together. The indicators still worked but I lost brake lights and hazard warning lights and didn't realise at the time, but also lost the side light circuit. Thankfully we were only a mile or two from home when this happened. After much fault finding, eventually found a blown 20A fuse buried deep under the dashboard that fed the brake lights and hazard light relay. It took the act of a contortionist to get to the fuse, but after rewiring the 12N socket replacement of the fuse got the two circuits working again. Now to the side light circuit - working perfectly on the MH, but no joy on the trailer. More digging revealed a number plate light hanging on by a thread, so replaced that before investigating the feed fro the trailer side lights. couldn't find the fault so option two came into play - complete rewire from a known good point in the circuit. Eureka all lights working on the trailer board. Started the engine to move the MH back to its normal parking position, and the alarm goes off! The immobiliser was not triggered, but the alarm siren was shouting its head off - now what's causing that thinks I? Powered the chassis battery off / on several times, hit the reset button on the remote and the handshake was eventually restored and the noise abated. The engine was restarted but now the ABS light is on! It's just been one of those day so took a short drive up the road to reset the ABS warning light. After sorting the MH out, I've just finished rewiring the trailer - Deep joy! The Volvo is due for a service in the morning, so I'm off now to do what I had planned for this morning, and give it the once over with a bucket of water and a chamois before vacuuming out the innards. Some days are just like that but I'll be glad when I've had enough today! Back on topic - I'm pleased you got your bike rack sorted Brian Gordon.
  23. Best of Both

    Spent the morning modifying our double bicycle rack so it clears the scooter when loaded and still carries both bikes without them protruding above the rear Roof Rack. Bikes are useful for small distances in and around the campsites which leaves the scooter for exploring. Quite by chance I stumbled across how to Delete Speed Camera data off my TomTom so that should keep our european cousins happy now. Never used it even in the UK so no loss there. Brian
  24. Thanx for the add

    Hi Simon, ADAC no longer accept new memberships from anyone outside Germany but do renew existing customers. The subject of European Breakdown Cover has been debated on Forums (Browse) so try looking there or place another 'Topic' asking Forum members who they use. As far as I remember AA does not do it and RAC charge a fortune but some Camping Clubs offer it to members I'm told. Brian
  25. Thanx for the add

    Good to have you on board Simon. Welcome to the MT forum. Gordon.
  26. Thanx for the add

    Hi Brian.thanx for the replies and help.there is a question i would like to ask. 1) i understand that you have taken out the ADAC and have tried to read about it but most is in german(obviously).but i can see anything about terms and conditions.I have also been thru the caravan clubs re pennant and it states about the size and weight restrictions.Most of these are outside of our moho,so where does that leave us to look. Ive tried the uk site of adac ,but as said it a bit hard to follow.so do you have any linkl as the the cover policy etc etc.tia. simon
  27. Thanx for the add

    Hi Simon, welcome to the forum. I have recently completed an extensive tour of Spain & France so if you know roughly which area's you have in mind I would be happy to help. If you look in Motorhome Holidays under 'Forum Browse' that's where to find good advice and idea's. I'm off for my second tour of France end of May for 5 weeks. See you in Saint Tropez Brian
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