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  2. Alloys or Not?

    David I'm glad you mentioned Locking Wheel Nuts as I had never really thought about them but I shall order a set as soon as possible . should you invest in a set of alloys you will need to carry 5 of your original wheel stud / bolts to use in case you have a puncture and need to fit your steel spare. Neil http://www.lkperformance.co.uk £390 for the same alloys as I have fitted
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  4. Alloys or Not?

    Thanks Neil I notice you are not using locking wheel nuts, is that on the cards or don't you think it necessary? My model doesn't have the inbuilt TPMS system and as my tyres will need replacing I shall do the job in one go. Not sure how I shall change the wheels over. Take it to a garage or DIY with my son's help? What, if anything are you going to do with the old rims? Might be a few over on the Bailey Motorhome Owners Facebook group who might need a spare. As an aside I tried to clean my rims today. They look a bit better but there seems quite a lot of surface corrosion. David
  5. Alloys or Not?

    David I used the original Michelin Tyres and my local Tyre outlet did everything for me including transferring the TPMS valves from the steel rims to the Alloys . I certainly think its improves the looks however they do require cleaning on a more regular basis as they get black with the dreaded brake pad dust Neil
  6. Alloys or Not?

    They look so much better than the steel rims, thanks for posting the pictures. Did you just have the rims or tyres and rims? Your 740 is much newer than mine so I imagine they are the original tyres? David
  7. Alloys or Not?

    These were supplied by www.tyresave.co.uk the make is Team Dynamics Rimfire
  8. Alloys or Not?

    Yes that was the website I have been looking at as they do the complete service of rims and tyres and they actually work out a bit cheaper on the tyre side. Fence man has been and his price is just a little more reasonable than I thought it would be so may only delay new wheels by a month!!! David
  9. Alloys or Not?

    klyne you have probably already seen this... https://www.tyremen.co.uk/guide/fiat-ducato-motorhome-wheels There is some sound advice that may be of help to you.
  10. Alloys or Not?

    Scania Thanks for that. On balance I think I would go for the alloys as I reckon I can get a set of four, complete with new Michelin tyres, for about a £1000. The rims would be TUV approved. The fence man is coming tomorrow so that might cause a slight delay!!! I built the original but I just think I am too old or lack the enthusiasm, to do it my self!!! David
  11. Alloys or Not?

    Quite right, the tyres would need to be removed. As regards cost, obviously, I've no idea as to how much they would cost to be done in the UK. Here, it would be around £100* per wheel. A decent alloy would cost about £200 per wheel. Add to that about £15-20 for tyre fitting. *Remove tyre, media blast wheel, powder coat, replace tyre, balance. PS: I'm ace at building fences...
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  13. Alloys or Not?

    The van goes in for service in a weeks time so my usual routine is to remove the wheel covers and the TyrePal sensors. I did that today and noticed the steel rims were even worse. Scania, I am not sure where I would get the rims done as you suggest? I assume the tyres would have to be removed to enable that task. All that adds up in terms of cost and could go towards the cost of the alloys. I may delay my decision a while as I have just discovered that the fence between my garden and the road looks as if it will need replacing so one big bill at a time!!! David
  14. Alloys or Not?

    My own personal opinion is that alloys should be avoided on Motorhomes. If the problem with the steels is nothing more that the wheel covers, then I would either change them or fit the correct valves. There are quite a few extended ones available that usually solve the problem. As regards rust, why not have the existing rims media blasted and powder coated?
  15. Alloys or Not?

    Mike I have just renewed my insurance with the CMC and they said they don't need to be informed. David
  16. Alloys or Not?

    Check if your Insurance would increase if your fitting them. Mike
  17. Alloys or Not?

    Probably the most important consideration is the style of alloy's, stylish alloy's tend to be the most expensive and nothing looks worse than cheap wheels. Alloy's are more prone to damage (Potholes & Curbs)as opposed to pressed steel rims but having said all that I think it's a worthwhile consideration. Polished alloy's are better than powder coated types as eventually the coating will deteriorate. Good luck with your idea, enjoy. Brian
  18. Alloys or Not?

