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  2. It is the backup satellite for the UK TV channels to the DTV masts. It is not intended for general use, however, with an appropriate receiver and the decoding BISS numbers they can be decoded and watched. The satellite has a large footprint over most of Europe and the channels are receivable on an 85cm dish over most of Europe and there are reports of good reception on a 65cm dish. I was looking for specific recommendations for currently available receivers as the ones I was shown was a discontinued model.
  3. Just Ordered New Motorhome

    I tend to agree with your sentiments but we have decided to leave it on the old van. Our new motorhome comes with a TV aerial which the current one didn't. As we mainly use the van in the UK we will initially see how we get on with the aerial. We have yet to see how much space there is on the roof of the new motorhome as it has a solar panel before we decide. David
  4. I would like to know more as well as I assume 907 is not available via normal FTA satellites but requires some sort of gatekeeping? David
  5. I was amazed this week when I was shown what channels were available with an 85cm dish this week here in Spain. As a result I am considering getting a dish and receiver. Does anyone have any specific recommendations for a suitable receiver that is easy to set up with the necessary BISS codes for the UK channels?
  6. Just Ordered New Motorhome

    Are you transferring your 85cm automatic satellite dish across to the new van David , be a shame to leave it as they are so expensive
  7. Last week
  8. After many months of trying to decide what sort of motorhome we wanted next we have finally made a decision. Our current Bailey is coming up to six years old and we have sort of come to the conclusion that at 7.5 metres long it is a bit on the big side and in the 6 years we have never taken it off site. Initially we were thinking about a van conversion as we saw that as a go anywhere vehicle. Trouble was when we sat in them be couldn't reconcile ourselves to the general lack of inside space. We therefore started to look at the Bailey Advance range and in particular the 66-2 model. However at the NEC Bailey launched a new model called the Alliance which mirrors the Advance range but basically is far better equipped. This is what we have gone for and hopefully it will be ready for March delivery. https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/motorhomes/alliance/alliance-66-2 This range is also about 5 inches narrower than our current Approach which we hope will make a bit of difference. David
  9. Lpg supply

    g7oer, Knowledge is power ! Glad you've now resolved the problem. Gordon.
  10. Lpg supply

    Many thanks. Now sorted there is a valve under a cover on the gas tank right in the middle of the van. Nobody told me about this on handover.
  11. Lpg supply

    It sounds to me like there is either an additional line valve, or the regulator is faulty. Take a look at page 15 and 16 of the handbook below. AutoTrail Handbook.pdf
  12. Burstner T720 Auto

    Hi Paul, I'm pleased to read that you have found a buyer for the MH. Hopefully that will reduce any concerns your MiL may have had and I wish you all the very best for the future, Gordon.
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  14. Lpg supply

    I have just picked up a new Auto Trail 635 Sport. I filled the gas tank (19 litres of gas) but I cannot get any gas out of any of the rings on the cooker the fridge will not light neither will the Truma heater. The valves under the cooker are all open Has anyone any ideas what to try next?
  15. Burstner T720 Auto

    Motorhome now sold thankfully. They say it takes 100 messers and dreamers on the internet, to find the 1 single serious buyer. I can now confirm this is exactly true and totally understand why people just sell to the Trade, who by the way has actually purchased the above Motorhome for almost the asking price.
  16. New to Motor Homes

    A post I can easily relate to! One of the things with living here is that to go anywhere outside of this country, it always involves using bridges and ferries. Anything over 6 metres/3500kg gets expensive to use on several trips a year. Every PVC we looked at seemed to good for travelling in, but had far too many disadvantages as regards the time it was parked on a site or stellplatz. That was the reason we ended up choosing our Adria. Under 6 metres when travelling, 6,7 when its parked. A payload of over 700kg isnt too shabby either. Having said that.... ...if I was staying in somewhere such as Spain for a longer period, and only going on ferries/bridges once a year, then I too would seriously give consideration to a larger vehicle. Only because of the way it would be used.
  17. New to Motor Homes

    In principle I don't disagree with your thoughts Colin. We do have folding bikes that are kept permanently in the RV, and a pair of electric bikes we can take, so these do get used for local excursions from the campsites on occasions but given that we already own a small towable car there is no additional expense there. The current car (gold one in the image below) on it's trailer is less than 10% of the motorhome weight and is also narrower than the MH's so fuel consumption does not change noticeably whether towing or not. The various cars we have taken away behind the RVs are shown below. We also have a blue MGTF that could be used however as I don't hold a motorcycle licence, a motor scooter or similar is not an option. Like you we also chose our current outfit because of the living space it offered on site and it certainly provides a comfortable retreat if the weather turns nasty. The facilities for MHs, in my opinion, do appear generally to be better in continental Europe than here in the UK. Things like municipal sites, aires in France and less congested roads all add to the appeal. There can also be a site access issue sometimes because of narrow twisting roads here in blighty, so forward planning is essential.
  18. New to Motor Homes

