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  2. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

  3. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Congratulations on your purchase. May you have many happy miles with it.
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  5. If you have a older style Sky hd + box you can use any method of satellite dish.i.e. tripod, fixed to roof,vuqube,flat panel, etc,but not with sky Q.as this is a totally different dish lnb.(wider band i think).and a sky q card will not be able to be put into a older style box(not backwards compatable). I spoke with Avtex and they said Sky have it all wrapped up with the sky q.nobody can copy it. So if you have already got sky Q you will need a brand new second acccount with a older box. Not really worth it in opinion, to have 2 account and 2x the price of a already expensive tv repeating gadget. If you are into watching movies then a Amazon dongle with netflix/amazon prime movies maybe your best choice
  6. Just for those who maybe interested.ive been in touch with a company and they are able to supply a self level system to fit motorhomes and caravans. Supply only £2000. Im in no way connected with these but just thought if anybodies interested i can pass on there details.but if this is not aloud then plz remove.
  7. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Deal done on Bessacarr 524 - collection beginning of April
  8. Going on a rally for easter

    Thanx for your replies.i have not got any anti slip mats,but only this mor ing i was looking at them.approx £15 for 2 pairs.so is a small price to pay for peace of mind.It not just that but its my pet hate when ive seen some pulling vans over the grass to get to a pitch.i love the grass outside our house and i know how much it takes to keep it in tip top shape.and if ruined how long it will take to repair. So all we now hope is the weather hold out for us all
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  10. Going on a rally for easter

    Do you have slip mats? The problem often with muddy conditions is just getting going so the mats help you get a bit of momentum. We were on a Municipal site in eastern France a few years ago and it had been very wet. We chose our pitch very carefully so as not to be too far of the road and with the slip mats it all worked out well. Can't say that for a lot of fellow motorhomers, some of them just give any thought about how they are going to get off the pitch! There was a Swiss guy with quite a modest car who seemed to enjoy pulling people off the grass. On the same site there was a motorhome pitched just behind us. There was hardly a blade of grass on this pitch and it was wet and muddy. And yet the owner went off site every day with no bother what so ever! David
  11. Going on a rally for easter

    Don't worry, as if it's anything like the rallies we've on, there will usually be someone with a 4x4 willing to help if it gets a little soft underfoot. Have a great time away. Gordon.
  12. So as the wife says "the clubs prices are always rising",we have decided to try our hand at going on some rallies.the first 1 we have booked is easter break ,thurs to the tuesday.So, being as it our first rally(for probably 25years) we are basically a new rallyers. we are going to the south coast uk. we have spoke to the officers and they assured us that they will help in any way poss to make our stay the best they can, Ive advised them of the size of our outfit and they have offered to accomodate us nearest to the roadside as poss.(as its a grass field).They do have ehu so its a bonus even though we are capable of off grid for a few days at a time.Our intentions are to Not move the moho once pitched and reply on either bycicles or bus.This will also be a first as we havent parked up for long periods before. So we are looking forwards to it,but a little scepticle that we wont need assistance to get out of the field etc.(dont want to look a fool). So here touching wood that our first encouters will be good and not thro us off.As our cost for this rally is £85 inc ehu for 5days ,over the easter period is some what little compared to what we are used to paying.
  13. Cherry Hinton CMC Site

    Thanks David, getting to Duxford not a problem as we will have the scooter with us. They have the Warbirds Weekend Airshow so Friday to Monday would be ideal. Brian
  14. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    We always remove carpets because of dog and store them for next owner so they're like new
  15. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    I completely understand the concerns with carpets. Most UK homes do have them however so I suppose it's natural to also want them in a caravan or motorhome. Some manufacturers do have a vinyl floor covering, and then add removable carpet on top - thus giving the owners the option of carpets or not. This arrangement not only makes cleaning the carpet easier, but allows for it's complete removal if staying where mud or other dirt is likely to be carried into the 'van on shoes. Our motorhome has a combination of vinyl in the main living area, kitchen, and washroom, while carpet is used for the rear bedroom, and the cab area. I have a removable rug in the centre of the lounge, mainly because I don't want to walk on a cold floor. Of course this rug can be removed and stored in the garage area when in a more sunny climate. Gordon
  16. Cherry Hinton CMC Site

