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  2. 2 Refillable Bottle LPG Gaslow/Gas-it system

    Try looking at Browse Forums, I,m sure this topic has been covered previously.
  3. Solar Panel Kit

    There are many suppliers on the internet especially E Bay but the most important is the Brand you buy. Decide where you intend to fit it which will give you the size required and what you intend to use it for so you can decide what Amps output is needed. I bought a 120amp Bosch second hand with control panel which easily charges the leisure battery, vehicle battery and heavy duty battery used purely to power the TV (All linked together) Fitting is an easy DIY project with some careful thought on cable entry into van and routing to control panel plus fixing method of panel to roof. Control panel can come with either 1, 2 or 3 output options. Apparently mine was bought new from Maplins?
  4. Solar Panel Kit

    I am intending fitting a Solar panel kit to our Motorhome, can anyone recommend a supplier they have used. I look forward to all replies
  5. Hi we are after a 2 bottle 6kg gaslow/gas-it system. I am very DiY competent a second hand system of new are acceptable so if someone can recommend a company they have recently used or is selling a system I'd love to hear from you. Thanks in anticipation. Ian
  6. Trip to Scandinavian countries

    Many thanks David I've looked at Harwich and the prices seem cheaper than other options.
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  8. Trip to Scandinavian countries

    It's still a long way south but perhaps Harwich - Hook of Holland might offer better value and there are often deals on that route although most of them seem centred around caravans going free so not so sure what us motorhomers would get? Whilst it's still a long way from where you live that route would cut off a corner and you don't need to go anywhere near the M25!!! David
  9. Trip to Scandinavian countries

    Thanks David for your reply, we are members CCC so will look into them and research other crossings. I had taken Dover-Calais out of the equation because of of the travelling time. So I suppose more time/research required.
  10. Hello from Ian & Julie

    Many thanks for your replies
  11. Hello from Ian & Julie

    Welcome to the Forum, loads of good advice when you work your way through the various forums on this site. If you ever decide on trips to Wales I can help anytime. BRIAN
  12. Calais to alicante

    Newhaven to Dieppe is a good option with DFDS to get you across the channel cheaper than most. Its easier to get advice on stopovers when you know exactly what route you intend to take
  13. Trip to Scandinavian countries

    There are other routes from Newcastle but as they are all long haul I expect them all to be expensive. Are you a member of either of the Clubs? If so you might find they offer slightly better deals. Although they may seem expensive you have to balance that against a much longer drive to get cheaper fares from say Dover to Calais. David
  14. Hello from Ian & Julie

    Welcome. Get out and enjoy your new MH.
  15. Calais to alicante

    A non-toll route that is quite good is the ViaMichelin one that does Calais > Rouen > Chartres > Poitiers > Bordeaux > Zaragoza > Teruel > Valencia > Alicante. Lots of good stops on route or just off route.
  16. Calais to alicante

    Hi. I am planning a trip in May and anticipate doing the above journey in 4 -5 days. I am happy to use toll road but also happy to use good alternative roads. Any advice on routes and stopovers would be gratefully received.
  17. Hi we are after a 2 bottle 6kg gaslow/gas-it system. I am very DiY competent a second hand system of new are acceptable so if someone can recommend a company they have recently used or is selling a system I'd love to hear from you. Thanks in anticipation. Ian
  18. Just wanted to say Hi we are new to motor homing as we've been Caravanners for several years. I'll say now for any comments/advice given.
  19. We are planning a trip to Denmark,Sweden etc in our motorhome and are asking about ferry operators and costs. We are in Northumberland so Newcastle-Amsterdam would be closest to us but it seems expensive. Any comments/advice would be appreciated.
  20. Touring Europe

    Hey Valk, you can bank on it. Going to send you a private message.
  21. Winter Blues

    Know which one I would prefer, sorry Gordon
  22. Touring Europe

    Brian If you end up on the Northern Costa Blanca give me a yell and we could meet up for a beer? Colin
  23. Winter Blues

    This was Christmas day here in Spain
  24. Hi from Swindon 😊

    As usual the forums have been a bit quiet over the Christmas period but we're all here to help where we can. Welcome to Motorhome Talk. Gordon
  25. Winter Blues

    Had a warm Christmas / New Year period but like you it was a tad cooler just before. Here's a picture of the village chapel when it snowed in December.
  26. Touring Europe

    Thankfully I do not have any of the issues you mention David, health is excellent and a 12 month 'tour' would not cause me any problems. Part of the trip would be to look at potential properties in Spain looking longer term. Brian
  27. Touring Europe

    I think if you are moving around and not staying in any one country for more than a couple of months at a time I can't see you would have a problem. There are other considerations for a longer trip away from home, like insurance and medical. I think some insurance companies will insure you for up to a year whereas others will have a restriction on the number of days in a given year. Another issue is house insurance whilst you are away. Usually OK if someone is living there, dropping in now and again often does not count. There are special policies for long term occupancy. Another issue is medical and medication. Technically if you are out of the country you need to register with your doctor on return but how they would know is another question? Do you have regular medications you need to take. Most doctors will only issue up to three months. In Spain and Italy its easy enough to get regular meds if you show them the prescription script with the details noted. The meds are usually quite cheap as well!!! I know all these things seem to mitigate against taking longer trips but in most cases its just a case of organisation. David
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