    I am at odds with David & Gordon we swapped from a caravan to a 7.5m motorhome 15 months ago. Whilst we miss the independence of a second vehicle we would not go for anything smaller as we do like the room and the facilities and not having to make the bed up every night. Living in Europe, my comments may not be appropriate for the UK but we haven't had any issues so far with 7.5m BUT I would not like to go for any longer. The second vehicle issue can be overcome by bikes, electric bikes or a scooter without increasing the size of towing a second vehicle, also by choosing your stop off locations appropriately it can be less of an issue. Cabs, car hire and public transport all cost but don't have the capital outlay of an additional vehicle. Colin
  19. New to Motor Homes

    I agree with David. The larger motorhomes tend not to be as versatile for touring as the smaller units. Our present one is 9.8 metres long and is used more like a caravan, in that we trail a second vehicle and use that for exploring the area once we're pitched up. Previously the VW campervan was the only vehicle we would take on holiday and that would provide both a touring vehicle and overnight accommodation however following a succession of touring caravans of increasing size, we moved to an American RV, primarily for the greater on-site accommodation provided, but the penalty for this is the need for additional transport of some kind. While the RVs have provided some great holidays, I suspect that as there are now just the two of us, our next change will be to something smaller again. Gordon
  20. New to Motor Homes

    Hi Kiters61 Welcome to Motorhome Talk. We changed from a caravan to a motorhome nearly six years ago. One thing I would suggest is that you think carefully about size. The bigger it is that less likely you are to take it off site. Ours is 7.5 mts long and is very similar in layout to our last caravan. We are currently trying to make up our mind on what to buy next (if at all) and more than certainly it will be sub 7 mts. We like the idea of a panel van conversion but just wonder if that would be a move too far!!! Good luck with your search. David
  21. New to Motor Homes

    Many thanks for this I will have a look @ it tomorrow, just back from Devon
  22. Brittany

    Hi Deano, The best advice I can give you is not to try and do too much in one trip. It is after all, a holiday. You don't say what kind of things may interest you but if it includes historic sites, then I recommend you visit the Neolithic standing stones at Carnac (Alignements de Carnac) and also the WW2 V2 rocket site "La Coupole" near to Calais. There are numerous pretty villages and towns in Brittany but places such as the island fortress at Concarneau and the picturesque town of Pont-Aven both on the south coast of Brittany come to mind. If you venture near to Paris, and are interested in new(ish) architecture, then take time to visit "la Grande Arche de la Défense" on the west of the cité, that aligns perfectly with the Arc de Triomphe and Napoleon's bedroom at Le Louvre. If staying near to Paris I would recommend Caravaning International De Maisons Laffitte in Sartrouville from where it's about a 35 min metro ride (on the surface) to the centre. Whatever you do though; enjoy your trip. Gordon.
  23. Brittany

    I toured France last year and if you look at Browse Forums Motorhome Holidays (Page 2) I reviewed some sites where you are planning to go. I found DFDS Ferries Newhaven to Dieppe cheapest and best suited for western France. Always happy to elaborate on the sites I used if you require it. Brian
  24. Brittany

    Hi after some advise, thinking of visiting France next year & have 3 weeks off in September. Idea is ferry Plymouth to Roscoff, cover Brittany & up to the Loire & then work are way through Normanday up to Calais for the return home. Question is what do you suggest we must do, places & campsites & things to avoid. We are members of France Passions & just joined ASCI Only been France once last year & loved it Thanks Deano
  25. New to Motor Homes

    Hi and welcome to MT forum, You may find the link in Tourershine's post here interesting? Take a look at his advert where I've linked to the image below. Gordon.
  26. New to Motor Homes

    Hi all, I am new to this section of Caravan/ Motorhome Talk, thanks for letting me join your section, we are possible changing over to MHs just looking @ the moment @ the styles & layouts, looking to get single fix beds, front lounge any one got one with this layout ? we want low miles, about 2012 ish
  27. Burstner T720 Auto

    Good luck with the sale Paul. Remember you can also add a link in CT "Items for sale" if you haven't already. ATB, Gordon.
  28. Burstner T720 Auto

    I'm going to put a link to my in-laws Motorhome that i've just started the process of selling incase someone is looking for one. https://www.gumtree.com/p/campervans-motorhomes/burstner-nexxo-t720-rare-automatic-lovely-motorhome-must-see-20000-miles/1317964661 Paul
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