    The Michelin tyres on my Bailey are five years old this year so at some stage they are likely to need to be changed, not through wear but through age. It would be an opportunity to change to alloy wheels as it would get rid of the need to have wheel covers and rims that rust. As I have a Tyrepal it would be easier to adjust the pressures as at the moment I have to remove the wheel covers. Any thoughts? David
  19. Channel Tunnel

    We have only been to Spain a couple of times with the Caravan, not yet been with the motorhome. When we were on a cruise we called into Cadiz which was rather nice. We tend to get drawn to Germany/Austria/ Italy. Have a good time. David
  20. Channel Tunnel

    Touring Spain for a couple of months David. Haze wants to see some of the Roman remains there, I just want somewhere warmer. Mike
  21. Channel Tunnel

    Where are you off to Mike? David
  22. Channel Tunnel

    Like David, we have mainly used Black Horse Farm (will be there on 14th March ready for the Train over on the 15th). We have also used Canterbury Park & Ride Motorhome Aires.( https://www.canterbury.gov.uk/directory_record/1862/new_dover_road_park_and_ride_canterbury ) Mike
  23. Channel Tunnel

    We always stay at Black Horse Farm CMC site at Densole near Folkestone and its only about 10 minutes from the Tunnel. I am not sure if this is still the case but the CMC used to insist that you arrive before 8.00pm but this might have changed. There is a service station at junction eight on the M20 with caravan/motorhome bays but it would be a bit of a risk as you get all sorts parking in those bays. The T&C's of the Tunnel do instruct you not to turn up more than two hours early. If you turned up overnight I am not sure there would be any manned booths as most crossings are through automatic barriers with number plate recognition. They do have a big parking area and I wonder if it would be worth ringing Customer Services to get their take on arriving early and using the car park. David
  24. Channel Tunnel

    Hi. Can anyone advise please. We are booked onto a channel tunnel crossing at 10.30 am in May. We are travelling from Durham so we are looking for a suitable site where we can stay overnight prior to our crossing. An alternative would be to park up in the terminal car park if this is possible? from what I remember you go though a security check prior to getting to the terminal car park. If I turned up at 10pm the night before are they likely to a) turn me away or b)put me on a late night crossing which I do not want. (dont want to arrive in Calais in the middle of the night when there is more likelyhood of trouble)
  25. Spanish Horizon

    I normally plan well in advance David but quite often situations arise and plans get changed so never sure which option is best. MH has its MOT in 4 weeks time although not expecting any suprises just in the process of checking it over despite the cold. Scooter being delivered this Saturday so a trial run to Wales is on the cards early next week. Brian
  26. 20th February 2018 11,502 visitors flock to opening day of the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2018 The Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2018, the UK’s largest showcase of leisure vehicles, tents and camping accessories is officially open. Taking over five halls of Birmingham’s NEC from today until Sunday 25 February, over 370 exhibitors join under one roof. Officially opening the event and welcoming over 11,500 visitors, wildlife presenter Gordon Buchanan was joined on stage by Matt Allwright and famed chef Paul Da Costa Greaves. Following the opening, the winner of a new Hillside Leisure VW campervan, courtesy of the show, was presented with the keys to her new home-from-home. Swift’s new 8-ft wide Sprite Super caravan is displayed, while Lunar presents its first ever campervan in conjunction with Wellhouse Leisure. Other unveilings taking place throughout the show include new season camping equipment and accessories from Kampa as well as motorhome launches from Cathargo. As the show’s free activities get underway, guests brush up on their skills with campervan test driving, motorhome manoeuvring and caravan towing taster sessions, so bring your driving licence with you. Activities for the children include a climbing wall, assault course, bushcraft workshops and skate rink, which are available throughout the week. Joining the Discovery Theatre line-up over the show’s duration are appearances from adventurous celebrities including Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Anna McNuff and Jake Tyler, along with cookery demonstrations from top chefs such as Rustie Lee, Dean Edwards and Chris Bavin. Speaking about the show, Jenny Summers, Group Marketing Director of the NCC (National Caravan Council) commented: “It’s been a fantastic first day. Not only have we welcomed existing enthusiasts, but also many newcomers who have enjoyed researching more about the leisure vehicle lifestyle. Visitors have really embraced both the activities and live entertainment and we look forward to seeing more faces, both old and new over the next five days.” Tickets for the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show are available now from www.ccmshow.co.uk, by phone on 0844 873 7333, or on the door at the NEC. With numerous activities and an impressive celebrity schedule, there’s plenty for all ages to enjoy and children 15 and under enter free when accompanied by a paying Adult/Senior. Tickets are non-refundable. ENDS
  27. New Bailey Advance Range

    Went to the NEC today. Had a look at the new, improved Bailey Advance range which was launched at the show. This is Bailey's entry range. Certainly a big improvement over the original Advance range both cosmetically and equipment wise. The Whale heater/hot water system has been replaced by a programmable Truma Combi unit. There is a front over cab sky light. The general internal appearance looks a bit more upmarket. Prices start at £455000. David
  28. Spanish Horizon

    Brian It looks as if you are all set. These days we seem to plan everything at the last minute. Would love to go back to Italy this year but who knows. David
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