    Brian When we visited Duxford we stayed at the C&CC site in Cambridge as there was a Sunday bus service from opposite the Waitrose at Trumpington. If you intend to take your motorhome then either site would be OK. We quite like the C&CC site but it is not open all year and the bus service is not as good. There is a wonderful Garden Centre within walking distance of the C&CC site. http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/cambridge_ccc_site.html David
  17. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Some PVC's have compressor fridges but they are generally smaller than those fitted in caravans and larger motorhomes. David
  18. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    The model we looked at bed looks to pulls down low enough to not need ladder provided nobody is making up lounge bed below which they won't be as only 2 of us🤞
  19. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Just a thought. Would it be easy enough for you to climb up to a pull down bed given the health problems you mentioned previously? I had enough problems with the cabover bed on my previous motorhome. That was 5,3 metres long, incidentally. Even if it did not have a full width wc/shower, there was enough room for me, and I'm not exactly a tiddler…
  20. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Gordon, thanks for posting that. I enjoyed reading it. As you know, I travel out of this country into Europe on a regular basis. Based on this, I'd like to add these comments. In regards to carpets. Here, there are considered to be a cause of allergies from dust, etc that they collect. Especially here in Sweden, its not even common to have carpets in the home for this reason. Added to that, many newer motorhomes, such as my Adria have underfloor heating. Carpeting would negate the effects of this by adding insulation. Grilles are a different kettle of fish. Here at least, grilled food is considered to be unhealthy. It is as you so rightly say, Here we tend to live more outside the vehicle, so have less need for gadgets.
  21. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    I'm looking at pull down bed model as it's really compact (6m) but still give full width wc with seperate shower at rear - have previously owned twin axle caravans with island beds but then had to pay for storage - motorhomes with island beds are too big for my drive and would need to tow a car for getting around when away ☹
  22. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Some american RVs have compressor fridges but I'm not aware of any European units that have them and they're more likely to have absorption units. The unit in our RV only works on gas or mains electricity (no 12V option for when travelling) however it is possible to run the onboard generator whilst on the move and power the fridge from that, or run it on gas as this too is designed to be used whilst the vehicle is in motion. Three way fridges tend to be fitted to European units. The main differences between outfits from mainland Europe and UK derived models is determined by the way they are likely to be used. In the UK we tend to live in the caravan or motorhome, hence in general they have more luxurious interiors and more gadgets, while abroad the 'living' is generally done outside of the unit, and the inside therefore biased more towards sleeping. European vans don't often have a grill, or carpets, while UK derived outfits have both of these as standard. Garages, or large storage areas, are certainly more common on EU units where they're often underneath a raised fixed rear bed, whereas UK units are more likely to have low level seating for daytime use that will convert to beds at night, in place of fixed beds. We are starting to see more pull down beds in recent motorhomes and I believe that's a trend that is likely to continue. Gordon.
  23. Cherry Hinton CMC Site

    David, that looks convenient for Duxford Imperial War Museum, do you know of any sites that are closer? At the moment this is a contender. Brian
  24. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    I agree. Nobody is perfect,, we all make mistakes. So we can forgive his inaccuracies. Given his experience, the one surprised me was his comment in regards to refrigerators. As advantage 8 for caravans, he stated something to the effect that they have three way fridges that run on battery power, mains or LPG, and campervans have compressor fridges. PVC's that I've seen here usually have 3 way fridges, not compressor ones. A while ago, someone on here mentioned that one big difference between European and British vehicles was that Motorhomes from Europe usually had garages, whereas they were uncommon in UK vehicles. If we assume that Andrew is correct as regards fridges, does that mean there are other big differences between motorhomes/PVC's/etc. depending on where they are built, and for which markets?
  25. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Andrew is a journalist who writes for various publications. As he's caravanned all his life he is well experienced with the hobby, and has produced a lot of helpful videos in relation to caravans and motorhomes, so I think we can forgive him an occasional inaccuracy. When I've spoken to him it is clear that he's very much the outdoors type but he can also be seen at shows, such as those at the NEC each year. I know that quiet places, such as the Scottish islands are amongst his favourite places but he is widely travelled, and keen on walking, windsurfing, mountain biking and his motorcycle. He is currently 'living the dream' by travelling around with his trusty canine companion Dougal, staying in his Airstream caravan (or other caravans or motorhomes being tested) virtually full time. Dougal is often to be seen at Andrew's side, but doesn't have a speaking part in the videos
  26. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    Interesting video. Who is this guy that presented it? He did make a couple of faulty statements by my way of thinking.
  27. We were lucky enough to be away during those four warm days at the end of February. This was our first trip out in 2019 and our last trip in our old motorhome. We stayed at the CMC site in Cambridge called Cherry Hinton. It is very convenient for motorhomers as 400 metres away is a bus stop with services every 10 minutes into the City Centre. Also about the same distance from the site is a pub going reasonable food. So much to do and see in Cambridge. On this trip we visited the Botanic Gardens and walked along the "Backs" although the latter is not as straightforward as we first thought because some of the Colleges you can't get into. Site report here http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/cherry_hinton_cmc_site.html David
  28. Ex Vanner looking at Motorhomes

    I'm on mobile now but will take a look on laptop later at home
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